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  1. The link provided by Scottish Fox showed the claim that she was fired due to her own actions and that she created a hostile work environment, but it gave no specifics. Do you have citation for your claim that she is strongly racist?
  2. I don't like to be cynical, but I can't help but think that Robert's just gave Trump the biggest gift that he could give him. The nation watching thousands and thousands of telegenic, articulate and often accentless young people get deported right before the election wasn't going to do anything positive for Trump's reelection chances. Don't get me wrong. I would not have had the decision go the other direction just to bolster the chances of Trump losing, even though if reelected he may deport the kids latter. I am elated that they are getting to stay in the US for now, and i
  3. So, we are back to hanging black men (allegedly). 😢
  4. I don't think that would have ever have happened. Not a single character that ever appeared on Gotham appeared in the first season of Batwoman, and I don't that is a coincidence. More likely Fox has the modern TV rights on all of them. So since Mad Hatter was on Gotham, he probably can't be on Batwoman.
  5. Personally, I didn't read Ryan Wilder description as something set in stone. They have only known that Rose wasn't coming back for a few weeks and are probably still spitballing ideas. Instead, I see a wish list for what they want to see in the new actress. Apparently the new actress needs to be athletic, funny and comfortable doing big emotions. In other words, they want an actress that answers all the big complaints brought against Ruby Rose's performance - too angsty, too introverted and not realistic looking in the fight scenes.
  6. Batwoman Avoids Recasting Ruby Rose by Inventing New Lead Character
  7. From the pictures that I have seen the spray painting seems to be limited to concrete structures near what we generally think of as the actual monument and not on the marble structures.
  8. Sure, the murderer got caught ... by the cell phone carrying public. This cop had been 18 prior complaints filed against him with internal affairs, and yet he was still working for the Minneapolis Police Department. It took him killing a man in broad daylight in front a score of witnesses taking cell phone videos of the whole thing for the Minneapolis PD to do anything. Yes, by all means, lets give the Minneapolis police department a big round applause for a job well done. I wonder if they catch robbers or if they just wait for civilians to tackle them and then collect the robbers and tak
  9. I am glad to hear you say that Biden (presumptive) nomination is the result of lawful processes. I am bone weary of hearing people on both the right and the left claiming election fraud where none existed just because their favorite didn't win. As for "electability" both the House and the Senate are chalk full with "electable" candidates. Indeed in taking back the House in 2018, while there were a handful of notable progressive victories, the majority of the newly elected were centrist whose views were largely in line with those of their constituents. Yes, at the end
  10. During the primary prior to Sander's dropping out of the race, Biden received 10.81 million popular votes to Sander's 8.20 million votes. That is to say Biden received 32% more popular votes than Sanders. That is nothing less than a complete drubbing. So unless you believe that party delegates can and should ignore the wishes of the voters, I do not see why you keep focusing on the delegates. It is the voters that have chose Biden over Sanders.
  11. Also, earlier this year, Gates said that if Elizabeth Warren was nominated he would have to think about whether to support her or Trump. Bill Gates total wealth increases by more than 2% a year. So if Warren was elected and got her 2% billionaire wealth tax, his total wealth would not go down on a year by year basis. It would merely increase less quickly. Still, despite not Bill Gates not liking Trump and all the many good things Warren was proposing to do with the proceeds of the wealth tax, the thought of having his wealth increase less quickly was enough to give Gates pause.
  12. Happy belated birthday. Hope you have a year good enough to make you set aside some of your cynicalism. Indeed, I hope that for us all.
  13. I agree. For our corporate overlords, greater rights for LGBT and racial and ethnic minorities are cheap consolation prizes to hand out as they tighten their grip on our nation's money and power. The ever growing income income divide that separates the rich from the rest of us has gone from being an disturbing and odious reality to an existential threat. The climate scientist of the world have let us know that quick and drastic action is required to prevent the worst possible affects of climate change from coming to pass. Yet, still the billionaire class and their political and media flunk
  14. I appreciate the too many times already statement. I think we all feel like we are stuck on wheels that we can't seem to get off of right now. However, while it wasn't your main point, it was something that you threw into your post and a statement that I have heard of a lot. Normally, when i hear statements about party elites and/or the media, I let them pass rather than wasting my breath refuting them. This time I didn't.
  15. Yes, and that was my point about the followers of Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Beto O'Roarke, Steyers and all the other centrist candidates that left the ring. With their first choice gone they could have turned to Sanders. They knew who Sanders was. They had plenty of opportunity to see him in the debates. He had ran advertisements in both new and traditional media. Still, despite know Sanders and his positions, they decided picked Biden over Sanders. They looked at Biden's policies made a decision that better or at least more realistic.
  16. And how exactly did that happen this time around? It seemed to me that that it was the voters of South Carolina, not party elites or the media, that put an end to Bernie Sander's campaign. Prior to the South Carolina primary, there were a lot of centrist running on the theory that Joe Biden was a weak candidate and that they could steal centrist vote from him. After South Carolina, it became apparent that beating Joe Biden wasn't as easy as they thought and that none of them were really up to the challenge. Maybe party elites encouraged them to leave the race, but they would not
  17. A Biden Presidency Could Be Better Than Progressives Think
  18. Hey, maybe you will get your office back! You laugh at it but 5 by 6 is more space than I can claim where I work.
  19. Well, maybe like the deaths of the people in nursing home they had a group of positive screens they had not been reporting in their numbers and they belatedly factored them in.
  20. So, what is the plan? To have half of you work in morning and the other half work in the afternoon to permit social distancing?
  21. France was not counting Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes. Once they decided that deaths of old people are still deaths, they did a correction where they brought in bunch of nursing home deaths from previous days.
  22. My top 10 Bruce Banner (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 90% Leonard Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory): 85% Samwell Tarly (Game of Thrones): 84% Nog (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): 84% Flynn White (Breaking Bad): 84% Abed Nadir (Community): 84% Glenn Rhee (The Walking Dead): 84% Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski (The Wire): 84% Elsie Hughes (Westworld): 83% C-3PO (Star Wars): 82% To be honest, of those character that I am familiar with I can't really argue it much. Though of MCU characters while Bruce Banner is a good choice, I think Sco
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