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  1. The standard superhero in spandex who saves the world while working to hide his secret identity is what really sells in comic book stores, but I've noticed that many players shy away from spandex and other superhero tropes when building their characters. Certainly, even once you stipulate that a character will have super powers and spend their time saving the world you aren't limited the standard comic book superhero. You could have super spies, soldiers, police, entrepreneurs, performance artist, rescue workers, politicians and so who knows what else. So my question is what alternate vi
  2. Re: Defying Gravity TV Series Thanks for the suggestions and repped. However, I could not get either one to work for me. Itunes only had up to episode 8 (if I was in Canada that might have been different), and I could not get the proxy thing to work for me. Maybe using a proxy would have worked better if I had tried one of the paid services instead of just free ones, but none of the sites that charged seemed to want to say up-front how much they charged. That always sets off alarm bells in my head, so I passed on them.
  3. Re: Defying Gravity TV Series I've found this very frustrating. ABC has stopped showing it (not real surprising since they gave it a bad time slot and put virtually no effort into promoting it), but they are still having the having the CTV block internet viewing of it to US viewers. I'm so mad about this that I would boycott watching ABC over it, except Defying Gravity was the only ABC program that I was watching already. If anyone has suggestions on how I can get around the internet block, I would appreciate them.
  4. Re: Supervillains and Philosophy Well, the guy is the fictional embodiment of man's attempts to use science and rationality to supplant God. It your can't rub a few philosophical sticks together about a guy like that, you aren't trying.
  5. Re: Urban Champions: Jade Monkey I like her origin. It's short and to the point but leaves plenty of room to expand out the character and to tie plot hooks. I would probably give her another level of combat luck just to be on the safe side, but I've never considered dice to be my friends so I work that way.
  6. Re: Defying Gravity TV Series They don't need help determining there position or calculating trajectories, but they very conceivably could use engineering help. AJ Sharma was their on board engineer and he is not part of the crew anymore, and while the computer may have all the Antares' facts and schematics it probably can't always tell them what facts and schematics are relevant to the problem at hand. After all, it has only been tested in orbit which is ultimately very different than live in a six year mission. So, it's expert systems for troubleshooting at times are going to be wors
  7. Re: Defying Gravity TV Series Ugh! I hadn't noticed that goof-up, but of course you are right -every message should have 200 second delay as it has to earth and the reply has to come back. Now everytime I see a real-time conversation between ground and the ship it is going to bother me. I'm liking the series more and more on its own terms as a drama, so this isn't a deal breaker for me. Still it is going to be annoying from now on. Maybe if that get fan mail complaining about it, they will appropriate time delays in the second season - should there be a second season that
  8. Re: Nikola Petrovich Well, he could take several dice Unluck defined his powers behaving inappropriately - making stuff break and what not. Since the character has little control over his power, he could buy everything with an Activation oll or requiring a skill roll. Also, the player might want to buy some or all his powers with the Side Effect limitation, perhaps a Dex drain or Unluck roll if he fails his Activation.
  9. Re: Superheores with Disabilites, a thought experiememnt That really depends on how dirty your mind is.
  10. Re: Defying Gravity TV Series Just watched episode 4 on my computer. I liked this episode a good deal. The ratio of action in space to action down on earth seems to have gotten better, and I like the fact that the main focus of the episode was solving a engineering problem. Also
  11. Ranxerox

    District 9

    Re: District 9 These might be problems in a movie (not having all my questions answered didn't bother me, but it seems to have bother a lot of other people), but in a Star HERO campaign they good things. These unanswered questions become mysteries for the players and try to solve, and the eventual solutions become plot hooks for latter adventures. So, they aren't bugs; they're features.
  12. Ranxerox

    District 9

    Re: District 9 That is a good point. The District 9 scenario could make a potentially fascinating backdrop to a cyberpunk campaign. Alien tech, evil multinationals, a persecuted minority, lurid black markets, and a vicious Nigerian mafia, what's not to like?
  13. Re: Defying Gravity TV Series Another episode of Defying Gravity came on last night. If you missed it you can watch on ABC's site. To be honest, I'm pimping the show mainly because science fiction tv series with realistic science are as rare as chicken lips, and if we (science fiction fandom) does not support them when they come along they are likely to stay rare. So, even though I wish that DG's story was moving along quicker (had I been writing it, I would have started the series as the Antaris was coming into orbit around Venus), I plan to go on watching it.
  14. Re: Defying Gravity TV Series I liked it, and plan on watching it again next week. It exceeded my expectation, though admittedly I set them pretty low. IMHO, you have to reasonable about things. Nyrath groaned about their clothes pulling people toward the floor thus imitating gravity, but otherwise they would have had to spend their entire budget simulating weightlessness. So, I gave the magical clothes a pass. The same goes all the personal interaction scenes. Scenes like these are cheap to do which saves money for episodes big special effect moments, and persona
  15. Defying Gravity starts tonight on ABC. It is to be about a near future manned mission to explore our solar system. The mission is to take 6 years and a lot of the plot is to about interaction between the crew being stuck together all this time so expect some soap opera. Still, based on the premise alone, this is must-watch tv for me.
  16. Re: Harry Potter Characters *shrug* An MP would be fine too. I just went with VPP as a personal preference thing. Since spells are things you learn in the Potterverse, I wanted to tie them to the skill system. This made them good candidates for VPP to me since VPP are usually based on skill rolls. However, you can also make MP which all the slots have a Requires Skill Roll limitation so this isn't that big of an issue. Also, VPPs tend to be cost effective versus MPs of ten or more slots and I see full grown wizards in the Potterverse as knowing a lot of spells (ju
  17. Re: Hagar the Horrible Good point about the combat luck. So I guess my argument boils down to him being large, but like I said I'm quibbling.
  18. Re: Harry Potter Characters Rather than buying spells individually, I would do it as a single VPP controlled by multiple power skills. So the character would have to make a roll against their curse skill for most offensive powers, a Transformation skill role to change an item into something else, a Charm roll to give something a magical property, etc. Alternately, the VPP could be based on spells bought as 1 point familiarities. So Accio would be one familiarity and Reparo. This would make the characters less versatile than the skill based VPP but more reliable since if they have t
  19. Re: Hagar the Horrible OK, I apologize for quibbling, but given that Hagar is a large guy, and he regularly shows up at the doctor's office with multiple arrows sticking out of him with no lasting effect, I think that I would give him more than 10 Body.
  20. Re: Champions 6th version Bah humbug! A discussion board ultimately moves a lot more product than simple online ad space, so running the boards isn't exactly charity on the part of DoJ.
  21. Re: Justifying Playable SPD Diamond's in the rough. Maybe the process of handing out super powers isn't as random as it seems. Maybe you already have to be special to acquire super powers. Otherwise, that accident that gave you your super powers kill or maims you instead, your super gadgets don't work becuase they violate rules of science, etc. In the CU the ultimate explanation for all super powers is magic, but if you want you can call it latent psychic powers, a meta-gene, alien experimentation, whatever. The important thing is the characters didn't just get their su
  22. Re: Marvel to HERO BODY and REC seem out whack compared to write-ups for official CU characters. For example, Grond (CU's Hulk stand-in) has a BODY of 30 and a REC of 28. Spider-man should not have a REC greater than than the Hulk. Otherwise, it seems like a good table.
  23. Re: The Bartender I like him. Good work. Have some rep.
  24. Re: Planets of SF Author Hats Butler's World: Formerly a patriarchy, but since disastrous decisions by the ruling males came close to eradicating life on the planet, it has become a matriarchy. Faced with grim prospects for survival, the citizens of Butler have come to view anger, pride and even cultural identity as overly expensive luxuries; the virtues of the day are perseverance, adaption and forgiveness.
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