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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid otherwise intelligent people can be when it comes to race. And costume parties.
  2. But after they drink the water they’ll feel bad about it.
  3. Is there a way to add that to the drinking water supply, like fluoride?
  4. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for autoduelling.
  5. Younger boy's Lego robotics league involves a field of simple devices (which changes every year) that the robot must go out and manipulate. Lift this lever, push this object to that part of the table, spin that wheel, raise that flag, and so on. It's all point scored so there's no direct head to head.
  6. Even furlongs can be defined in metric.
  7. The disaster that befell the Dolphins is the Dolphins.
  8. As of Week 2, disaster has befallen the Jets, Steelers, Jags, Panthers, Dolphins, and Saints.
  9. Of course, they might be entertaining to watch in ways that the Raiders are.
  10. Is it the scandals or the carnage?
  11. But they’ve been consistently so for many seasons now.
  12. Number of Bahamas missing from Hurricane Dorian revised down to merely 1300.
  13. Funny, I could have sworn this was a dystopian cyberpunk hard sf campaign.
  14. Old Man

    More space news!

    And it’s only 124 light years away. Road trip anyone?
  15. Looks like they played like the Jaguars too.
  16. It's funny but it's not funny. I've seen people laid up for months with mono.
  17. Please teach me how to do this. I’m begging you.
  18. As the parent of a high schooler I am acutely aware of that fact.
  19. If Dorian had hit Mar-a-Lago directly, that would have been the perfect opportunity to test that hypothesis.
  20. This morning, the Pats shipped the now-redundant Demaryius Thomas to the Jets for a 6th round pick. This afternoon, Antonio Brown was sued for sexual assault. It sounds as though there may be text messages to support the allegations.
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