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  1. Re: Foxbat Went a Courtin'.... Opps, my bad. I was thinking that she was Foxbat's girlfriend, but I looked at my AC collection ans she is just someone who took over his base after his (exaggerated) death. She also took over the Foxbat and Fandom letter column, and that is probably where I got the idea that she was his girlfriend. Mea culpa.
  2. Re: Foxbat Went a Courtin'.... But ... but... what about Lenore !??
  3. Re: What kind of aliens? There is a saying that goes, 'To a hammer, everything is a nail.' We are tool users and any alien species that we encounter that could threaten us is likely to be tool users; and to a tool user, everything is a tool. Therefore, I would expect any intelligent life we run into to try to exploit us for there own benefit and exterminate us alright only if it became apparent we were too grave of a threat to leave alive or too big of an obstacle for them tolerate in their path. We are also social beings and as such like to form relationships. I think any alien li
  4. Re: Help with Alien Wars Hi. I run a play by post Alien Wars campaign over at Hero Central. This certainly doesn't make me an expert on the subject of running one but I have at least given the subject some thought. My advice get the players out of their starships as often as possible. Battlecruiser versus battlecruiser combat is only interesting to the person playing the captain, and it is hard to mimic a 3-dimensional dogfight on a flat table top. Therefore your best bet is get your players fighting the xenovores face to ugly face whenever possible. In the early part of the
  5. Re: Comics you loved...but apparently no one else did I would like to mention a couple recent additions to the died too young category - Wildcats v2.0 and The Intimates. Also, curious, does anyone else remember The Jam?
  6. Re: Cities of the Future I've read Snow Crash and liked it a good deal, but I would like to propose a city that takes idea of virtual real estate one step farther. Perhaps being plugged into the net will become such the normal, that cities will assume that their residents are always plugged in and the distinction between the physical and virtual world will blur to the point of near meaninglessness. In cities of the future, buildings may project virtual representations of themselves and host virtual visitors. So as you walk around your city you could choose to view the actua
  7. Re: Cities of the Future This notion is definitely cool to visualize, but what sort of light do people in the bottom cities get?
  8. Re: Cities of the Future Well, of course what the form the cities take will depend on social and economic variables. Part of what I'm asking for is that you take your best guesses concerning those variables. Also, I'm asking you guys to play philospher. What would constitute an ideal human city (if cities can be ideal and not just a functionality of the moment), and how much closer or further away from this ideal do you suspect humanity to be in 300 years.
  9. I recently saw the movie Aeon Flux and while I found the movie to just okay, I really liked the fictional city in which it is set, Bregna. Bregna is pretty much the exact opposite of the city from Blade Runner. It is clean, elegant and its technology, rather than being in your face, has made itself all but invisible. Even though I thought Bregna was cool, it doesn't seem like a very realistic city of the future to me. It was too elegant. Elegance is something that people like to visit, not somewhere that they really want to live. Somehow, I don't see the the mere passage of 3 or 4 cen
  10. Re: Okay, Dream Park from scratch. Help please (longish) The other choice would be to make all the ingame abilities into a VPP. As a house rule for this one game, both he base and the control cost of the VPP could have the limitation "Only in DreamPark, Only During the Game, Only to Effect Items and People/Creatures of the Game" (-4). This would bring down the VPP cost to the point where competent normals could afford a good size pool and let their "RL" stats carry into the game - i.e. a triathlete can go on longer without being winded than a couch potato regardless of what the
  11. Re: Comics are getting too steamy... Emty Vee from The Intimates has a serious weight problem, and Punchy from the same title looks kinda dorky too.
  12. I'm posting to plug The Winter Men, an 8 issue mini-series by Wildstorm that's first issue just shipped this week. The premise of the series is that all the former Soviet Super Soldiers are working as cops, gangsters and bodyguards in modern Russia. In addition to an interesting high-concept idea, the first issue had strong writing and a setting that just dripped of atmosphere and little bits of information about modern day Russia. I don't know how accurate the depictions is but I can say that the Russia it depicts would be a fascinating place to take a group of DC characters or to hold
  13. Re: Limits to Superhuman Intelligence? I would like to say yes and no to your assertion that it is skill level and not INT score that matters. Using your own table 15- is cutting edge science which is by definition where current science stops. Consequently, at this point you are as far as any normal teacher can bring and from here on out have to blaze your own trail scientifically to bring your skill higher. Personally as a GM, I would normally limit what a person can acheive through purely self instruction to 2 or possibly 3 points of skill improvement. Someone with
  14. Re: Altered time perception Actually, Cratermaker pretty much nailed the character (or a more idealized version thereof) that I was going for. However, the power that you just described is a cool one, and if I'm ever making a Timelord style character, I will certainly use it. Thank you.
  15. Re: Altered time perception Boy, there are a ton of great idea here! Unfortunately, I turned in my character to my GM earlier today. Since, I only had 250 pts to work with I don't think I could have made a character near as cool as the one you described even if I had seen you post in time. Still, you have just claimed my next hundred or so experience points with you ideas.
  16. Re: Altered time perception That is VERY funny. My GM would have to be on drugs to let me get away with it, but it is still very funny.
  17. Re: Altered time perception Thanks for the reply Kirby. Unfortunately I don't own USPD, though maybe I should get it. The powers that you suggested sound like time altering power, however. The character that I'm working on has no control over time. He can just control his own personsal perception of it. He can speed up the firing and recovery of his mental neurons as to make make time seem slower relatively speaking, or he can slow down the rate of neuron fire to make time quicker by comparison.
  18. Re: Altered time perception Actually, I was planning on giving him extra levels of speed with the limitations cost endurance and can't be used for movement. I figure the slow motion quality will give him time to pick out extra targets and he can probably coax a few extra squeezes of the trigger out of his body. However, I had forgotton speed reading and eidetic memory, and Pinecones reduction in stun by fast forwarding past the initial pain is clever too. So, posting the question has already paid dividends for me. Thank you. Additional thoughts and ideas are warmly welc
  19. I want to make a character that can alter his own perception of time. He can speed it up to fastforward through lifes boring parts, and slow it down to allow himself to catch every detail and give himself plenty of time to consider his own next move. Note: When he slows down time in his perception he doesn't move any faster than he normally can, he just has more subjective time to choose his actions and get maximun gain out of what he does. I'm looking for suggestion on how to translate this ability into game terms. Thanks in advance for all ideas given.
  20. Re: War of the Worlds Hmmm, the question of why we hadn't detected any of the warmachines through mining, drilling or geological surveys bothered me too. I don't recall the figure of 200 feet mentioned for their depth. Perhaps they were buried much deeper, like over a thousand feet. Still, you would think that we would have discovered atleast 1 of them. However the surface of the planet is very large and we have explored deep beneath it only in a scattering of places so maybe not. Personally, I don't think the aliens were waiting on intelligent life to make taking over easi
  21. Re: War of the Worlds The whole movie happens in about 2 and a half days of character time. What reason is there to think that the red weed would necessarily come into play during such a short time?
  22. I just got back from seeing The War of the Worlds, and I think that it is destined to be a classic right up there with the 1953 version. Speilberg's experience making Saving Private Ryan get put to good use here in some scences of chaos and devastation that few other director could have composed. In addition to being visually strong, the movie has enough intellectual meat on it's bones to spark countless conversations about politics, morality and human destiny. A few caveats though, while the movie does well with the big issues it often falls down when you apply logic to the small detail
  23. Re: Favorite Pulp Character Fu Manchu, hands down favorite.
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