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  1. Just finished listening to Jasper Fforde's (no, not a typo) book Early Riser. It is set in an alternate Earth which is colder than our own an most people in the Northern Hemisphere hibernate during the 4 brutally cold winter months. Our protagonist, Charlie Worthing, is not one of the hibernators. Charlie has taken a job with the Winter Consulate where he must contend with brutal cold, zombie like nightwalkers, unimaginative but aptly named Villains, the mysterious winter folk, and the nefarious HiberTech corporation. This was an enjoyable listen. Even though this is British satire, the protagonist is not a twit. Charlie is generally likable, and while he starts off extremely green to the job, he learns quickly. Also, the world building is extremely neat. It is filled with details both amusing and surprisingly sensible for people who spend 4 months a year hibernating. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
  2. I think they may have been hinting at that with Renee's mask at the end of the movie, but I didn't get a good enough look at it to say for sure. If I go back for a second watch, I will pay more attention to it.
  3. It has let other big budget, Warner Brother movies have crappy audience ratings. Why would it do any favors for BOP?
  4. True, but it has a very solid audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so presumably is getting positive word of mouth. Scott Ruggels take on it not withstanding. Also, really it his no real competition in the action genre for the next month. So it may be able to stay in the theaters long enough to break even or even make a profit. I think she was just saying that she like trailers and the director and cast interviews, and that is fair.
  5. Gail Simone's thought on the Birds of Prey movie
  6. No, it is getting a sequel in August of 2021, but nobody associated with the production has said anything about a reboot. Though, it new director, James Gunn, may choose to not honor every last thing from the 1st movie and they have already said that Margot Robbie will be dressed differently than the first movie. https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a837989/suicide-squad-2-cast-trailer-release-date-plot-news/
  7. Just got back from seeing it. This movie is the cinematic equivalent of twinkies drizzled with chocolate; absolutely no nutritional value but still fun. Harley Quinn, Renee Montoya and the Huntress all made it onto the screen pretty much intact. All other characters are clearly the DC cinematic universe versions and share little in common with comic book counterparts. Personally, I was willing to accept them as elseworld variants and enjoy them on there own terms. YMMV. I had a lot of fun at this movie. Despite having a large ice tea right before the movie the movie I made no trips to the bathroom. I always wanted to see what was going to happen next, so I just held it. I would be willing to watch this movie a second time if I had someone to see it with. 👍👍
  8. *Raises hand* "Me, me, me, me!!!" Just thinking about the sex scene from Do The Right Thing still gets me a little twitterpated. Also, I like women around my own age. I am funny that way.
  9. Clearly, you have never tried Pabst Blue Ribbon
  10. I'm missing something here. The number of primarily rural states well exceeds the number of primarily urban states, so rural states as a block will always get to decide the control of the senate. Why isn't that enough power to ensure that they don't get steamrolled? Why do we need a president decided by the EC as well?
  11. I think Cassandra meant to say Potsie. It was a continued riff Happy Days.
  12. In the New Mutants, pretty much everyone except Robert De Costa was either poor or borderline poor. So, I think they felt they needed one rich character for contrast.
  13. Certainly not how I remember the character, but okay, if that is his current look, then I guess maybe we should give the movie one a pass. However, apparently the woman in charge is suppose to be Dr. Cecelia Reyes. Did she get a skin bleaching in the comics too?
  14. I am not convinced that they are necessarily planning ending with a single universe. That is where the comic book went with it, but latter DC went back to having a multiverse. Multiverses are just fun, so why throw away a perfectly good one. However, if they do go to a single universe, their will probably be only super watchdog organization, and as far as most people are concerned that will be as it always has been. Personally, I would go with Argus for that role since I can envision both Alex Danvers and Odell working for different divisions of Argus, but I can't envision them in each others organizations.
  15. A darn good movie that's sequel now has a release date.
  16. It saves them money on feeding Smaug.
  17. If the terrorist had a gun, instead of killing two people, he would have killed ten or more. Certainly, a couple of guys with a narwhal horn and a fire extinguisher wouldn't have slowed him down much. This incident with its low body count makes a much better argument for the advantages of gun control than an argument against it.
  18. Well, you know what they say, there is no honor among gentlemen.
  19. No, if they are past episode 3 and none of the heroes loved ones have figured out their secret, then the NPCs are overly stupid or are just being asked to carry the idiot ball too much.
  20. I rather liked this episode. Her time in costume was brief, but at least she got to kick some serious butt during that time. Speaking of the costume, now that she is in the Batwoman costume and not simply the refitted Batman costume, IMHO she looks pretty good. As for the road trip, obviously the idea was give us some of Alice's origin, and I felt the scenes with child actors went pretty well. Though, while Alice and Mouse are fine, I am hoping that they introduce the Religion of Crime from the comics. Alice strikes me more as a mid-tier boss than an end game boss, so I am hoping for a villain switch after the winter break.
  21. IIRC, when she invited her, she didn't yet know that the mission would be be there. Though she did know by the time of the date, so she could have arranged to cancel.
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