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  1. Well, no. Only Native Americans living on Native land get the tax break, and as of last count only about 9% of Oklahoma residents are Native American. Some of that 9% doubtlessly live in the western part of the state and thus would go on paying Oklahoma state income tax. Also, Native Americans as a group are economically disadvantaged and thus don't have all that much income to tax. So, I would be very surprised if Oklahoma lost even 5% of it's tax base.
  2. Apropos of nothing, King Cyrus is not mentioned a single time in the New Testament.
  3. This is so not true. We play it, and our women's team is the world's best. We just don't watch it.
  4. I'm not finding collaboration that he did not flee the scene or that protesters attacked his car. Everything that I have read has state troopers claiming to have pulled him over and describing him as “reserved and sullen”. Maybe the video from the Ian Miles Cheong tweet substantiates the claim, but you posted a screen shot instead of a link. I don't have a Twitter account, and I am not going to get one just so I can go far enough back in Cheong's Twitter feed to see the 24 second video.
  5. Scottish Fox is right about the guy needing psychiatric care, though. It just needed to start a lot earlier.
  6. The Clinton states numbers were being pulled up hard by New York. Indeed, during that early period, the national numbers were largely made up of New York cases.
  7. I could say many things about this video, most of which would get me kicked off this board for obscenity. So rather than do that, I am going to say one thing. If the Senate Republicans are planning to do what Beau say they are, they are idiots. They will throw open our country to huge foreign influence and they will still lose the election. Are they really so dumb as to fail to realize that they would be starting a game that the Democrats could play also, and that they would gain no net advantage? While Russia would certainly pay to keep their man in the White House, China would be willing to pay to see him gone. China is a lot wealthier than Russia. So they would be doing great lasting harm to our nation, just for the pleasure of being curbed stomped in the next election even harder. 🤬
  8. Okay, but think of what Mayor Krewson did. By giving the names and addresses of people who suggested that she defund the police, she ensured that they could not feel safe and their homes and neighborhoods. Instead they have to worry about reprisal to themselves and family members. They have to worry no knock warrants and "routine" traffic stops that magically lead to drugs being found in their vehicles. Nor is this intimidation limited to those that she mentioned in her Facebook video, it extends to those who suggested she defund or clamp down on the police that she didn't mention by name. They have to worry that their names and addresses have been passed on to law enforcement by some private communication. All this, she did secure in the belief that while she could make people lay awake in fear in their own homes that, she herself had nothing to fear at night. At the end of each day she would go home to her safe, affluent gated community. As the song says, hurting others while she can't feel pain. Well, now she knows that her fortress isn't impregnable and playing the bully might not be the best of ideas. If her neighbors now look at her with side eyes and wish that she would move and take all of her drama with her, so much the better.
  9. No, tickets weren't going to run out but seats were. The venue only seats 19,000 and if hundreds of thousands people had actually shown up most of them would never have made it through the front entrance. Most people don't want to hire a baby sitter and drive for possibly hours to an event only to get turned away at the door. So, all the talk about huge numbers of ticket request was bound to have discouraged many people who would have shown up if they had felt that they would definitely get attend the rally inside the stadium.
  10. TikTok Teens and K-Pop Stans Say They Sank Trump Rally If you read the article, you will discover that it really comes down to a 51 year old black woman living in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Through her suggestion to the internet, she probably prevented numerous Covid-19 deaths. Way to go Mary Jo, you are my new hero.
  11. The link provided by Scottish Fox showed the claim that she was fired due to her own actions and that she created a hostile work environment, but it gave no specifics. Do you have citation for your claim that she is strongly racist?
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