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  1. Hello fellow Heroes I had purchased and used Hero designer v3 back in the day and my droid died so no designer, I am thinking of purchasing the new version or what ever is supported but I must have access to my old characters created by version 3, so here goese; 1) what is the latest version? 2) is it backwards compatible with my version 3 files? 3) will it run on Win/10?
  2. Re: Gladiatrix: Character for review. Sounds like the hero from the wildcards novel "inside straight", did you read it?
  3. Re: The Hero Forum's Hottest Woman in Comics. I vote for Karnilla the Norse Goddess
  4. Re: The Future of Small Arms I beleive another aspect of small arms will be in the area of augmenting the shooter, even now we find greater effectiveness with low light scopes, There will come a time of self targeting analysis, weapon aiming stabilization and even auto feeding (changing to reserve ammo) for small arms, of course the auto-ranging by sonar/radar like methods, and even silohouette analysis input to a weapons database for finding vital spots to target.
  5. Please be aware that from the second page of the fantasy hero section, one of the threads leads to a site that leads you to "Zango" where a virus resides, sorry i was only browsing and so can't pinpoint which one it was exactly, just a heads up. Lloyd
  6. Re: Casual Survey: Age of players and Hero's utility vs. other games I'm 49 Played Chainmail, D&D, Champs and all the rest remember when D&D use to reference chainmail! Herogames is an extremely flexible and robust gaming MECHANICS. the lloyd rule of gaming is great game system, poor support material, has been true until Harn hit, then the other systems merged more towards a middle ground as they improved their rules structure and realized players wanted more and more of a good thing in material to keep peeked interest. I won't criticize any game because it take a LOT to c
  7. Re: Culture Shock: Slightly less 'cuddly' STAR HERO equipment Bravo! I try to use the same techniques in my space campaign. It's fun towatch the players revel in their near invulnerability only to have a 100 pt. butt-scratching guard leave burn marks on the heroes cape as he is ...regrouping! No seriously, it lets the players choose which size fishbowl they want to swim in, and to SLOW down a bit in their own backyard
  8. Re: Cyberpunk 2020 in HERO Greeting o great and powerful converter of systems...and I thought that I loved the Hero System. well to the point, I tried to download the 2020 conversion and instead of a zip got a blip, can you send one directly to me at lloydmperrin@yahoo.com or via the herogames chat board?, thanks a bunch abnormal 8- (5pts.) Lloyd
  9. Re: Lensman HERO Hi Guys I’m pretty new to this chat thing; I’ve been running Champs and space opera since their 1st publications. I plan to create a Campaign, based on FGU’s Space Opera campaign. Using the Hero system, that includes Jedi (As a new fledgling religious cult, from and outsiders viewpoint!), Lensmen (Self appointed Galactic Police, to the dismay of the IPA!), and isolated individuals that will have a Julian May Psionics feel. All of these groups will have selective disciplines unique and some overlapping, like telekinesis, based on the powers listed in space oper
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