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About Me

My parents worked for the US Department of Defense teaching in overseas schools for the children of US servicemen living in countries without a local, English speaking school system. I grew up on overseas military bases before satellite-based telecommunications were in common use, and before the World Wide Web, watching TV from film purchased by the DOD and shipped overseas. They had one television channel and shows that were generally cheaper because they weren't big hits Stateside. So aside from the passage of time, my childhood memories include a lot of stuff that my generational peers tend not to relate to, like:


I grew up on "The Wiz", not "The Wizard of Oz"; "Quark", not "The Twilight Zone"; "Space Ghost", not "Scooby Doo"; and only one radio station that played a little of the most popular of most everything (Country, Rock, etc) but not "oldies". Every sporting event I saw was on taped delay. And my first role-playing game group was a bunch of US Marines, when I was 12, which rocked, by the way! :rockon:


On the other hand, since I was based in Japan during Jr High and High school, I played Space Invaders and owned a Walkman years before either was available Stateside...so there's that.


Want to know about me? Okay, I just saw an excerpt from a fun book called,"Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering", by Robin D. Laws (published by Steve Jackson Games, 2001). It divides players into six types, derived from the four types which Glen Blacow first described in an article for Different Worlds #10 (Oct 1980). A followup article was published by Greg Costikyan (Nov 1984). The original postulated four basic types of RPG players: "Roleplaying", "Storytelling", "Powergaming", and "Wargaming".


Of the types described, I think the closest fit for me would be, "The Method Actor believes that roleplaying is a medium for personal expression, strongly identifying with the character he plays. He may believe that it's creatively important to establish a radically different character each time out. The method actor bases his decisions on his understanding of his character's psychology, and may become obstructive if other group members expect him to contradict it for rules reasons, or in pursuit of a broader goal. He may view rules as, at best, a necessary evil, preferring sessions in which the dice never come out of their bags. Situations that test or deepen his personality traits are your key to entertaining the method actor."

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