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  1. Lady Heart sighed. "What's the patrol pattern for tonight then?" S/he hoped that Batgirl could give him some suggestions on patrolling. Or Yuri showing up in one of her animal forms. A lung dragon would be helpful, even if she is forbidden to use her own dragon form on Earth by the Jade Emperor.
  2. Table of contents looks good. Any plans past part 3? I don't know if you actually have enough Forgotten Enimies to make a Forgotten Enimies volume of a decent size, but you could.
  3. Well, there are multiple powers linked together with Link, but traditionally they all have to hit the same target.
  4. "I learned that after watching a YouTube video." (OOC: same) "Well...if you want to talk to her, let me know. Both parents know about what happened to me at the convention. Same with my girlfriend."
  5. "Well...I guess...I don't know how to feel that my own mother is a suspect. Not that I'm worried...my mom is primarily a school nurse, and if she retained from the comic con experience would probably be Honey's skills as a detective. By the way, did you know the anime and manga character Cutie Honey was partially named after Honey West?"
  6. "It doesn't matter. The outside world doesn't need to know. Just like they don't know that I can pee standing up."
  7. Lady Heart follows Batgirl. "Ever since the convention and the first time I transformed everything has been stranged. Abino cats. Floating cloaks with staff turning objects into monsters. Mentions of extradimensinal queens hunting stones. People cosplaying and turning into the characters they are portraying with no real rime or reason. How many false Batmen had a certain someone had to quell recently?"
  8. "Who says she's thinking of what she would of been doing as 'bad'. My mom dressed as Honey Wesr at the convention, so I know...kinda. She bought a domestic cat breed based on the ocelot."
  9. "Humm...could it be any of the women who got zapped into thinking they were Fujiko Himi? The character is one of thoes 'want the finer things in life's thieves. But if she was with a Lupin, she would announce her crime before doing it...mostly because Lupin operates that way."
  10. I kinda like the agents of Panther Claw (from the Cutey Honey anime). The lowest agents were male gender androids, all looking alike and wielding guns, but that is it and Honey could cut them down without breaking a sweat. Then comes the Monster Of The Week, always a female android powerful enough to give Honey a fight, but always on a one-off model.
  11. "I have no idea who did it. I guess I'm not that good of a detective."
  12. Either work. I was thinking of it being a "gun", as a badly written noir detective would always have a gun on him, even if the writer doesn't go on to describe it other than "a gun". The writer wouldn't know or care about how many bullets it would hold. I see it as a three slot Multipower (energy blast, range killing attack, and a Hand-to-hand attack with a pistol whip special effect). He can be disarmed (the disarmed gun is always empty), but he can always pull out another gun.
  13. Prehaps a low powered Energy Blast coming from a only looking like a focus gun. It shoots "shadow energy" which only looks like unlimited never needs to reload bullets.
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