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  1. Re: Culture HERO The Culture books make for some fascinating reading. You won't regret the time you spend with them Uhlan.
  2. Agreed. Otherwise people would just buy scholar and then buy all of their other skills as knowledge skills - i.e. KS:Stealth, KS:Shadowing, KS:Combat Piloting, etc. Knowledge skills just allow your character to know things. They don't let your character do things.
  3. I'm not sure if this is what you are asking about but you can always declare the ATRI (see Terran Empire for discription of ATRI scale) level of the each dimension and the maximun active points of magic it can support. For instance you might wanted yourn players to have an adventure in Western Horror dimension that was in phase with Cynosure. You might declare this dimension caple of supporting ATRI level 6 equipment and up to 40 points of magic. Players trying to use items of greater than ATRI 6 would be unable to as would players tring to cast spells with more than 40 active points.
  4. I'm putting together a play by post Alien Wars campaign and would gladly fork out some money for some artwork related to the game. I imagine that if I was using another hero setting that I would feel the same way about that settings artwork.
  5. If you don't want to have everyone walking about wearing weighted backpacks (and you might), then you are pretty much stuck with drugs or genetic engineering. On the bright side though, now that we have our own genome mapped we should be able to make drugs that accomplish this with much less in the way of dangerous side effects. Calcium loss from the bones is just the sort of hormone regulated phenomen that a better understanding of our own genes will probably open windows of treatment. So go out and chug a couple liters of soda. By the time that you are old enough to have to worry abo
  6. Re: Precog, with a few more bits. Getting a +2 to make the initial roll is usually as good as being allowed a reroll and getting a +3 is always as good (and generally better) than getting a reroll. Oddly it is the easy rolls that need the +3 to simulate the reroll. Getting a reroll on tough roll doesn't really improve your chances much. Getting a reroll on an easy roll makes it almost a sure thing that one of the two rolls will be sucessful.
  7. My campaign is reign of Emporer Sigismund and the TE is corrupt, paranoid and occasionally genecidal. Many of the rebel groups aren't really any better being xenophobic, repressive or just plain crazy. So I guess you say that my campaign enemies are human. This doesn't mean that I don't have other species waiting in the wings ready pick up the pieces of the TE when it all falls apart and working behind the scenes to make sure that it does fall apart. Since my players sometimes read these boards, I can't get into specifics there unfortunately.
  8. Uhh, folks. I actually ran my middleweights pole a while back. As I recall, Nightwing won it though this may be because the Marvel vote was split in too many directions with Daredevil, IronFist and Shang Chi all competing. If someone want to run their own middleweight pole with their own field of candidates that would certainly be fine. I'm not trying to fill out my roster anymore though.
  9. If the character can perform a sucessful called shot to the legs and the target failed to make their dex roll, I would be willing to say that the character had tripped the target.
  10. Actually almost all major cities seem to have this problem. House and apartment prices in NYC, LA, and San Francisco are out of this world. It is a mystery to me how poor people live in these places, but some how they do.
  11. The Millenium City Sourcebook says Dr. Destroyer setthe monster Mega-Terak on the heroes who came to fight him in the Battle of Detroit. Unfortunately, I don't know where the write-up for Mega-Terak is or even if an officail one exist. Sorry, I can't be of more help.
  12. Ranxerox

    Terror INC

    Thanks levi I grabbed all 3 that you've done so far. Good work.
  13. I've always as a rule of thumb have figured that one high point character can X low point character where X = (high point character cost/low point character cost)^2 . So one 400 point character should be a fair fight for 4 200 point characters. X = (400/200)^2 = 2^2 = 4 If you play with the math on this you can also figure out how tough of a major villian a super hero team can have a fair chance of beating. Point cost of villian = average hero point cost x square root of the number of heros So if you 3 350 pt heros you can fairly throw a 606 pt villain against them.
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I will post the pole later today but there is still time for last minute nominations.
  15. Currently we have 2 two poles on this board where Daredevil is getting his butt kicked. In one Batman is doing it and in the other Captain America gets the honor. Neither of these fights seem particularly fair because it is obvious from how these characters are usually drawn that both Cap and Batman have 40 or 50 pounds of muscle mass on Daredevil. As the saying goes, a good big man will beat a good little man every time. So in order to give DD a fighting chance, I would like to put together a pull of good comic book middleweight martial artist. I already know that the pole will inclu
  16. I don't think that anyone is waiting in the wings. Judging from the items that he has acquired, Grandmaster should be all powerful. I expect issue #3 to start with Grandmaster casually disposing of Krona and setting himself up as the man in charge. Now what do you do if you are the Grandmaster and now running everything? D'uh, you hold a contest.
  17. As always a very good write up, Susano. I would reduce his STR from 20 to 10 and then buy him an extra 10 which doesn't add to his characteristics and cost increased END to simulate those occasional burst of manical strength. I would probably give him a 5 speed. These are just personal preferences though.
  18. A sitting president usually receives so little challenge from his own party that they aren't even worth mentioning. So I wouldn't mention them if I were you. As for Republican and independant opposition, IMO there are are two routes you can go. The first route is to consider this a wartime president in a deadly serious war not of his choosing. If the public of your world by in large view him in these terms, they will endure the poor economy and the gas lines and stay behind their leader. In other words, the opposing party and any independant candidates won't stand any chance whats
  19. Re: New Terran Empire Races One of my players created one and I've created two sentient races for my TE campaign. The one created by my player (actually he swiped it from another game) is a race of low tech sonewhat feline hunters from a very cold planet. They essentially have anti-freeze for blood and without special equipment overheat on Earth-like worlds. He also decided to make them extremely fast learnings who get bored very easily. There name is the Swara. I borrowed a race from Hal Clement's Mission Gravity which I decided to in honor of their source name Cleme
  20. I started GMing champions when I was 14. I've GMed kids as young as age 11. I've also GMed plenty of players who by their ons admission weren't very good at math. None of the people that I have GMed have ever had any problem with the concepts of STUN, BODY or Knockback past the first adventure. Knockback in particular I have always found to be popular with newbie gamers. There is just something fun about knowing that your characters punch sent the villian flying 18 feet. Just explain everything in there simplest and most basic terms. "When your character runs out of STUN he is u
  21. OK, now that I've actually run a few adventures, I feel ready to respond to my own thread. First, I would like to thank those of you who were kind enough to offer your own insight. Since I'm running a somewhat dark and gritty future, I could have totally overlooked the convience thing so thank you projecktzero. Also, thank you Blue Jogger for reminding me that I didn't have to change everything and that it would be better if I left some things familiar. I opted not to include energy-matter replicators. Of course chemical replicators exist but I decided not to have them as a consumer
  22. That is kind of spooky actually, but thank you for answering. The character definitely could use a name and an official write-up (though I wouldn't mind seeing either of the unoffical ones mentioned).
  23. Off topic question for Storn or anyone who knows the answer: What is the name of black superhero that Storn drew for the picture on pg. 17 of Champions Universe? He is a solidarity fist symbol on his chest and he is flying up behind a sniper. I've been intriqued ever since I saw the picture (and the one of him on pg.16)
  24. Effects of new building materials The building materails available to a people to a large extent dictate the sort of buildings that they make. As new building materials and construction techniques become avaialabe they will change the face of architecture. While my players don't know it yet (ssshhh, don't tell them), they are going to stage a raid on a building that looks like a humongous fruit tree. It starts off as a central trunk and branches out higher up eith each apartment looking from the outside like a giant shining piece of golden fruit. Currently it would be pretty m
  25. Re: Your favorite Terran Empire race I like the Osathri too which paradoxically caused me to have the Terran Empire drop a large, heavy metal meteor onto their world. This was devastating pon initial impact and proceeded to make a large amount of their ocean uninhabitable do to heavy metal poisoning. Large numbers of Osathri were forced to flee their home world and become refugees on other worlds. Thus giving me as a GM more opportunities to use them in my campaign - something that was hard back when they were stay at home types. The lesson of this story is, of cours
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