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  1. No, if they are past episode 3 and none of the heroes loved ones have figured out their secret, then the NPCs are overly stupid or are just being asked to carry the idiot ball too much.
  2. I rather liked this episode. Her time in costume was brief, but at least she got to kick some serious butt during that time. Speaking of the costume, now that she is in the Batwoman costume and not simply the refitted Batman costume, IMHO she looks pretty good. As for the road trip, obviously the idea was give us some of Alice's origin, and I felt the scenes with child actors went pretty well. Though, while Alice and Mouse are fine, I am hoping that they introduce the Religion of Crime from the comics. Alice strikes me more as a mid-tier boss than an end game boss, so I am hoping for a villain switch after the winter break.
  3. IIRC, when she invited her, she didn't yet know that the mission would be be there. Though she did know by the time of the date, so she could have arranged to cancel.
  4. She may fit the profile, but I can see the backfiring on them. Gabbard is only polling around 2%, and given Gabbard's status as the favorite Democrat of Trump supporters, how many of those 2% were a really gung ho to vote Democrat anyway? She could, maybe, hurt to Democrats by giving Never Trump Republicans someone to vote for other Democratic nominee. However, she could just as easily, give Republicans who can't bring themselves to ever vote Democrat (particularly if a progressive like Warren or Sanders is nominated) someone to vote for other than Trump. This is especially relevant in the likely event that the Senate refuses to remove Trump, but the impeachment process digs up enough dirt that all but "ride or die" Trump supporters abandon him.
  5. Yes, she did say that the person that she believed was being groomed by the Republicans for a third party run was a "favorite of the Russians". That is not the same as saying that person was being groomed by the Russians. That is saying the person being groomed by the Republicans, also happens to be a favorite of the Russians.
  6. If that audience score is accurate, then Batwoman's ratings will totally tank and it won't come back after winter break. OTH, if the low audience score is just the work of sad boys deliberating trying to tank the show because it is about a lesbian superhero, then the ratings will likely stay decent by CW standards and the show will carry on. Time will tell.
  7. Walking away from allies and leaving them to be slaughtered ... is just incredibly messed up. Looking outward to the world and at times taking up international burdens has increased US strength and made the world a better and safer place. I know it doesn't seem that way when you watch news, but the last 70 years have been some of the most peaceful years the world has ever seen. Unfortunately, peace is not considered very news worthy. When a dictator looks at a vulnerable neighboring country and decides not to invade out concerns over how the US or NATO might react, this generates no headlines. Yet, we know by looking at the numbers that countries invading their neighbors plummeted during the American Century. This has created an international environment where both the US and the world have flourished. If America First becomes our doctrine going forward and not just an aberration of the Trump administration, mark my words, the US and world as a whole will suffer as a result of our inaction.
  8. Well, come February, one of us will be in a position to tell the other, "I told you so."
  9. I am not so sure. They are doing a lot of recasting right now, and Leto's Joker was not well received. I think they could easily bring someone new into the role. Though, ultimately I get the impression that Margo Robbie is calling the shots on BOP and the Joker will likely be played by whoever she wants in the role. Maybe they will get Keira Knightley, I hear she has range.* * - just j/k, it is a Deadpool reference
  10. I can see that, but Ledger is dead and no one else is going to want to do his Joker because nobody wants the inevitable non-flattering comparisons. As for who this Joker is, we don't know. The IMDB cast list doesn't show anyone playing the role in BOP. So either there is no Joker in this movie or it is likely going to as yet uncredited cameo performance. We will just have to wait and see.
  11. Also, policemen of color seem to be a bit more vulnerable to successful prosecution than their white colleagues.
  12. As a long time, comic book reading fan of Harley Quinn, I totally recognize the character in the trailer. The "J-man" is a drug that she occasionally relapses into, but in most of her comics, she is her own sociopathic gal. Also, in the comics, she is no stranger to female empowerment storylines. They were a big part of Gotham Sirens and certainly have been common in the Jimmy Palmiotti/Amanda Connor run.
  13. Judging by the trailer, I would say it is for Harley Quin fans. Cassandra Cain fans not so much. Future trailers might do more to flesh out Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya. I certainly hope they do. So fans of those character may eventually be happy. Unfortunately, they have clearly deviated from the comics quite a bit on Cassandra. I have never been a big fan of that character, so it doesn't bother me much. However, if I was a fan of her, I would probably be pissed.
  14. I hate responding to people who can't respond back, but he raises a couple of points that I feel need response. That Russian mouthpieces should have started spreading nasty stories about Biden back in May, means nothing except that back in May Russia was already aware that Biden was Trump's likely 2020 rival. They were just feeding an anti-Biden conspiracy theory that they hoped would take root and damage his ability to call Trump on corruption in 2020 election. As for the Zelensky's statements during the phone call, the whistleblower's complaint alleged that Zelensky had already been informed that he had to "play ball" on the investigating Biden just to get to have that phone call with Trump. So of course he was aware of Biden's investigation situation. That is how he got to be on the phone with Trump in the first place. Trump never should have mentioned Biden by name. His people had already let Zelensky know what he wanted. His bringing it up him self in front of a room full of witnesses was just trademark Trump stupidity. When you are already holding someone's head underwater, you don't have to issue threats.
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