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  1. Well, Trump did just lose on the census question battle, which probably hurt his ego.
  2. So would have people back then, but most common labors were "dollar a day men". So, how would you like to be paid $12.30 for a days work?
  3. What about the MCU changed your opinion about that? VIPER is great.
  4. Except dimension travel > time travel. Really, I liked how they handled time travel in Endgame, but even so listening to the endless complaints of people who just didn't get it cast a pall on the experience. For me, one of the enjoyments of geek movies is the online experience of talking about it afterward. It is chance to be part of my tribe. However, it turns out that a sizable chunk of my tribe doesn't know how to handle it when time travel doesn't work the same way that it does in the time travel movies that they are familiar with. I find myself wanting to tell them that it isn't that complicated, that other people have already done a fine job explaining why the things they are calling plot-holes aren't in fact plot-holes, and to stop being so stubbornly dense. What I am saying is that it gets old, and for that reason I don't want another MCU movie with time travel. Edit: Though I do agree that Feige and company would probably do a better job making Kang interesting than the comics for the most part have done.
  5. Very sad. I adore bossa nova and wish that it would make a comeback. Sadly, music doesn't seem to be going in that direction.
  6. For setting in motion the eventual collapse of the British Empire. I know that running an empire is way more work than you want to saddled with, so you're welcome.
  7. Libel has been against the law since 130 AD. No precedents scary or otherwise were set by this case. All that happened was that the courts enforced laws that have been part of American jurisprudence since the very founding of the republic. They did not enforce the law in any new or novel way. If anything at all is new here, it is the brazenness of disregard for truth by publishers that really should know better.
  8. I really wish that for their next big bad that they could use Istvatha V'han. Unfortunately, she isn't a Marvel IP. She is one of the cases where IMO, Champions did a better job than the source material that inspired it.
  9. The Flash makes a lot more sense (though of course, it still doesn't really make sense) if you assume that he travels in a bubble of speed force. This explains why people he grabs aren't ripped to shreds. Since they are in his speed force bubble, they only experience it as Barry Allen grabbing them not as the supersonic Flash grabbing them. It also explains why he sometimes gets punched non-speedster foes. By getting close enough to melee them he can accidentally include them in his speed force bubble allowing them to deal with him on equal speed terms.
  10. Oh, I was wondering who the new time bro was.
  11. San Francisco Ban Use of Facial Recognition Technology by Local Law Enforcement
  12. No, they don't have the rights anymore and there is some bad blood between them and the Rohmer estate. Still, I suspect it is nothing that a bunch of cash couldn't fix.
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