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  1. Oh, I was wondering who the new time bro was.
  2. San Francisco Ban Use of Facial Recognition Technology by Local Law Enforcement
  3. No, they don't have the rights anymore and there is some bad blood between them and the Rohmer estate. Still, I suspect it is nothing that a bunch of cash couldn't fix.
  4. It is possible for a character to be both a hateful stereotype and a great character in their own right. It is just a matter of whether you view the character as typical representative of the group in question or as an individual with little in common with most members of the group. Fu Manchu is definitely one of these characters; a literary villain right up their with Professor Moriarty but also the very face of yellow peril racism. With an Asian director, writer and star, they could probably get away with recognizable likeness of Fu Manchu as the villain. However, I doubt an Asian director, writer and star would want have anything to do with that project.
  5. A number of the things already mentioned, plus Young Avengers. If they wanted to do it on Disney+ instead of as a feature film, I would be fine by that too.
  6. Sony has the rights to Spider-Woman and Paramount has the rights to She-Hulk. So some sort of legal deal would have to be made to bring either of those two over to the MCU.
  7. Am I the only person who that thought that Aunt May at the funeral looked notably older than when we last saw her in Homecoming?
  8. A lot of scenes got me too, but the one that got me the most was Steve Rogers finally getting his dance Peggy Carter. That was so perfect.
  9. How about his pledge to not sign any bills into laws if they were more than 3 pages long? Oy!
  10. Darn, they are! You should repost that over on the Champions forum.
  11. My mom was and is pro gun control, and consequently, I have been watching the fate of gun control legislation since I was a child. It is a sad activity. The only gun control control legislation that both become law and survive court challenges are those that are stupid and ineffectual ones. This is not because gun control advocates are stupid, though of course some are, but because the gun lobby and the NRA play excellent defense both in the legislature and the courts. Example, back when I was a kid, here in California gun control was popular and gun control measure were passable. So California would pass laws using standard industry term, and they would go to the courts and the industry lawyers would say that they didn't know what these terms meant and maybe they meant this and maybe they meant that, and ultimately the the judge would throw out the law as being to vague unenforceable. So the legislature responded by getting very specific in their terms, and the gun lobby loved this because it allowed them to redesign their products and by making small modifications they could make them legal and force there customer base to buy the modified version of the gun and thus increase their profits. So, WA passing a stupid and ineffectual law that goes well short of banning and seizing all semiautomatic weapons, and will probably die in the courts anyway,iti does little convince me that tough, large scale gun control is politically feasible.
  12. I totally would were it feasible, but it is unconstitutional and politically dead in the water even if SCOTUS miraculously ruled it constitutional. I don't believe in wasting time, money or effort on legislation that makes the base happy but has no chance of becoming reality.
  13. Following Cyclone Idai 300 to 400 Bodies Wash Up on Mozambique Road
  14. When I was a kid I used "Feldercarb!" which something that I stole from Battlestar Galactica. Nowadays, I am more likely to just say frel.
  15. So you think that in Marvel's first female led movie, the POV character and audience stand-in should spend a significant portion of the movie insecure, brainwashed and gaslighted? Really?
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