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  1. Disney pushes back release dates some more Personally I believe there will be further slippage.
  2. Re: Coronacations, I can't complain since I am fortunate to still have a job (at full pay, so far)... but work is even busier since the cybercriminals smell blood in the water, plus I am having to homeschool my kids... so I confess I am jealous of these coronacation bozos, in a way.
  3. Good that you got it working again. Sometimes I just use my phone to scan docs though.
  4. That's literally its entire reason for existence. Supply side economics has been known to be fake since before WWII. It's nothing more than a disingenuous cover story for the rich. They know it's a lie.
  5. Took older boy to the sea so he could assassinate some fish. Four kills.
  6. Think I'd rather have the daleks.
  7. US: 32000 new cases, 1000 new deaths today. I thought next week was going to be the bad week but we might already be here.
  8. Wife is teaching the kids how to wear some cloth masks she had lying around for yard work, so they can go visit my FIL. Damn this virus, and damn the government officials who fumbled the response.
  9. Tabletop Simulator 50% off on Steam until 4/7
  10. Old Man

    More space news!

    https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/04/03/world/science-health-world/astronomers-spot-missing-link-black-hole/ Actual paper (click the PDF link)
  11. I sent mine in a few days ago. Should I resend?
  12. 'Murica now owns over 25% of the world's coronavirus cases and fell just short of 1000 deaths today, second only to France at 1164. The U.S. case trajectory is less exponential than a week ago, but is still accelerating. The per capita track is almost exactly the same as Italy's.
  13. Won't someone think of the poor red light camera operators?
  14. Bookshop is Amazon except the books come from real bookstores!
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