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  1. I've thought that one good way to get Amurricans to take the vaccine would be to threaten to take it away from red states and send it to countries that contain brown people.
  2. My research indicates that the only way out of the -ounds is through 'fount'. So: pound found fount font fort Carry on.
  3. Florida essentially banned all COVID data reporting last week. Rebekah Jones (the former state data scientist turned whistleblower) goes into depressing detail here.
  4. Man I just finished WandaVision last night, now I'm behind on Loki already?
  5. Maybe csyphrett could share one of his five Brainiacs with you?
  6. Finally finished WandaVision. A sitcom parody has no business being that good. And it did an awful lot of work continuitywise: two origin stories, two rad accidents, one government agency, and a Secret Invasion.
  7. In 1995 the priority for casting superhero roles was looks, not acting ability. Fabio might have made a great Thor.
  8. Red Wolf (William Talltrees)
  9. The MCU has at least two other arrogant protagonists who rarely smile, but no one seems to complain about them.
  10. Oh, were we not supposed to start yet?
  11. It’d be simpler if she just held a pillow on your face for a few minutes…
  12. Why wouldn't they be able to see the result on a bowling ball-sized die (available exclusively as a lease from the Disney Plus streaming online store)?
  13. That sucks, but it did wonders for my FIL.
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