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  1. Rob whispers something into Doreen's ear. Jack make a hearing perception check if you want.
  2. VIPER recruited new potential Dragon Branch members and puts them in one location. They put them up and set them up as superheroes, secretly using them to take out the competition and to note which members of the group are full Dragon Branch material and who are more goodie goodie for the group's taist. How long can the heroes work as false superheroes before they start asking questions?
  3. Well, there is Billy Numerous around (a Teen Titans villain with Duplication as a special effect).
  4. The MJL stuff DC only rented. Archive Comics/Red Circle/MJL has it back. As for Milestone (Static, among others), we can use them. Also Wildstorm.
  5. It's kinda common sense that the Big Three (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) will have two different writeups. Just like Hulk and Spiderman are in the first book. Supergirl might be a possibility. Some characters like the Martian Manhunter, if done, might be too expensive and just plain odd to hand off to a newcomer to the system. Others are odd for veterans of the roleplaying wars (example: Danny the Street, the crossdressing boulevard). Humm....the (Teen) Titans? Prehaps. But I'm not the writer. I'm just tossing things on a wall, and asking others to do the same. Well, what else would Volume 3 be? It was already something in volume 1 (as the original author forgotten that Templates were what we use to call Package Deals). ...which reminds me...I would pay money for "this is what skills you need to be a reporter" and "this is what skills you need to be a cop", etc.
  6. Humm...the possibilities. Doom Patrol: The original three might be doable. Size and Shape Altering Lass (Elastic Girl), Mechaman (Robotman), and Anti-Positive Alen Spector and Anti-Positive Alen Spector Holder (Negative Man) are doable. Multiple Personality Girl (Crazy Jane ) and Sentiant Roadway (Danny The Street) are not. One of my favorite Doom Patrol characters who I loved before he became a Doom Patrol member is Anoying Transdimentinal Insect Guy (Ambush Bug). Justice League: Martian Manhunter is out because he might cost a lot of points (Superman + Mental Powers + Shapeshifting + Desolification), but out of all the characters I haven't listed are Sonic Songbird (Black Cannery ), Vibrating Breakdancer (Vibe), and of course Sea King (Aquaman). Additional Villain Characters: If we have Sea King we must have Devilfish (Black Manta). With Vibrating Speedster comes Sargent Snow ([b]Captain Cold[/b]), Mister Reflection ([b]Mirror Master[/b]), Throwing Stick Guy ([b]Captain Boomarang[/b]), I could go on. There is also Silly Lady Clown ([b]Harlly Quinn[/b]. Who would you add?
  7. DC also has a fetish for numbers. Both 3 and 52 are sacred to them. (Ok. We might be the one who fetishize 3.) So between two books could we have 52 characters between them? Ok...some rules. 1) No redos. if a character can be expressed in a past book with a different skill set, than that character shouldn't be reprinted. 2) No VPP's in the based character. The Batman proxy can have a VVP in the second write up, but John Constine should instead use a Variable Special Effects on his mystic blasts. Constine also probably has Variable Limitations on his magic, which explained why he would rather play cons against the supernatural than cast spells (Side Effects anyone?). 3) Cult characters are ok, but the reader has to be able to identify them. So Like Hippy Dippy Doll Man (Brother Power, the Geek) and Teenage President of a United Country (Prez) may not do.
  8. Book of Templates 1 already has a version of Spiderman, and I am not writing the book. I'm predicting what may be in it. And the writer is going to be the one to scrub the details out of them to make them generic enough. And talking about the writer...well it's his book. And yes Question and Hawkman are damm good substitutes.
  9. This thread is a think of what would be in the third book of Templates. Christoph has voiced a desire to do one of DC Comics proxies. Here is my list of characters most likely to be included and whyish. The Big Three Basically it would be fully to do a book of DC Comics proxies without Flying Mammal Man (Batman), the Man of the Future (Superman), nor the Woman of Wonder (Wonder Woman). Because they are the big names, they should exist in the two cost range of all the big characters of the books. Also I expect that they will have some of the support characters in the book. Bird Boy (Robin), Clownman (Joker), Science Buisnessman (Lex Luthor), Alien Android (Braniac), Wicked Cat (Cheetah), and Grow Woman (Gargantuala) might be included. That's nine already. The Silver Three One can't have a book of DC Comics proxies without the Wielder of an Alien Artifact (Green Lantern), Vibrating Speedster (The Flash), and Shapshifting Alien Detective (Martian Manhunter). That increases it to twelve. The We Bought Them From Other Companies Three DC Comics has a nasty habit of buying characters from failed comic book companies. Three of the biggest are Mystical Avatar (Captain Marvel aka Shazam), Plastfied Prankster (Plastic Man), and Blue Insect Man (Blue Beetle 2). Now we have fifteen. The Vertigo Three We can't exactly forget the adult branch of the DC Comics Universe. We have the Sleep Inducing Detective (the original Sandman ), the Living Vegetation (Swamp Thing), and Mystical Detective (John Constine ). Now we have 18. So...what would your list be?
  10. (OOC: It's an actual melodrama, but the exact one isn't important for the story, unless the title could be a clue of some kind.)
  11. "So, knowing the play is for charity, you figure one of Gotham's worst is going to show up and try anything? My bet is either Clayface, Film Freek, or The Riddler. To make matters worse, there are many choices for kidnapping and ransom, with our president's niece only the most obvious target. Hench the secret service. Me myself, perhaps the lowest hanging fruit. I spend a good portion of time on stage fake tied up, so it wouldn't take much for someone to snatch and correct the bondage between scenes. I know what your thinking. 'Your getting paranoid.' But this city has a reputation for a reason."
  12. Ok. I'll probably pick up book 2 when I can. Book 3 definitely should have DC comic characters to round out the Boatfull of Marvel Guys. Like... Person of Futurehood. Scary Batwinged Detective. Woman of Wonderment. Twins of Amazement. Sea Monarch. Sapphire Bug and Sapphire Bug's Airship. Clown Gangster. Mystical Brit Detective. Scientist Buisnessman. Slinky Cat. Bird Boy. Cybernetic Teenager. Alien Teenager. Gothic Mystic Teenager. Animorph Teenager. Or Animal Morphong Teenager. Wielder of the Pink Power Ring. Utopian Excape Artist. Utopian Giantess. Backtalking Mystic. Atomition. Size and Shape Altering Girl. Negative Aura Keeper. Silly Teleporter. Demon of Punishment/Father Demologist. Posession Ghostman. Like, Wow Man Hippy Doll Guy. Plantoid. Monday Man. Scary Storyteller. Scary Storyteller's Whimpy Brother. How many can you figure out? They are all DC characters.
  13. That reminds me, who is in Book of Templates 2? Some ideas for Book of Templates 3. Ranger of Power. (Power Rangers) Mech of Ranger of Power. Magical Swordwoman. (Cutie Honey) Dragon Fisted Guy. (Iron Fist) Magical Bunny Princess. Magical Water Princess. Magical Fire Princess. Magical Lighting Princess. Magical Metal Princess. Magical Rose Prince. Caped Limited Demon (Spawn). Professor Techsquid. Bouncy Guy (Speedball). Dust Man (Sandman, Marvel) Sleep Inducing Street Detective (Sandman, DC, Golden Age). Bird Ninja (Gatchaman). Heroic Teenage Car Racer (Speed Racer). HTCR's Car. Psychic Forced Dilequent (Jotaru Kujo/Star Platinum). Time Traveling Pacifist Adventurer (Doctor Who). TTPA's Time Box.
  14. Has anyone mentioned House on the Rock yet?
  15. Ah yes. I forget to check right away. Anyways, it is in Hero System Book Of Templates page 24 (Steel Man). Other characters: Acrobatic Ape Man (Beast). Page 5. Arachnid Guy (Spiderman). Page 6-7. Blind Street Advenger (Daredevil). Page 8-9. Dragon Familiar (Lockheed). Page 9. Fabulous Gal (Phoenix/Jean Gray). Page 10. Feral Fighter (Wolverine). Pages 11-12. Fiery Teenager (Human Torch). Page 13. Fire Controler (Pyro). Page 14. Immovable Man (Blob). Page 15. Intangible Teenager (Shadowcat). Page 16. Jade Fury Brute/Doctor Alliterative (Hulk/Bruce Banner). Pages 17-19. Magnetism Controler (Magneto). Page 19-20. Queen of Weather (Storm). Page 20-21. Shifting Beauty (Mystique). Page 22. Snowman (Iceman). Page 23. Steel Guy (Colossus). Page 24. Stone Guy (Thing). Page 25. Stretching Scientist (Mister Fantastic). Page 26-27 Teleporting Demon (Nightcrawler). Page 28 Transparent Lass (Invisible Woman). Page 29. Uncontrollable Eye Blast Man (Cyclops). Page 30. Winged Flyer (Angel/Archangel). Page 31. The list is an apology for being late.
  16. I believe there is a Colossus type build in the first Book of Templates. I have to check it out when I get home.
  17. "Of course. The only reason I'm in the role is because one, I am a local celebrity of some sort, two, Do-chan already got a major role, and three, they ran out of female members of the acting crew. Besides, it's a melodrama. They need a singer. Which reminds me, who is Tim playing in the play?" Rob thinks to himself, 'Humm...have I heard that southwest accent before? John seems familiar somehow. No mind. Miss Secret Service is coming this way. She's going to blab about her position again? Someone is unsure what the meaning of the word secret is...'
  18. (OOC: at work, no dice. Got to consult my Dice roller... My Perception is 14- based on INT, don't have deduction, rolled a 10 which normally makes it by 3. Rob is a handsome but lanky boy. I don't have an actor in mind for the characters I play. I never had. Lady Heart was a gorgeous strawberry blonde girl with anime features, big blue eyes long shojo legs. Had to change her hair color to dark brown so she doesn't 'stand out' too much, but she still has those eyes. Rob is currently Rob.) "I'm Robert Trueheart. Prehaps you seen me and Doreen on television." Rob starts humming the Mickey Mouse Club theam song.
  19. Rob sees John step through the curtains and motions him to the wing he and Doreen are at. "Hey John...over here." (OOC: I would love to see his reaction to Rob as he is currently dressed. Slight friendly teasing is encouraged.)
  20. (OOC: Another mistake on my count. Never thought a good old country boy would be into rock which wasn't Lyner Skinner country rock. Still...I'm the stupid one. Assumptions.) Rob noted that he could see the stage from offstage and recognized him from one of his classes. His name did escape him right now. He turns to Doreen. "Do-chan, do you know that guy's name?"
  21. (OOC: Cowboy, not a suspefic name. Kinda obvious that the guitar has a certain country style twang, and the song played is probably country. But in reality, I goofed. I can assume they shair a class or two. But all which comes to mind is 'cowboy'.)
  22. Rob sighed as he was backstage, this time being fitted for his costume (he still has to practice moving in a long dress at home...the wardrobe people have decided on what they felt Rob's full costume should be and while he was available, test fit the costume). The dress consist of a white dress out of the 1890's, complete with bustle. Around the waist was a huge white back bow. They were presenting some blonde wigs and comparing on how they look on his head. Rob hears the guitar playing on the stage. "Just great...cowboy is auditioning. If he sees me in this getup, I'm sure he'll never let me live it down." Rob spotes Doreen and some of his dread lifted a bit. His girlfriend tends to do that for him. Rob looks at his script to see exactly what role she has.
  23. (None of these are any fun without interaction.)
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