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  1. Yeah, a bunch of red east of the Cascades, I admit.
  2. This morning, in western Washington the dots are all green
  3. What do tou want about it? An old book is Stephen Weinberg's The First Three Minutes. More recent book and I'd have to do a bit of browsing.
  4. I think just about everyone who's attended college has.
  5. A few showers here, but not a lot of water out of the sky so far.
  6. It's hard work holding down all those cushions.
  7. Scratch that. Instead, we'll draft the Ultimate Final Option for defeating the aliens. Or, perhaps, leaving them with nothing worth having. Option 3: Asteroid Impact
  8. Another timeless life experience in academia
  9. Certain things about relationships around campus haven't changed in 40 years (note the date on the comic) Link
  10. I've got one option pick yet to take. That'll probably happen tomorrow.
  11. I suspect the realization that the human pilot, with its inherent acceleration limits, may find itself out of future air forces, may be behind this. USAF is led by people who worship the solo guy in a plane holding the stick between his legs (i.e., themselves). The elephantine projects to build The Next Great Single-Seat Combat Plane have contributed to the push toward UAVs in as many combat roles as possible, and the fighter jock mentality would strike back against that heresy in pretty much this way.
  12. Another take on the black hole merger exposing things in the "mass gap", from the American Astronomical Society. No video here. Not technical journal grade reading, either. https://aasnova.org/2020/09/02/ligo-virgos-newest-merger/
  13. Amusingly, there's an article about this same subject from a source I trust more .... https://aasnova.org/2020/09/02/ligo-virgos-newest-merger/
  14. Q: 90 days for an axe attacker? What'd he do, bribe the judge? A: During the lockdown I used alcohol solutions to control microbes, so instead of Right Guard I used beer.
  15. I suspect you would first need to convince that it was worth the effort to do so, and that convincing may not be possible. The rattlesnakes I have known have tended to be strict literalists and were not interested in investigating hypothetical situations.
  16. Yeah, but he did it by accident, so he doesn't get full credit.
  17. My suspicion is that Bombadil was the first (and perhaps) only person who could sing "I've Been Everywhere" and be literally correct in that assertion.
  18. Boston. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) Hearts of Stone Rockin All Over the World The Old Man Down the Road Centerfield Vanz Kant Danz Rock & Roll Girls Eye of the Zombie Hot Rod Heart Premonition Deja Vu (All Over Again)
  19. "Everyone Knows" that the only implements that work against an enemy like Gozer are similarly ancient mystical artifacts and entities with old primevial powers. Well, our team has those latter. The artifacts, well, Q is brilliant, but new tech isn't indicated here. But we do have a source for ancient artifacts that is unequalled on Earth... Second option: The British Museum and all the things in it
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