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  1. I have a personal rule against ever rooting for death or disease. This news is really putting that conviction to a test.
  2. No. It is only that way if you choose for it to be. The people are there and the will is there to reclaim our country. Over a month ago I put in for time off from work after election day, so that I can go to Washington to participate in evicting the current of occupant from the White House if it comes to that. You can bet your bottom dollar that if it comes to that, I will not be alone.
  3. I think that you misunderstand who their client base it. 😏
  4. They did. That is why all the future games are going to made for XBox and PC.
  5. The article that I read indicated that Bethesda would be making games for XBox and PC, with the decision on whether to make versions for other game consoles being made on a case by case basis.
  6. Yes, it is barbaric. I was sure that this had to be illegal under US law, but so far I have not been able to find any evidence that it is. In 1927 the Supreme Court ruled in Buck vs Bell that state statute permitting compulsory sterilization did not violate the 14th Amendment. This ruling has never been overturned. Nor, as far as I can ascertain, has any federal law forbidding forced sterilization been passed in the intervening 97 years. California has as state law against it, but that was passed in 2013! Forced sterilization is not illegal under Georgia law. Though IANAL muc
  7. Personally, I consider Wakanda to be a more important character than T'Challa. A king on a continent that has long since started moving towards democracies, magic herbs and animal totems. I have no idea how Africans view these things, but on this side of the pond it seems rather backwards looking. However, an African nation free of the trappings of colonialism, proud, strong and with technology that doesn't equal western nations but surpasses them, well that is something. That is a powerful idea today, and back in the 60s when Lee and Kirby invented Wakanda it must have seemed mind blowing
  8. Strong disagreement. T'Challa has spent the vast majority of his career as a c-lister, only occasionally ascending to the b-list before tumbling down again with the next writer. Chadwick Boseman and Ryan Coogler took him to the a-list, but did so by fundamentally changing the character. They toned down his arrogance and softened him and made him more likable. They made him less Bruce Wayne and more Peter Parker. IOW, they made him not the jerk we see in the comics most of time. The fact that they had to do such a major overhaul to make him palatable to movie audiences shows t
  9. Both T'Challa and Killmonger got to sit down and talk to the ancestor that that they most wanted to talk to. Shuri has to settle for following some panther around? I'm glad that you have a lot of faith of Marvel studios, but personally I don't think that would work for me. I guess they could kill off Queen Ramonda and then give Shuri the opportunity to talk to her, but I would really prefer that they didn't kill off a good character just to bring her back later for a brief conversation on the ancestral plane. Really, the "heart shaped herb" doesn't seem worth all this bother. F
  10. You mean besides the actor who plays him not being around to play the role?
  11. I've been thinking kinda of the opposite about the destruction of the "heart shaped herb". Its absence allows other people to take on the mantle without a super awkward trip to the ancestral plane, where they get there and T'Challa is nowhere to be seen. Shuri would be reliant on her skills and her technology as she took up the role of Protector of Wakanda, but in her case that would be sufficient. Admittedly, without the ancestral plane connection people would likely consider her claim to be the Black Panther weaker than those who came before, but that could be a plot point.
  12. I don't know. From a story stand point, it is pretty straight forward. Shuri is next in line to be the Black Panther and has worn that mantle in the comic books. Moreover, I think that Letitia Wright has it in her to carry a big budget film. However, without Chadwick Boseman there to do the handover and the shadow of his too young death hanging over picture, I don't see people emotionally accepting the film. In order to make it work, they would need to the film about loss, pain, grief and ultimately rebuilding from there. Are people willing to go to a super hero film where the
  13. Yeah, last night I was struck by the death of the man, but now I am thinking of the death of the actor. This is a man who played both Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall and did a great job on both of them. In the future he might have played Mohammed Ali and Frederick Douglas, and I am certain that given the opportunity he would done a great job with those roles too. That is a mind blowing amount of talent. I am at a loss of words.
  14. Could you add some context for this post? I have no idea what a ring video is or how it relates to anything at all.
  15. Move the decimal place one over to the right. Still a really large number.
  16. Well, I was hoping for Tammy Duckworth, and my wife wanted Valdez Demings. Susan Rice and Karen Bass would also have been fine choices. The Republicans have attacks lined up against Rice and Bass, but I don't think that you should let your opponents choose who can and cannot be your VP pick.
  17. Not sure what you are talking about. Trump threatened to pull federal aid in fighting wild fires back in November, but like so many things with Trump nothing came of it. Has he done something more recently?
  18. Yesterday, I discovered the Republican Voters Against Trump channel on Youtube. I binged watched it and found it a balm for my soul. Prior to Trump, I believed that, while Democrats and Republicans argued about many things, they actually agreed on far more than they disagreed. That while there might be Republican values and Democratic values, there were American values which were greater than both. Then came Trump. Trump has no American values or values at all that aren't self serving. Even after Trump's election, I held out hope for common shared American values. Maybe they
  19. I hope not. Thirty-nine days is plenty of time for them to change their minds . Fingers crossed.
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