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  1. Adam Toledo was with a 21 year old named Ruben Roman. Roman has been arrested and charged with felony reckless discharge, unlawful weapon use of a weapon and child endangerment. So it could have been residue from Roman's gun that was found on Adam Toledo, or maybe both of them were shooting. Perhaps the pattern of the gunshot residue will shed some light on the subject.
  2. Since Ray Fisher came out with his complaints, numerous other people have come forward to say that Josh Whedon is an abusive ***hole. People always putting up with "crappy situations with as much grace as possible" is a good way to ensure that crappy situations never get any better. As Whedon's choice of victims has shown, crappy situations have a way being even crappier for women and minorities. So, while keeping his head down and not complaining might have been the smart thing to do for his own career, he wouldn't have been doing black actors that follow him any favors. IMHO,
  3. Any law that seeks to seriously limit how people. PACs, individual or corporations choose to use their money for political speech is going to run afoul will Citizen United v FEC and be dead on arrival as soon as it is challenged in court. Also, your idea of re-directing campaign contributions to the government will almost certainly be challenged as an illegal taking of property not covered in the government's normal taxation powers.
  4. King Shark is an immortal and he is being played by Sylvester Stallone, so I think he is pretty safe also.
  5. Oh, yes. You just came across it. Minding your own business, searching for home repair videos, and there is was. Absolutely. 😇
  6. I think that they could have gotten down to 3 and half hours like Titanic. Ditch the Martian Manhunter scenes which while cool Easter eggs didn't add much to the movie at hand, and Knightmare, which since we already know Darkseid is on his way is not really necessary. At 3½ IMO Zack Snyder's JL would have been positively enough received to have saved the franchise. The question is would that have been a good thing. There is something to be said for all the DC movies existing in a common multiverse, but not necessarily the same universe. Personally, I don't want to see Captain M
  7. I assumed that you already were.
  8. If you haven't already, you might want to check out the Casually Comics channel on Youtube.
  9. The original theatrical release had a Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 40% and an audience 71%, whereas Zack Snyder's version scores are 73% and 96% respectively. I have read review of Zack Snyder's version that ultimately give it a thumbs down, but still call it better than the theatrical release. Of course to call it better than the theatrical release is to damn with faint praise. I prefer to praise it with faint damnation, and say that it isn't as good as Avengers: Endgame. I found Snyder's version to be a good movie on it's own merits. However, where A:E gained lots of power
  10. I hope she is doing alright.
  11. *Shrug* Well, I know that they regularly give human sacrifices to the oil industry, but mostly they are people that they want to get rid of anyway. So, does that qualify as actual religious devotion? I'm not an expert on these things. Acts of ritualistic violence, stadiums full of chanting and cheering throngs, colorful ceremonial costumes, so yes, clearly religious ceremony. Who am I to contradict untold numbers of future archeologist and anthropologist?
  12. The standard for negligence in this case would be failure to act as an ordinary, prudent energy provider would under the circumstances. So if they can show that energy providers abiding by industry standards would have weather proofed their equipment given the same chance of facing serious cold, then in theory they have a case that they can win. Of course it is Texas, and they all but worship big oil there, so it is likely to be an uphill fight even if legal negligence did occur.
  13. The Yazidis Finally Get To Bury Their Slain
  14. I know, but if they got in after the stock was already on the way up they could lose most of what they invested after the bubble pops. Not a real problem as long as they were only using money that they could afford to lose, but people aren't always sensible like that.
  15. This is a relief to me. I was wondering how many of these reddit investors were going to be left holding the bag when the game that they were playing with the hedge funds ended and prices returned to some semblance of sanity.
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