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  1. I was thinking more like, "I tell ya, I don't get no respect."
  2. That wouldn't be me. I'm part of the resistance.
  3. I'm way behind. Been a rough week month well, whatever. Will try to catch up this weekend.
  4. It is explicitly prohibited under the Geneva Conventions to shoot Death Tribbles out of artillery pieces into cities, whether or not there is an armed garrison present or whether the civilian population has been evacuated. An amendment excludes cities in Belgium from this protection, because Death Tribbles are native there and they have already done all the damage they can.
  5. Yes, because that might motivate some students to investigate that scenario personally as an ersatz chimpanzee.
  6. The Whitman County Courthouse in Colfax, Washington. (Colfax has been an infamous speed trap for more than the 50 years I've called the state of Washington home.)
  7. You mean, above and beyond the title, "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?"
  8. You might have received the "insidious internal mutation" variety. Where you develop the ultrasound projection organ, or the interlocking vibranium spurs reinforcing the spinal column, or the network of thoracic magnetic levitation fibers (those take practice and exercise to develop into something useful), etc.
  9. Despite industry's probably unplanned movement to turn service work in the 21st Century what coal mining was in the late 19th/early 20th Centuries.
  10. Yeah, nice look, despite the retro (?) colors.
  11. Hermit was the eleventh participant in The Hunting of the Snark, in which he was listed as the Bunker-Dweller. He actually met the Boojum first, and vanished away laughing, having (through the agency of the hunted beastie) attained a bunker from which he could not be disturbed. The vanishing was so thorough that he vanished from the manuscript, as well.
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