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  1. Talking about cartoon clams and elephant trunks... Crim from Interspecies Reviewers, an angel being who fell to earth. Prehaps the most innocent horndog in anime existence.
  2. Just as long as his real name isn't Howard. Or Mouse.
  3. Have we thought about what Dragon Branch members are going to be in this adventure? I definitely can see Brick here. Either Occolne (eye laser guy) or Halfjack, but not both. Maybe someone with no stats like Adder, Copperhead, and/or Hiss. Definitely not: Ripper, Vipera, Critical(? Invisible brick)
  4. There is only the information in The Mystical World. Nothing has been published which expands Babylon.
  5. E is Elenor, the teams heavy lifter and muscle. She is rather attractive for a muscle bound woman who can easily lift an suv.
  6. Review-ish. Dr. Koo: Intresting that he is not attached with the Geodesic or Dragon Tong. He gives off a "yellow peril" vibe. Plus a bit of the Demon's Head from Batman. Terror Incorporate: Nice little South America super terrorists organization. Bruja Balam: Her power section mentions a VVP, but her stats don't have a VVP. I suggest giving her a 120 or 180 point core, 60 control cost VVP, only changeable between scenes. This allows her to have three different decent attack spells and a method of changing them, but also a way for her to 'choose badly' and be stuck
  7. Got it. 20210121_161906.heic
  8. When you get to the Assinenios (spelling!), will we be getting a writeup for 4ed Stalker (for those who actually enjoy the 4th edition character and wish for him in 6ed instead of what we got in CVV3 of a vampire named Stalker who is not that Stalker)?
  9. I noticed that Dr. Koo is in TCP 1, but his team the Geodesic are not in TCP 1. Was that intentional?
  10. Jay and Silent Bob are drug dealers. They are already on the Dark Side. Yes, I know. They are mostly protrayed as small time, marijuana only drug dealers. It's still illegal in most of the 50 states and territories. And usually they have to deal with even worse criminals to get the stuff to sell. And turn a blind eye to them if they still want to be supplied. So...
  11. She needn't be made of metal, but high strength plastics, ceramics, force field emitters, bio-tech. She needs not be robocrook to be a cyborg.
  12. It's however you want it to be. It is whatever you decide it is.
  13. Some ideas I would like to put to the crowd about powers. Super Strength 40: Jill has her arms and legs augmented for such a thing. Including some internal muscles which make general use of strength easier. Multipower one: Movement. With her augmented legs, she can run faster, leap farther, swim better (also using her augmented arms), and even swing (this using only augmented arms). Augmented arms: The arms can stretch (Stretching) and split (Extra Limbs, turning two arms into four arms). Arm weapons: Force Slasher micro-forcefield generator
  14. I keep on mixing Duke Steel with the guy from Metropolis anime.
  15. The normal Minutemen should be about 20-40 feet tall. The Revear units come from the future and are about 10 feet tall. The first one had Earth related powers. The second o e had water related powers. The third one has yet to appear but is rumored to have air related powers. They are also refered to as "The Midnight Riders". Rooks are said to be the second generation Minutemen robots, about 25 feet tall. Rumor has it that there only six in existence (two black units, two white units, and two red units). Rumor has it they are part of "Project Genocide". Coats
  16. Technically Ahab is a cyborg, not a robot. But he is technically a Sentinel.
  17. I would add ex- VIPER guy Duke Red to the list of backup Champions members. Mostly because of Nighthawk originally. I'm sure he becomes the person which the Champions become a there parole officers.
  18. The big one is the classic Sentinel. The the Nimrod unit. The Ahab unit? And...is that a human size Sentinel?
  19. I was thinking about Half Jill. Think Half Jack, but female. Except I want her to be her own cyborg. She is definitely not "Half Jack in a skirt". So, what would you do to make Half Jill different from Half Jack? Both are of course VIPER Dragons and cyborgs with a half organic body. Both argument there protection with "force fields". But they are not mirrors of each other.
  20. There is always the Transformation power, Dirty Money to Clean Money. What? You didn't mean that type of laundry for money? Opps.
  21. I'm sure people have already suggested these names. Dogwood. Root. Evermean. Thorn (ok...this one is already taken). Poison Oak. Kanabus. Hempman.
  22. Reminds me of the Project A-Ko character Mari, who is a walking Kenshiro parody herself. But that's Project A-Ko.
  23. There useless to me, but it comes with HDC.
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