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  1. The Advanced Player's Guide has pretty close approximations of those powers (IMHO). Possession is a new Mental Power that is sort of a combination of Mind Control and Telepathy and Projection (as in Astral Projection) is a variant form of Desolidification.
  2. I agree, I think that would do it in in terms of covering all the basics, especially for a 250 pt. game. If you wanted to get a bit more elaborate (and had more pts.), you could add a few very situational powers. Here is a few off the top of my head: "Behind you!" Teleportation, only when not being observed "They always trip when running away" Telekinesis, only to trip "You can run but you can't hide" Tracking sense mod on just about any sense "Unstoppable I" Tunneling, only through walls "Unstoppable II" Indirect STR "Indestructible" Add Resurrection to Regeneration Reference
  3. Hello and thank you in advance for your time. It was suggested to me in a game I am playing in that purchasing Megascale for Knockback or Throwing Distance (per the Ultimate Brick) causes the attacker/ user of the power to be effected by the noncombat movement penalty (0 OCV and 1/2 DCV). My question is this, do either the attacker or the target of the power suffer the noncombat movement penalty when Megascale Knockback or Throwing Distance is in use?
  4. This is the way I would build it too (Multiform only VPP). I have a few builds floating around in Rogue (and possession) related threads. The reason is that frameworks don't allow (without a GM handwave) skills and talents, which some powers you may want to copy are built from. Multiform gets around this hurdle.
  5. Hi all. I'm bored. If you are bored, here is a character to look at. It's another Doc Samson homage (most of my character posts are psychologists or bricks). I think the build is simple enough that most standard games would allow it. As a creation note, I enjoy roleplaying but I find I tend to focus too much on combat and powers. I have started to force myself to include skills, talents, perks, and complications that will lead my characters into roleplaying situations that I think will be fun. --- Character Name: The Paladin Alternate Identities: Roland Grim CHARACTERISTICS Val C
  6. If the game is not s superhero game, I don't think that SPD 4 will seem that limiting to the players. The biggest issue I have seen in PbPs is aborting actions because actions are usually declared and rolled for in the same post (as least in the few games I have played in). In one game aborting actions was not allowed by the GM (it was hard to balance because no one would waste a phase dodging an attack that had already failed) while in another players had to declare aborts in their action posts (for example at the end of an action post, "I'm low on STUN so if Dr. Dayruiner attacks me befo
  7. Actually my post was meant as a joke, I think UAA Feedback would be silly. So much is lost when you communicate by posts. As far as the power goes, I think they already nailed it using Clairsentience and Mind Scan.
  8. Mind Link, Useable as Attack, with Feedback. They will think twice about hitting you!
  9. I like "altered humans", such as those who get their powers from exposure to radiation (Spiderman, Hulk), and of these I like the "self-made men" (Henry Pym, Doc Samson), as opposed to accidents, best.
  10. Now that I am caught up in the thread, here are a few random thoughts I hope will help. Like they did in Fuzion, I think you need separate values for Offense and Defense. Combing them into one equation will tell you that a character is weak or powerful pointwise but not necessarily tell you whether she is balanced against other characters. For example, she may have really high offense, low defense, and rely on other powers like invisibility to avoid damage. As others have pointed out, SPD is a direct multiplier of how much damage a character can put out per Turn and it can also be used to
  11. Sorry for jumping into this one late. This is our rule of X. We now only use it to roughly determine how powerful a character is but for a few years is was enforced as a house rule and worked pretty well. Offensive X = the total Active Points in the character’s most powerful attack divided by 5 (including powers that stack with other attack powers such as HA or HKA) + the character’s highest possible OCV with his most powerful attack (including all Combat Skill Levels for OCV and bonuses from Martial Maneuvers) + the character’s SPD x 2 Defensive X = the total Active Points in the
  12. I agree with this as well. Maybe two sheets are in order. Thanks all!
  13. That is an interesting thought. I suppose Summon would work too but aren't Followers and Summoned beings NPCs under the GMs control? That's not necessarily a bad thing, its just not what I was picturing I think.
  14. I agree with everything you wrote. I think Duplication may be more accurate (and imho make for a more interesting build) but it is also more complex and potentially more powerful from a player standpoint.
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