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  1. This really falls into "whatever floats you boat." I don't see the need to roll high on skills because Hero Designer gives you the skill numbers as #- already. But I have used 3D6+OCV vs 10+DCV for combat since the beginning because that just makes sense to me and my players...
  2. Not a very organized way of looking at the old forum posts for sure, but you could just go back to the highest page number you can access -- it leads to the beginning discussions right as 5th Edition was released.
  3. You know someone made a real low budget version of RADIO FREE ALBUMETH (sp?) I have not yet seen it and was wondering if you might have?
  4. IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS is horror, but it is pulp horror, with the PI (a very good Sam Neill) tracking down a pulp horror writer a la Stephen King without the name who has ducked out of sight. LA CONFIDNTIAL is straight up noir -- it has got a tv show within the movie showing you how different reality ("the movie") is, if you're are picking up what I am putting down. SIN CITY plays off the same noir world of The Batman comics, but it is so over the top that it is pulp. Marv and Dwight are a bunch of low level supers. ANGEL CITY BLUES is the name of a campaign I am planning that is
  5. The question really is do YOU want him to hear it? Do you want him to have a chance? Rule of Cool always wins -- make the coolest stuff happen, and your players will love the game...
  6. The Dreamtime bound Gunslinger's gun sounds like The Sixth Gun comic book, which kicks ass. The picture of the wheelchair bound guy reminds me of an awful b-movie called ENEMY TERRITORY. It had Jan Michael Vincent as a nutball wheelchair bound Vietnam vet who could fire missiles from his chair. Always remember, the purpose of Hero System is to have fun -- the system will eventually come to you. What is the coolest thing to happen RIGHT NOW which is more important then remembering " does he have to make an EGO check to not pass out?"
  7. How did I come up with my 'handle.' Nickname I got from a kid in High School one night playing DUNE -- it stuck. What was the first RPG you played? Holmes D&D (only Levels 1-3) What was the first RPG you GM'd. See answer 2. What are you currently playing? Skull & Bones -- d20 Pirates
  8. The more I think about, the more I think this is a great idea. Why should a mechanical limit exist in a game where the GM is supposed to be in complete charge. The GM should just set a limit on the characteristics...
  9. This actually makes a ton of sense. Consider it done...
  10. So I looked at how 5e did it and they do not effect Characterisic Maximas at all. I will just redo the Package Deals to 5e standards then. Much easier to deal with. Thanks.
  11. When pricing a package deal in 4th edition, when you use increased Characteristic Maxima, do you also buy up the Characteristic as well? Example: if I buy Dexterity Characteristic Maxima as 23, it costs 6 CPs. Does that also mean I start with a 13 in Dexterity? Thanks in advance...
  12. A different way to do this: No post 12 recoveries. A recovery action takes a whole turn to do. Just spit balling...
  13. Since Healing has been made it's own adjustment power, does that mean say Aid can no longer heal characteristics/powers? Example: if a person is down 18 points of Stun, and I use Aid to give him 10 points, does it still come down by 5 points every turn.
  14. Are you looking at a print friendly version of the PDF? I will download the regular version of the PDF... Thanks a lot for the help!
  15. The next stat block in the book, the Raiders, is also missing the same characteristics. I am thinking that the have received nor taken any CPs and should be considered zero.
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