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    Super Names

    A few more to add to the list Trueno Azul - Blue Thunder, spanish Circuit - has the ability to turn his body into any conceivable electronic circuit that does not require mechanical parts Cowgirl Heartsong - a female adolescent telepath/empath Roughneck - hometown hero of Bakersfield, CA
  2. Ranxerox

    Super Names

    satori - n. Zen. sudden enlightment. [1720-1730; Japn: n. deriv. of v. "to awaken" (sato- aware + -r- formatative affix)] Webster's Encylopedic Unabriged Dictionary of the English Language
  3. Ranxerox

    Super Names

    OK, some more that I would like to add. A couple of them may have problems with the silly filter, but they are both real though somewhat lighthearted characters. Boss Nova - one guess concerning his favorite type of music Briar Rose Corvette- mine is named after the type of car not the warship, but that would be good also Satori- means sudden enlightenment Street Demon
  4. Ranxerox

    Super Names

    Emperador, El (The Emperor, spanish) MoonCat Penumbra Pragmatist, the Renaissance Shark-Grrl SpiritWalker Steely Dan Tiburon, El (The Shark, spanish) It would seem that there is no end to the number of viable hereo names.
  5. Vin Diesel What can I say? I really liked the bald Captain America from the Universe X series.
  6. I don't know about Betazoids but I would handle Vulcans something like this: 25 Multipower (50 active pts), Concentration (0 DCV) -1/2, Reduced by Range -1/4, Subject to Range Modifiers -1/4 2 u -10d6 Telepathy 2 u -10d6 Mind Control 2 u -10d6 Mental Illusions Total = 31 points This would be for an adult Vulcan with full training. Masters would have 60 or even 70 active pts in their multipower and possibly additional slots. Some stories that I've read seemed to indicate that many and possibly most Vulcans have not taken the time to fully train their minds psio
  7. General skills like biology can with a penalty be used in place of specific skills like genetics. You should buy every general skill that you can think and then buy either five 8-pt skill levels for all skills or 5 overall skill levels. This is how I did it with a character that I made named "Renaissance" ( to whoever mentioned their character "Renaissance Man", what can I say, warped minds think alike). Note: "Renaissanse" is primarily a solo character. No one character in a team setting should be able to declare themselves the solver of all skill realted problems unless all the other
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