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  1. Sigh. Couldn’t he have waited until the end of the fantasy season?
  2. This is literally impossible. There is no "marker". That's not how treasury notes work. What could happen is for China to dump some of its T-notes on the international market at a discount, thus throwing its own money away in order to cause some inflation in the U.S.; alternatively, it could dump all of it, and crash both economies (and probably the rest of the world's). The reality is that the U.S. and Chinese economies are linked tightly enough that they're almost one economy; you can't negatively affect one very much without negatively affecting the other. This has pros and cons, but it has the effect of preventing widespread war in Eastasia, so I'm mostly okay with it.
  3. Sadly, I think Venice better get used to flooding.
  4. Man, I dunno. The Trek reboot isn’t bad but I’m seriously tired of franchises that aren’t Marvel.
  5. Old Man

    Gods in RPGs

    My own proto-setting is based heavily in myth, but also maintains the vagueness that Cygnia mentioned. So while the gods themselves might be actively influencing things, they tend to do so by endowing mortals with magic items or non-flashy abilities. Divine magic as performed by priests is more healing and blessing and less flame strike and blade barrier.
  6. Kareem Hunt, who kicks women? Adrian Peterson, who hits kids?
  7. Idiocy, or moral bankruptcy mixed with a healthy contempt for our armed forces?
  8. Excellent writeup: Kaepernick's tryout proves the NFL is colluding to shut him out of the league. (He excelled at the tryout anyway, by all accounts.)
  9. Late to the thread but this sounds like a cross between Naomi Novik's Temeraire series, and Shadowrun. (The Temeraire books are quite good if you can handle Napoleonic dragons.)
  10. Book One: 1805 CHAPTER I WELL, PRINCE, so Genoa and Lucca are now just family estates of the Bonapartes. But I warn you, if you don't tell me that this means war, if you still try to defend the infamies and horrors perpetrated by that Antichrist I real- ly believe he is Antichrist I will have nothing more to do with you and you are no longer my friend, no longer my 'faithful slave,' as you call yourself! But how do you do? I see I have frightened you sit down and tell me all the news." It was in July, 1805, and the speaker was the well-known Anna Pavlovna Scherer, maid of honor and favorite of the Empress Marya Fe- dorovna. With these words she greeted Prince Vasili Kurdgin, a man of high rank and impor- tance, who was the first to arrive at her recep- tion. Anna Pavlovna had had a cough for some days. She was, as she said, suffering from la grippe; grippe being then a new word in St. Petersburg, used only by the elite. All her invitations without exception, writ- ten in French, and delivered by a scarlet-liver- ied footman that morning, ran as follows: "If you have nothing better to do, Count [or Prince], and if the prospect of spending an evening with a poor invalid is not too terrible, I shall be very charmed to see you tonight be- tween 7 and 10 Annette Scherer." "Heavens! what a virulent attack!" replied the prince...
  11. Kentucky GOP governor Bevin has actually conceded the election he lost a few days ago, apparently after the electorate blew up the state GOP’s phones when they realized he was going to try to contest it. Oh, and there was another school shooting because America.
  12. Didn’t see it but it sounded real bad. The ejection list is almost as long as the casualty list.
  13. As more details emerge about Saturday’s workout, it’s becoming clear that it’s just a stunt by the NFL head office. They sprang it on Kaepernick with four days notice and are assembling some less than legendary ex-coaches to run it. It’s obvious the point is to make him look bad while pretending the NFL gave him a shot.
  14. My understanding was that BW's "superpower" is reading people and reasoning with them, to a borderline telepathic level. That's why she's able to figure Loki out and "control" Hulk. Clint's superpower is not missing. Ever. Another way of thinking about it is that BW is detective/martial artist Batman and Clint is gadgeteer Batman. YMMV.
  15. So, Australia is on fire again.
  16. When you get some suspension parts for the car replaced, and you take a look at the old parts now that they've been removed, and you realize the vehicle was not even remotely safe to drive for months or years.
  17. If it was good enough for Teddy, it's good enough for me.
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