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  1. This was my first thought too, but then I reminded myself that he is the one that appointed Bolton the job in the first. Causing a problem and then taking credit for solving it is a big part Trump's MO. So, no, I give Trump exactly zero credit on this. If he had just stayed in the nuclear deal that that Obama's team negotiated we would not be bordering on war with Iran, his hot and cold running relationship with Kim Jong Un has not made the world a safer place, and the deal that he was getting ready to strike with the Taliban would have been disastrous for Afghan women. So, screw him.
  2. Yeah, being attracted to Margaret Thatcher would just be too weird. I don't watch The Crown, but if I did, I think this would force me to stop. 😣
  3. Some children of service members and federal workers born abroad may no longer receive automatic citizenship. The thing about this that gets to me is not the unfairness of this to the children in question, or the colossal ungratefulness this shows to the service and sacrifices made by the parents for good of our nation. I have come to accept that neither Trump or his henchmen have any sense of fairness, or ability to feel gratitude or empathy for the non-rich. No, what gets to me with these new rules are their incredible stupidity. I mean sure Trump is as dumb as a sack of defective hammers, but it is hard to imagine that this policy came directly from the orange man. It is just too specific and detailed to workings of citizenship for it to ever have crossed his Fox News controlled mind. It had to have come from one of his underlings, but what here they trying to accomplish? Attacking one's own troops is never a good look. Giving these kids automatic citizenship cost virtually no money. Moreover, these kids are exactly the sorts of citizens that we or any other nation wants to have in that they are educated and have been raised to value service to their government and nation. Really, WTAF? I can only scratch my metal plated head on this one.
  4. Opps! I had recollections of there being a referendum and it passing. So when I opened up the wiki page and saw the numbers, I read no further. My bad.
  5. Puerto Rico voted overwhelming for statehood
  6. Thanks for pointing me to the link that you were talking about, but I am not buying the Vox article at all. In the relevant year for their chart, 2000, the US had a 5.5 homicide rate per 100,000 citizens. The Vox article claimed that our violent crime rate was 5.5. So unless, the only violent crime in the us is murder, the Vox article doesn't add up. I don't know what the 11 index crimes that are being referred to by graph in the Vox article, but in 2000 the US had a forcible rape rate of 32.0 per 100,000 people and a robbery rate of 145 per 100,000 people (link). What sort of crime index skips over forcible rape and robbery?
  7. And you would be incredibly wrong.
  8. Superman move planets. Hulk holds up mountains. Both are ridiculously impressive, but there are still many orders of magnitude between the two tow feats.
  9. What is that now inaccurate? Do I need to change my business cards?
  10. As long as independents like Valiant and IDW are managing to stay in business, I can't imagine DC stopping publication. It might need to be spun off into its own, smaller, leaner business in order to make things work, though.
  11. And an audience score of 60%, which is considered fresh. Lots of people like John Carter. It just had a bad ad campaign and they spent way too much money making it. It is like sometimes Disney sets out to make a movie which can't help but lose money.
  12. At some point, one of the Marvel editor and chiefs said that as comic books only come out once a month and usually only cover a few days of the time for the character in them, only one year passes for the characters for every seven years that pass for the reader. By this math, Captain America only came out of the ice 8 years ago. So, of course in the comics he hasn't lost too many steps.
  13. Jupiter Ascending 27% I also like Speed Racer
  14. Exception: If the characters are in medium where pretty much everyone looks good and the team is internationally comprised, then by all means they should look like a college guidebook cover (see Len Wein and Dave Cockrum's X-Men for an example). Edit: Also Star Trek bridge crews
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