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  1. Re: Top 5 Champs books of all time And for those of you keeping score at home, the Top 5 so far are: Strikeforce (6 votes) Champions 1st Edition (4 votes) Villainy Amok (3 votes) Deathstroke (3 votes) Ultimate Martial Artist (3 votes) Of real interest to me are the two votes that went to the 4th Edition Viper book that I despise so much. Can I ask those two voters to tell me what I missed? What was I doing wrong that made me hate this book?
  2. Re: Top 5 Champs books of all time Always happy to go on and on about my RPG books. Any particular reason GAC caught your eye, though?
  3. Re: Top 5 Champs books of all time I think it's the timeline that sold me. In addition to giving the actual history of WWII, it gave a side-by-side timeline of how that history could've included superheroes AND a timeline of "uh-oh, the Nazi's won" for those pesky parallel timelines. And while I think the heroes and villains provided were a tad too tongue-in-cheek, they were all solid characters. If you wanted to take your WWII campaign a bit more seriously, you could drop the "Doberman" angle and still have a pretty sharp Anubis-empowered villain. Aside from that, they were awesome, top to bottom. Dr. Bonsai and Origami Girl, the Ex-Patriots, Veltro... They've all stuck in my mind as iconic as Grond and Foxbat. All from just one book. As an added bonus, it was a nice primer on life during the war too, just for education's sake.
  4. Re: Top 5 Champs books of all time Hmm...a couple votes for Deathstroke. I have that one, and have even run it, but it never stuck in my brain as a top tier Champions book. What did I miss?
  5. I’m a long-time fan of Hero Games, with an RPG book collection dating back to Marksman, Flare and Gyro Jim. With so many Champions books in my closet, I thought I’d chime in with what have been my favorite books in the game’s history. Who knows, maybe this will influence the kinds of books to be published for 6th Edition. And because I go on for a bit about each one, I put my comments in spoiler blocks just to go easy on the page. Normals Unbound Villainy Amok Bay City CLOWN Strike Force And there you have it. My Top 5 Champions Books of All Time, but that’s only because I arbitrarily decided to stop at five. I could’ve gone on and on about how great Champions 3-D was, what an absolute hoot Golden Age of Champions is, or why the New Millennium Champions team was my favorite version, but then I wouldn’t have had room to offer my all-time *least* favorite Champions book. Viper Thanks for listening. Anybody else have any most or least favorites?
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