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  1. Are you sure? The AWA started in 1960 and some of their wrestlers weren't spring chickens even then.
  2. Oh yeah, she wrestled in the AWA didn't she? 😜
  3. You say that, but you have not seen him in person. 😏
  4. For understandable reason? Perhaps if I watched the video the reasons would be understandable, but that is not how content warnings are suppose to work. The warning is suppose to let you know in advance what sort of trauma you may be letting into your brain if you view or listen to the content.
  5. I know that was hyperbole, but that kind of talk still makes me uneasy.
  6. I find your views intriguing and wish to subscribe to your news letter.
  7. That is so awful. My heart goes out to you.
  8. I am optimistic about them. It is a good watch. Personally, I ranking among MCU movies as tied for 5th/6th place with Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  9. Here is overview of the the whole, Tim Drake is bi thing. Tbh, I am not really a fan of this, but that is mainly because really like Stephanie Brown and Tim Drake as a couple. I do, however, consider it a valid take on the character in that I don't think it directly contradicts anything in the character's history and it did seems like certain writers were leaning into this view.
  10. I don't see how this is fake diversity. The character of Tim Drake has been around for 32 years, but Tim Drake the character has only been in the hero business for maybe 3 years. Moreover, most of his previous girlfriends are no longer canon for the him because their have been like 3 DC reboots since his his introductions. So a teenage boy goes 3 years without having any same sex romantic relationships, and that is suppose to be proof positive that the boy has absolutely no interest in guys? That is not how it works in the real world. A lot of bisexuals don't have there first same sex romance until they are in college or later (sometimes much later). At the end of the day a character's sexual orientation is whatever the writer says it is, and the current writer has decided that Tim Drake can be romantically interested in at least some guys. So, his LGBTQ status is as real as anything else in the story or in Tim Drake's cannon. New writers coming onboard with stories they already want to tell and then proceeding write the those stories is currently the norm. This how it works now and has been for quite a while. In a sense most major comic books are now fanfiction, in that there writers grew up reading them and are fans of the books for which now write. This is not having some sinister agenda, this is just writers having stories that they wish to tell, and it is a natural thing.
  11. My daughter got her Chevy Spark lightly used for $12K. Biden and the democrats will likely try to bring back the cash for clunkers program, in which case they might be willing to give you $2500 for your sedan. So maybe you could get a car like my daughter's (which is actually fairly nice) for $9500 at some point in the future. I don't know if that works for you, but it is probably about a good a deal as the Biden administration will be able to swing.
  12. I don't know. The goal that they are shooting for is 50% percent of sales. My daughter has a Chevy Spark, and it works for her because she lives in an urban area and never has to drive more than eighty miles in a single day. So the question is what percentage of drivers are like my daughter. If the answer is 50% or more then the sales goal is doable. Remember, two car families a very common, so unless both adults drive a lot on a daily basis they can have a vehicle strictly for short commutes and another vehicle for all longer trips. You would need to do a deep dive into driving statistics to know if the goal is achievable and I am much too lazy to do so. Hopefully someone in the Biden administration did crunch the number before the sales goal was announced.
  13. I'm pretty sure that he was talking about Aubrey Drake Graham.
  14. Well, kitchenware, to each their own. Parrots, I hope not. Nasty beasts. Still, since he goes by the name of Robin, I have to admit that is a possibility.
  15. You beat me to this. Tim Drake is one of my favorite DC characters. I really dug his boy detective schtick back when he had his own book. I don't mind him coming out as bi or poly or pan, particularly if the publicity can get him an ongoing series again. However, I am not real optimistic about this and if it does happen I am even less optimistic about DC not screwing it up. Still, I will cross my fingers.
  16. No, California and Texas have roughly the same 7 day moving average for total new covid-19 cases, despite the fact that California has 36% more people.
  17. Agreed. Movies only break the billion dollar mark if they have legs, and that needs good word of mouth and/or people going to see the movie more than once.
  18. With so many different actors playing versions of Spider-Man the chance of one of those Spider-Men dying is pretty good, but it won't be Tom Holland's Spider-Man.
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