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  1. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity" Dude, you are making too many assumptions about my GMing. I give new players plenty of information about what they can expect in one of my campaigns both at the outset and as they work on making their characters. Also, I tend to drop pretty strong hints when they are about to cut their own throats, such as, "Hey are you sure you want to do that? You aren't in your costume and a number of people can see you right now." Not sure how I was implying that a zero point Secret ID would not work in any campaign. I said "in worlds that
  2. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity" My spidey sense tells me that your tongue is in your cheek, but I am going to answer this as though it were a serious question. DNPCs are a totally separate disadvantage from public or secret ID. Whether the character has a public or secret ID, he or she going to have to jump through hoops to keep them safe whenever the disadvantage comes up. So they earn there points one way or another. That being said, whether a character has a Secret ID or Public ID does effect how he or she interacts with his or her DNPCs and how the rest
  3. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity" My campaigns don't focus on on the duality of Superhero vs Normal lives per se. They focus (amongst other things) on superheroes in a world that with the exception of possessing superheroes is pretty much like the one that we live in. The notion of either a zero point Secret ID or zero point Public ID just doesn't work in my worlds. The rub of realism against superhero fantasy just has too much friction for the identity not to be an issue that players have to deal with ... unless there is something specific about that character th
  4. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity" Can't fathom? WTH? So anyone who doesn't agree with you on this just doesn't get it because of their intellectual inferiority? Sorry, generally speaking in world's I GM when something get broken someone out there starts looking for someone to sue. PO Viper too many times and they will starting looking for revenge, and they won't hesitate about going after friends and family to get it. Now, I mentioned Wolverine as someone who had neither the disadvantage Secret ID or Public ID, and I agree that Dr. Strange and some other
  5. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity"
  6. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity" Framed as physical limitation, say "Instantly Forgettable" I would say it would be All The Time and Slightly impairing. So that would make it worth15 points, with other points possibly available for Poor (can't hold a job after all) and the Psych limitation: "Lonely and wishes he could form relationships". Of course, if some other person or thing is actively preventing people and data bases from remembering the character then it would be a Hunted.
  7. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity" IMO, back in the day, Wolverine was a good example of someone without either Secret or Public I.D. Pretty much everyone Logan knew was aware that he was Wolverine so he never had to go out of his way keep his I.D. secret. On the other hand, most villains did not know where he lived and the people in his life could generally take care of themselves so he didn't have deal with the consequences of a Public I.D. When I GM a superhero campaign, I usually require my player to take either Secret or Public I.D. or explain to me why their char
  8. Ranxerox


    Re: Fembot Mmmmm, more expensive models. I am intrigued.
  9. Ranxerox


    Re: Fembot That's wonderful and all, but who ever heard of a fembot that was not a skilled bodyguard/assassin/jailer?
  10. Re: Idea/Suggestion: Offline Character Generator I've had problems with MMORPG addiction in the past, and for the sake of my marriage and my life I won't be playing CO. I would however be willing to shell out bucks for the character generator as a stand alone product.
  11. Re: Adventures Into Darkness Arrives Jan. 12! This sounds really, really cool. Hope you are able to print up some for Dundracon. I'm not a big fan of reading stuff straight off of Acrobat Reader.
  12. Re: Whoops, folks actually liked this: Nu Warriors! I didn't say there wouldn't be beer bongs. Glad you liked it. The whole supers with powers that match their personalities thing has been done into the ground imho. This seemed to me to be a interesting alternative with some cool roleplaying potential.
  13. Re: Whoops, folks actually liked this: Nu Warriors! Not sure how you would explain this with the Nazi headmaster origin, but in keeping with the whole college, higher-learning thing, instead of giving them just random powers or powers that reflect their personality, you could give them powers designed to make them grow as persons. So the shy kid could get something really flashy, "Mr. I-gotta-be-the-center-of-attention" could get abilities powers that force him into a support role, the narrow minded guy could get read-only telepathy, etc. Just a thought.
  14. Ranxerox

    Luke Cage

    Re: Luke Cage Well, that is a familiar enough story. Characters often power often depend on whose book they were in. Since I haven't read the early pre-Iron Fist issues of Powerman, I will bow to your expertise. As for Danny Rand, I have read some Iron Fist stories from before he hooked up with Luke Cage. It seemed like he could do pretty much anything with his chi that the writer wanted him to from one issue to the next. So maybe the nerfing was for the best just to have a consistent character.
  15. Ranxerox

    Luke Cage

    Re: Luke Cage In Cage's first meeting with Spider-man, he yanked the cherry picker off of a large fire truck and used it to knock down a burning apartment building. This was very early in Cage's career, and it looked to me like a lot more than a 3 ton lift. I get the feeling that you are in love the with a low STR Luge Cage, and it is your homage so you can write him as you see fit. However, you asked what his STR was and I'm saying at least 10 tons from the very beginning.
  16. Re: Mundane Superhheroes (and Villains!) Archibald "Harry" Tuttle Humanity's Last, Best Hope
  17. Re: If I were to write 6th edition Terran Empire I'd... The thing that I would like to most see in any future Terran Empire supplements 6th Ed. or not is more information on what life is like for common joes living in the Empire. Do most of them work jobs, and if so what sort of jobs do they do that couldn't be done better and cheaper by robots and expert systems? Are most of them walking around connected 24/7 to the 27th century version of the internet? What is role of virtual goods in the economy? What is an "average day" like for an "average citizen"? Stuff like that. I
  18. Ranxerox


    Re: Kandor I doubt that it is "canon", but in Superman All*Star #10, Kandor is described as having 8 times Earth's gravity and a much thinner atmosphere.
  19. Re: We Loves Us Some Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs Like Earth girls, Elves, Dwarfs and Orcs are are easy. We are all familiar with them so the GM can introduce them without having to explain much. If a GM wants to have different race, that is great but now the burden is on him (or her) to explain each race and hopefully do so in a way that does not put me to sleep. If the GM does this, everything is cool and it is likely to be richer and more interesting campaign for not going with the standard flavors. That being said, personally, I don't care for it when the GM mixes and matches. I
  20. Re: Kung Fu Animals I have been thinking for months now that it would be fun to do a talking animals campaign in the spirit of the book Redwall or the movie The Rescuers. However, since I don't have any players ATM, I haven't had any incentive to write-up package deals. Writing up package deals is, however, where I would recommend starting. In talking animals stories, the type of animal of a character is a shorthand for what sort of person they are. However, there is almost always one or more animals that wish to pursue dreams that don't seem appropriate to their species. So, whil
  21. Re: Did the CCA create the Silver Age? The simple answer to your question is "Yes, the CCA created the Silver Age." At the time the CCA was made comics had largely moved away from superheroes and were showing little signs of moving back. It was the CCA that squashed horror comic and crime comics and cleared the way for the eventual return to domination of superheroes. The process hampered the growth of the medium, and without the CCA comics may have seen the growth of graphic novels and their rise to semi-respectability decades earlier ... but the beloved superheroes of my youth su
  22. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? The Odd Couple - Gnarls Barkley
  23. Re: VPPs for Dummies? (IE. Me!) OK, I could see that build for a utility belt. JMOz, however, was only giving himself a -1/4 limitation for Can Only Change at Shop which seemed to be toasting himself for points.
  24. Re: VPPs for Dummies? (IE. Me!) The whole point of the Cosmic advantage to allow you to change the pool powers to whatever and whenever. Adding a change only in base and only to certain preset items totally negates the advantage and waste a lot of points.
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