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  1. Never mind. I reinstalled, and everything is working fine.
  2. I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It's got the full installation of Java on it, and that's the only change that I am aware of, but now hero Designer gets to the "Loading Plug Ins" and just doesn't get any further even when I let it run for over an hour...so is it an issue with Windows 10?
  3. Hi! Does anyone have a simple, one or two page list of all of the Powers in the Hero System 6th edition books that are marked with the "Caution" or "Stop" sign for GM's?
  4. I am really interested in seeing your character sheet! And proactively wishing for a Google sheets template!
  5. I am really interested in seeing your character sheet! And proactively wishing for a Google sheets template!
  6. Oooo! So what is new in the version that was added this year?
  7. If you’re open to online play by post I’m running a 6e Hero System Monster Hunter game that is always open to new players, and is largely for the purpose of building a community of people who know Hero System, so they can run games on the site that I can play in too!
  8. That is a template I would like to get!
  9. Agree.The diminished returns on disadvantages, the endurance reduction as half each time you buy it, various other aspects of 3rd seems hard to make a herodesigner template or mod to cover.
  10. Is there a version of Here Designer that can do 3rd generation, character designs? Is there any other software beyond spread sheets for it?
  11. I do find it interesting that 3rd edition seems to be in something of a minor revival, and that was the last version of Hero to have dedicated genre rules with distinct variation before the"Universal rpg system" approach took hold.
  12. Does anyone have recommendations for the best forums to find/start a play by post, Hero System game? Considerations would be, a Hero System playing community, any special features like limited visibility posting (I miss this so much from Hero Central), access? Personally, I find games on real-time chat type sites like roll20 too time-consuming in a single block of time for me to commit.
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