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  1. Nope, a John Fogerty fan, and it's from the title cut of his album Centerfield.
  2. That's a Eurasian mountain bird called a wallcreeper, in winter plumage. Being up on the North European Plain the whole time I lived in Europe, I never saw one, just envied them in the bird book.
  3. Had not even heard of it before seeing this thread.
  4. "Green glacier mice" == "Moss tribbles" They move.
  5. Another installment of generalized weirdness Imbibe cautiously.
  6. Pretty, but unless the glass is very dirty (or it's merely a projected image) there's a serious problem: you cannot see the background stars through the dark part of the Moon. (Offered in the same spirit as PARSECS ARE A UNIT OF DISTANCE, DAMMIT.)
  7. I've got three of some kind of opiate leftover from my broken tooth extraction last month. I'd walk them over to you if you were in range, and narcotics regs be damned. (If you are in or near Seattle, PM me.)
  8. It's 0505 PDT as I type this, and what you describe happens to me ... well, not commonly, but it's far from unique. I'll be getting out of bed as soon as I decide what I'll do after feeding the cats and starting the coffeemaker. Probably checking on student work that hasn't come in, and raising Danger of Failing alerts.
  9. Q: What's it like to catch a line drive in the groin? A: Never mind, I'll just lie here and whimper.
  10. Or three or four. And make sure one of them has a laser cannon in it.
  11. More great moments in student papers:
  12. So, DT, are you going to manifest as the God of Stuffing Ballot Boxes?
  13. Yet more revisionism: Paul McCartney and Wangs In what may be wayyyyy too accurate these days ... Bob Seger and the Silver Mullet Band For people liking 1980s female vocalists .... Blandie Taking a letter away from Boston gave you Boson. Introducing another geek band by doubling down the s in the middle, Poisson A change of genre, and she'd fit right in: Roberta Flak And it's more than one letter, but I am quite fond of Oreosmith Also a bit of a cheat: Billy Jor-el Bump the 't' one slot down the alphabet: Suyx Getting to the core of New Age music: Yawni Old-time country music ... ... well, turn the first letter in Buck Owens into an 'f'. Sting becomes Stink (or perhaps Stingy) Things most of us can figure out: Eric Crapton Nirdvana The Boobie Brothers Kansag ZZ Pop
  14. Grump vs Bidet for the November election?
  15. Hmm. Chad's the expert on this topic. Where's he been lately?
  16. Well, the hard part is going to be deciding what "without pants" means. I mean, technically, skivvies might count as pants.
  17. * Cancer contemplates giving a pop quiz on the last day of classes asking the students to estimate how many times he lectured without wearing pants *
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