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  1. To stop influx of infected immigrants, Arizona border closed... by Mexico
  2. How Trump will seize power if he loses the election
  3. 14-15 days from diagnosis to death (on average), then another week or so for testing and paperwork. Gonna be an interesting next two weeks.
  4. Things really are upside down down under.
  5. In a land teeming with lethal venomous reptiles and arthropods?
  6. It isn't. You are correct. Yes, you are. Irrelevant.
  7. COVID-19 has mutated to become more infectious Original paper for readers here who are literate
  8. US$100,000 per head, in case you were wondering That's a lot of motivation given the cost of living there.
  9. Texas governor joins liberal conspiracy, mandates wearing of masks after several weeks of denials that doomed hundreds of his constituents to die drowning in their own lung pus
  10. Once humanity disappears, the virus will die out for sure. Victory!!
  11. The drug company is being singled out because it is a monopoly that is blatantly rubbing our noses in the fact that it can charge whatever it feels like for a drug that was at least partially funded by taxpayer dollars. Even though in this case the final cost is not as high as it could have been, it's just another example of for-profit healthcare driving healthcare costs totally out of control. The most ridiculous part of the whole thing is Gilead justifying their cost by comparing it to supposed healthcare cost savings. That's like charging $100,000 for an oil change because it saves you from buying a new Mercedes. Who do they think they're fooling? Especially when the entire healthcare cost structure they're comparing it to is extortionist in the first place.
  12. Super cool US county-by-county COVID-19 risk map Arizona: don't be there. Florida either.
  13. This would mean another 36000 US deaths as of today--total 166400
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