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  1. You miscounted on the sessions. The next game is the 5th session not the 4th.

  2. I created power cards for the convention games I ran. They were a way of getting around character sheet clutter. Power Cards are a kind of UI for the character. Anyway, would still love to know how they work out for you guys if you use them. The convention games I ran people seemed to like them.
  3. Great resource! Thanks for putting this together!
  4. Re: MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See? I'll second those who think that there's no need to writeup an omnipotent, omniscient being, but that angels, demons, and other of the lesser beings would be good to have. I think the potential for offense turns on whether one represents the material charitably or not. Just as a reminder, there were a number of writeups for some of this kind of material in PA Hero, and I think that was generally well-done. It could be updated and/or revised for wider use in other Hero settings without much trouble. I can think of some very cool Champions adventures flowing from the unleashing of the Four Horsemen and the periodic aid of (Arch)angels in an attempt to put those monsters to rest. I'd also second (and hope you're still considering) the need for something like god/demigod templates so people can build their own pantheons, or add things to pantheons in the book. ("There was a hidden god whom the other gods would not name!") Servants of the gods (e.g., valkyries, angels) would be incredibly helpful as both templates and creatures. Having even a few of these in each pantheon would open up lots of campaign possibilities!
  5. Re: Kingdom Rules - Used in Any Supplements? To be sure, I think you can create your STR table to taste. In fact, the APG has just such a suggestion for character STR (p. 7), and I see no reason why one couldn't adjust the way the table scales to meet the setting or "feel" desired. The reason I picked out the number I did was because because you can substitute "characters" for "kg" on the normal STR table and get a nice progression upwards from small units to national militaries. For example, if the Roman legions totalled roughly 50,000 troops, then their Kingdom STR would be about 50, or about 13 points out of perhaps a 300pt Kingdom (assuming Rome was at the upper end of Low Fantasy). Even a modern nation-state like the United States, assuming we field about a half million people in our armed forces (just to pick a number) pays only 27pts out of, say, 500-600 points for a STR or 105. Now that's just infantry, but if we throw in vehicles and double our numbers with 5 more points of STR, we've still just spent only 2 more points to create a vehicle budget of roughly 12,500,000 points. If our vehicles cost (on average) about 500 points (an M1 tank is 475), then that's a fleet of roughly 25,000 vehicles more or less. Elite units would bite into that budget further. So suppose we wanted some special forces, knights, space marines, or whatever your chosen flavor of elite is. Let them be 100 points a piece instead of 25 for the poor bloody infantry, and keep 500 of them for special occasions. That's 50,000 character points allocated from (take the Roman number) 1,250,000 character points worth of infantry, and the headcount of the regular infantry shrinks by 2000 troops. Thing is, all this is what you get if you use large STR values (we're imagining nation states, Rome, etc.), but it makes a LOT of sense to use the standard STR table for raiding bands, border skirmishes between petty kingdoms, or other small military elements because STR 1-30 covers anything from an individual squad up to a small army of 1,600 soldiers. That seems sufficiently fine-grained for lots of the kind of small unit action that involves player characters in the intrigues of border princes in a fantasy game, the petty warlords or insurgent groups in a modern game, or marauding alien fleets in a sci-fi game.
  6. Re: Ctrl+V I didn't think it possible, but the vaunted internet has underestimated the exveganizing power of bacon! http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2011/01/30/133304206/why-bacon-is-a-gateway-to-meat-for-vegetarians
  7. Re: Kingdom Rules - Used in Any Supplements? Sorry, to clarify: if you're thinking of using the idea we'd been discussing--a STR table that describes unit sizes where 1 STR is roughly eight 25pt soldier NPCs, and vehicles are bought for their price from the same pool--then paying for the vehicles and paying an extra +n cost multiplier for STR to account for the vehicles' capabilities is double counting. If you're not using that STR table idea, then yes, you're doing it exactly as written it appears.
  8. Re: Kingdom Rules - Used in Any Supplements? I think if you're going this way, then adding the modifiers for air units, fast units, etc., would be double-counting since you're already going to use the increased cost of the actual vehicles themselves as the relevant cost multiplier.
  9. Re: Kingdom Rules - Used in Any Supplements? I wouldn't use the follower rate because you're buying STR as a characteritistic. If you want an army of 50,000 men, that's going to cost you about 13 points, which is relatively cheap. Buy some vehicles with that points allotment and you've got air forces and a navy too. One thing that did occur to me was to buy vehicles as perks for driver and pilot personnel, so that might make the 475pt Abrams M1 a little cheaper and would let you represent larger armies. In any case, there's at least one easy metric for how to translate Kingdom STR to fantasy mass combat.
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