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  1. If it isn't too bad stay home, but don't be stoic. Earlier in the pandemic, someone here (Old Man?) posted a chart of the differences in the treatments of people who survived serious Covid encounters and those who didn't. The course of treatments were almost identical, but the survivors got the more aggressive treatments one day sooner. Yep, that was it. The doctors reaching for the big guns one day earlier in a significant number of cases made the difference between life and death. How, we treat Covid has changed considerably in the months since that chart came out, but I woul
  2. I agree that blue on black violence is a serious problem, and certainly, black lives matter. That being said somewhere in the neighborhood of 9000 black men die each year of diabetes and close to 14000 die of strokes annually. So, you will need to produce some receipts to convince me that police killings of black men get anywhere near those numbers
  3. No, the heart of the Ukraine scandal was Trump and Giuliani. They made it very clear that what was important to them was that Ukraine announce that they were investigating the Bidens, and that they were willing to withhold approved aid until they got the announcement. It was the announcement that was important to them, not evidence of wrong doing or exoneration. The important thing was to score the political hit. Speaking of exonerating evidence, Joe Biden has been exonerated of wrong doing in Ukraine by multiple parties. This includes a Republican led Senate investigation that
  4. I have a personal rule against ever rooting for death or disease. This news is really putting that conviction to a test.
  5. No. It is only that way if you choose for it to be. The people are there and the will is there to reclaim our country. Over a month ago I put in for time off from work after election day, so that I can go to Washington to participate in evicting the current of occupant from the White House if it comes to that. You can bet your bottom dollar that if it comes to that, I will not be alone.
  6. I think that you misunderstand who their client base it. 😏
  7. They did. That is why all the future games are going to made for XBox and PC.
  8. The article that I read indicated that Bethesda would be making games for XBox and PC, with the decision on whether to make versions for other game consoles being made on a case by case basis.
  9. Yes, it is barbaric. I was sure that this had to be illegal under US law, but so far I have not been able to find any evidence that it is. In 1927 the Supreme Court ruled in Buck vs Bell that state statute permitting compulsory sterilization did not violate the 14th Amendment. This ruling has never been overturned. Nor, as far as I can ascertain, has any federal law forbidding forced sterilization been passed in the intervening 97 years. California has as state law against it, but that was passed in 2013! Forced sterilization is not illegal under Georgia law. Though IANAL muc
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