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  1. Duct-tape his face and you wouldn't have to worry about a recurrence of the problem.
  2. Hey, ketchup is OK on fried potatoes (especially french fries) but I have other condiments I prefer on those.
  3. Sailing is like most Nordic skiing events: yeah, boring to watch. Even biathlon, where they give the skiers rifles, but don't allow them to shoot at each other. That suggests the addition of a couple of shore batteries or floating mines would liven things up considerably. Or maybe even boarding actions.
  4. A third of the last week's new cases are in Florida and Texas FWIW, the two states have about 18% of the population of the US.
  5. I prefer HP sauce in that context, but try whatever you have at home.
  6. (OT: I agree with you, but in a good steak house I ask for steak sauce ... which I then put on my baked potato, not on the steak.)
  7. Don't discount St Louis. They had the (football) Cardinals for a long time, but the Cardinals originated in Chicago. Then the Rams (who started in Cleveland, moved to Los Angeles, then moved to St Louis, then back to LA). In baseball, the now Orioles started in Milwaukee, moved to St Louis for 50 years, then got bought and moved to Baltimore.
  8. Virtual pants are too similar to imaginary pants, and those latter have been illegal for centuries, I think.
  9. Time to put real pants on and hike over and drop my ballot in the box. It's only local elections, but ....
  10. Not clear to me that a location between Houston and Dallas-Ft Worth is a viable long-term NFL site. Especially if the established clubs do the hidden Texas politics thing to keep out competition, which I fully expect.
  11. Ifri (7th Sea 2nd edition version of Africa)
  12. I remember hearing that on radio (Armed Forces Radio in Germany, though I don't recall where specifically) many years ago, but I hadn't seen the video until now.
  13. Obfuscation and concealment spells seem like essentials here. Ditto setting out false trails, and traps coupled to those.
  14. That is the product of a divide-and-conquer mindset.
  15. Dogs will ignore you if they know you're lying ... unlike young children.
  16. Might you have inadvertently left the "b" out of the final word there?
  17. "The formulae that will save the world are in my study, 3rd rack up from the floor next to the blackboard, 4th reel in. It's a 9-track 1200 bpi half-inch mag tape. It's encrypted, but the password is 'HasturHasturHastur', no spaces and capital H's."
  18. ... stays in the new Suicide Squad movie. (What?!?)
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