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  1. Since the rest of the team is extremely white and mostly guys, I think Tempo would be their best choice. Not sure why they want all three of the Summers boys on one team.
  2. No, she didn't. He didn't even know that he had a sister. Her first attack on Asgard happened either before he was born or when he was very young.
  3. Finally Revealed, Fox News Wrongful Death Settlement For The Killing Of Seth Rich
  4. How about pipe bombs? Does your average prepper have a couple of those laying around?
  5. Some of the people who stormed the Capitol came prepared to take hostages. What the frell were they doing if not attempting a coup?
  6. I also got HBOMax to watch WW84, but after hearing about the download problems I opted to watch Doom Patrol instead. I have only watched the first two episodes so far, but IMHO they were excellent. If the show maintains this level of quality, it is going to wind up on my list of favorite TV shows.
  7. Darn! Now I have to get an entirely new set of price quotes.
  8. Just now? I have been getting price quotes for guillotine construction from carpenters, and was about to set up a KickStarter fund to pay for them.* * - Just joking, Dan.
  9. Whenever Mr Carter passes it will still be too early.
  10. Please show me some numbers. The numbers that I found (link) only go to 1997, and they show an industry that has had good years and bad years but generally sells about 80 million physical copies a year, but has really grown their TPB and digital copy business. In overview the industry appears to be doing fine.
  11. Well, the scary part is that in the continental United States our cases per capita is rate is the 16th lowest. So there are 34 states doing worse than us*. * - If the math doesn't seem to work out, it is because I am including DC as one of the places doing better than us.
  12. Lot of good suggestions already. Any collection of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Getz/Gilberto by, well, Stan Getz and João Gilberto
  13. Also, a presidential pardon is only good for federal crimes. The SDNY is charging him with a lot of things at the state level.
  14. You can often find them at dollar stores and save yourself 4 bucks.
  15. Happy Birthday, unclevlad! It is my brother's birthday too, and he was also thrilled with the gift.
  16. I'm claiming the obvious joke. "Mr Trump, you're fired!"
  17. If it isn't too bad stay home, but don't be stoic. Earlier in the pandemic, someone here (Old Man?) posted a chart of the differences in the treatments of people who survived serious Covid encounters and those who didn't. The course of treatments were almost identical, but the survivors got the more aggressive treatments one day sooner. Yep, that was it. The doctors reaching for the big guns one day earlier in a significant number of cases made the difference between life and death. How, we treat Covid has changed considerably in the months since that chart came out, but I woul
  18. I agree that blue on black violence is a serious problem, and certainly, black lives matter. That being said somewhere in the neighborhood of 9000 black men die each year of diabetes and close to 14000 die of strokes annually. So, you will need to produce some receipts to convince me that police killings of black men get anywhere near those numbers
  19. No, the heart of the Ukraine scandal was Trump and Giuliani. They made it very clear that what was important to them was that Ukraine announce that they were investigating the Bidens, and that they were willing to withhold approved aid until they got the announcement. It was the announcement that was important to them, not evidence of wrong doing or exoneration. The important thing was to score the political hit. Speaking of exonerating evidence, Joe Biden has been exonerated of wrong doing in Ukraine by multiple parties. This includes a Republican led Senate investigation that
  20. I have a personal rule against ever rooting for death or disease. This news is really putting that conviction to a test.
  21. No. It is only that way if you choose for it to be. The people are there and the will is there to reclaim our country. Over a month ago I put in for time off from work after election day, so that I can go to Washington to participate in evicting the current of occupant from the White House if it comes to that. You can bet your bottom dollar that if it comes to that, I will not be alone.
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