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  1. So, I’ve been a bit more in the public with my art than usual. The 2nd day of the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival Art Gallery events was a 2 live models posing for all of us artists. It was funny watching other artists sketch and the “table” talk was a hoot, as was the jockying for a better position to do our sketches <g> The 2 Liz’s from Whiskey Tango Sideshow were awesome! They brought very cool costumes and props and a lot energy and fun to their posing. And yes! I wasn’t making up any costuming, that is what they were actually wearing. And yes, balancing sword
  2. Last night was the grand opening of the temporary art gallery down on the Ithaca Commons as part of the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Fest. It was a hoot!!! Steve Ellis, the coordinator of the whole dang thing, put up a 12' canvas on the wall and a bunch of us threw some acrylic paint at it. I got pics to prove it! So. Top pic, from left to right Steve Ellis, Steve Walker, Fred Harper, Cesar (who's last name I don't know but he is awesome!) and Jen Lightfoot. 2nd pic, John Haeffner, Cesar and Jen. Note for next year, prime that dang canvas!!!! So. Today at
  3. I am probably a bit late in getting this posted, but I didn't know I was going to do this until the last minute. I'm doing the Big Draw event tomorrow (Sun, 10/26) with my friend Camilo at the Johnson Art Museum at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY! Here is the link to the Big Draw event for locations all over the world: http://www.thebigdraw.org/ So, if you are in the area, consider coming up the Johnson Art museum. There are a couple of AMAZING exhibits going on at the moment. A collection of Tawainese modern artworks, including a huge bas relief that evokes a new civilization... or
  4. First off, John Wick's Wield kickstarter is off and running today!!! And it already has met 2 of its stretch goals as I write this. It seems like a really cool little game where you play an artifact, like Stormbringer, instead of "human" protagonist like Elric. I posted the cover art before, but will do it again, as well as two of the interiors I did for the book. Here is the link to the Wield kickstart: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2006204732/wield-a-little-game-about-ancient-powers And here is the cover and interiors: Next up is a new project for me. I call it t
  5. Finally, I get to talk about a project that I've been sitting on for awhile! Ribbons is a comic Kickstart, created by its writer, Justin Evans. If the Kickstart succeeds, I get to do the art chores. The tagline is this: What if Las Vegas was a battleground for souls ... and you just inherited a brothel? Here is the link to the Kickstart page and will tell you plenty more about the Ribbons graphic novel. Including a video for folks who don't feel like reading at this very moment (but I would think folks who like comics tend to like to read! <g>) The link: https://www.kickst
  6. Cancer Benefit for Danielle snapshots My wife, Millie, is a professor of nursing at Tompkins Cortland Community College and her fellow teacher, Danielle, has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She is a single mom of 4 and is an adjunct professor (no health insurance). So, we've been involved for the last couple of months helping to put together a benefit for Danielle. It was this last Sunday and it was amazing. Lots of people showed. Lots of gift baskets were raffled off. So. I did this painting to be raffled off. The couple who ended up winning it were thrilled. Saying it
  7. HUGE art dump! Folks, I've had such a horrendous time with my failing computer. I won't go into it, except I'm still down a video card (which I love having dual monitors, having reference on one screen while working on my Cintiq), but the rest of the machine is up and running with new motherboard, new processor, a bit more RAM, new power supply etc. But I've been plugging away at doing art, sometimes pilfering my wife's laptop and using my ancient wacom while the main puter is all in pieces. So, got a ton of images for you. First up, I was honored and lucky to get a chance to
  8. The Devil is in the Details. Well, in this case, Devil is coming out of the arch way. Here is a commission done for my awesome patron, Paul C. This one was a lot of fun to do, especially while watching my beloved Packers beat the Ravens yesterday. (I have two monitors, so I can watch stuff while I work). But I did the finishes this morning, early afternoon. I had the layout in my head before starting the painting. I pencilled both the demon and Dana there on separate paper, scanned them in, created the cathedral and statuary in Manga Studio 5, combined it all in Photoshop and then
  9. Re: Herophile Fantasy art Oh, I took to the Cintiq like duck to water. It was so easy after using a wacom tablet for years. To look right down on what I was drawing is SO huge. I can now actually draw and ink, which I couldn't do before, I could only paint in lines that scanned in. I think my inking by hand is still a bit more vibrant than the digital inking, but it is pretty close. And I think my pencil work is still considerably better than drawing on the Cintiq, but for certain things it is awesome (like blocking in large areas). Here are a couple of fantasy pics.
  10. Re: Herophile Fantasy art Back from 2 weeks in Puerto Rico! Back to the studio! Back to the drawing board! While I haven't posted much art of late, I have been busy doing art and now I can share some of it with you. First up, another oddball concept from Death Tribble. This time I was the one who pushed for doing the head inside the chest...originally, it was supposed to be a helmet with water/fluid suspending the disembodied head. I wanted to push the concept just a tad further and this is what I came up with... Additionally, it is the first time I've done digital inks in
  11. Re: Herophile Fantasy art Death Tribble wanted an Evil Whale. My first go around tried to animorphasize the beastie, but DT really wanted a pretty straight up baleen whale. I gave it a bit of a "chin" growth and red eyes to hopefully push it a bit into 'eeeeevvvviilll!!" territory. But I'm not sure. This is another in Paul T's Exalted femme fatale series. This time, it is Red Lotus Blossom, described to me as a redhead (but using an actresses very orange hair color), wearing red, and being a "sword princess" but with a naginata (if I preferred.. yes, I preferred! I get to
  12. Re: Herophile Fantasy art Prints, Portfolios, Princesses and Poignards! Okay, maybe not a poignard, but I needed a 4th "p" for my alliteration. The dude does have a rapier! So, a couple of folks asked about prints of a couple of recent pics... you can find several pieces of art available for prints in all kinds of sizes and formats here: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/storn-cook.html Let me know if there are pics I've posted up that you would like to see as prints and I will put them up too! Next, I have a new clipart portfolio up through LPJ Designs, featu
  13. Re: Herophile Fantasy art Another in a series of Exalted females for Paul L. This one is a bit more horrific in its description as being during or just after bloody battle. And oh yeah, this is the first piece of digital art done with my combo birthday/Xmas present... a brand new, 22 inch, Cintiq!!!!! Oh, by all the angels of art, what a difference from a wacom tablet!!! I am one happy, jumping with joy, boy. Note: It isn't completely digital, I did scan in fairly tight pencils done on vellum. All the color was done digitally. Next is the first of three Angels that
  14. Re: Herophile Fantasy art Aww... music to my eyes! My sister recently cleaned out my parents barn (just so you think I'm not heartless, I helped too). The barn had become a holding place for all kinds of treasures...and my sister held a huge garage sale to help with her books for college. One of these "treasures" is a bit of art I did, sometime between 10-12. I'm not sure how old I was. I remember doing this piece of art. It was during classes. I'm thinking 8th grade, but it might have been some other time too. So. Without further ado, here is a piece of art from the
  15. Re: Herophile Fantasy art Josh Mannon, the guy behind Within the Devil's Reach, is starting up another kickstarter. This time it is another 3 linked adventures connecting into Within the Devil's Reach storyline. Called Skies over Danbury. Although, from what I understand, you could do these adventures separately too. Both adventure books are for the game system Dungeon World. If the kickstart succeeds, I will be doing the art for Skies over Danbury. So. I really hope that it does. I enjoyed doing the art for Within the Devil's Reach quite a bit. To give a little visual indi
  16. Re: Herophile Fantasy art I have been working on this oil painting off and on for quite some time...having started it in the middle of the Time Tribes project, then having to rush a couple of other jobs in front of it and lastly, having appendicitis and going into the hospital suddenly. I am fine and recovering. Just played light tennis saturday night. I can resume swimming in the lake this coming Saturday. So, no worries. But it did enforce a serious art break. Past viewers might recognize this party as private commissions I did earlier in the year. And lastly, I've
  17. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Things have been really, really busy here at Studio Storn. I just spent a wonderful extended weekend in Ohio and Michigan. My step-grandfather passed at 89 in Dayton and he had a wonderful life and a wonderful family. I love 'em to pieces. So, please, no condolences. So, we passed through my old haunts in Michigan on the way to the memorial. Had a wonderful time with Eric, Rick and Neil, my old gaming buds. Had an awesome time at the memorial seeing family I haven't seen in decades. It was a very happy time! And oddly, the best service in Ann Arbor ev
  18. Re: Fantasy Art Thread You now can wear ME on YOUR chest!!! Silver Branch games has taken two of my covers and made them available as t-shirts. They look kinda snazzy, if I can say so myself. I want one. Check dem out here: http://silverbranch.spreadshirt.com/
  19. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Two commissions, but first I wanted to let folks know that 6 supers are up in the latest portfoilo from moi and LPJ designs. So. If you are looking for superheroes (or villains) clipart that is print quality and reasonably priced, look NO further. Well.... look further by clicking on the link provided. This, by the way, is my 15th!!!! portfolio. So thanks to all the patrons who keep my drawing their characters and cranking away. Here is the link: http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=100228 This commission has been done for awhile and go
  20. Re: Fantasy Art Thread It is odd how sometimes character concepts and commissions seem to run in similar thematics. I remember getting a few years ago, 3 speedster archtypes in a month. While 2 is not quite a trend, they did sorta tumble into my to do queue at the same time. First up, we have a samurai for Death Tribble that called for a pretty straight forward treatment in the concept description. Next, we have a character from a Legends of the Five Rings campaign. A monk who started out in the Spider Clan, became disillusioned, and went over to the Phoenix clan. But
  21. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Yup. I'm involved in another Kickstarter project. And folks, I really hope this one gets off the ground, because I really, really want to do the "old school" dungeon module cover for it. I worked up a bit of art for the interior, "The Beast", hopefully to drum up some support for JB Mannon and At The Table games. Here is the blurb that At The Table provided me: Within the Devil's Reach is a group of three adventures all set in the backwater town of Devil's Reach. The town was already about as close to hell as you could get but things are getting w
  22. Re: Fantasy Art Thread First up, we have an "indiana jones" like bard. That was in the art brief. I'll let y'all decide if I succeeded. Next up, we have Skip. Skip is single. He is a Mind Flayer (or Illithid among his own kind). He likes walks on the beach during sunny dawns. He loves puppies. He has a steady job as a top notch barber. He plays whist. And Ladies, he is a budding top notch amateur gourmet french cook. yup. another death tribble production!!
  23. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Hope y'all can work it out for Obsidian.
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