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  1. The MCU has at least two other arrogant protagonists who rarely smile, but no one seems to complain about them.
  2. Oh, were we not supposed to start yet?
  3. It’d be simpler if she just held a pillow on your face for a few minutes…
  4. Why wouldn't they be able to see the result on a bowling ball-sized die (available exclusively as a lease from the Disney Plus streaming online store)?
  5. That sucks, but it did wonders for my FIL.
  6. Wisconsin pharmacist who tampered with 500 doses of covid vaccine gets rewarded with three years in federal PMITA prison
  7. Did some digging on this. No hard details on the system of course, but author Matt Forbeck did Mutant Chronicles, Deadlands, the Brave New World supers RPG, and a bunch of D&D supplements. He's good at what he does, though BNW was class-based and directly inspired by deconstructionist stories like Kingdom Come and Dark Knight Returns, which I know are favorites here. Perhaps more telling are the hints that the new game will be "accessible" to players of other popular game systems (*cough* D&D *cough*) and the similarity of the stats block to d20. I can think of ways to make d20 less bad for supers, but I have to say I'm lowering my expectations.
  8. Shadow Lass (Tasmia Mallor)
  9. More importantly, there should be lots of published material to convert to a superior, more mature, points based rules system.
  10. The First Law Trilogy (Joe Abercrombie)
  11. Jeff Bezos to be shot into space next month
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