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  1. I see, said the blind man! Thanks for everyone’s help!
  2. I’m trying to make an attack Multipower Example: Multipower (OIF -1/2 Weapons of opportunity) HKA (OIF -1/2 Weapons of opportunity) RKA (OIF -1/2 Weapons of opportunity) HA (+1/2 No OIF needed)
  3. If I build a OIF Multipower can one of the slots have an advantage (+1/2 Doesn’t need OIF?)
  4. Hi! I want my character to be able to look at physical object and be able to analyze its properties, what is made of how much it weighs, etc...Do I have to buy detect physical objects or is that implied with normal sight? thanks!
  5. I’m trying to design a character that’s like a mystical Batman (the Scorpion) instead of having a gadget utility belt he has a mystical utility belt that he can pull magic items from a pocket dimension. I’m using a VPP To simulate a plethora of different items he can use with a 40 point pool and a 40 point control cost. My goal was being able to create items specifically versus villains susceptibilities, ie (the horn of Tyr) 8d6 blast (sonic), Van Helsing’s silver dagger (silver), or a flaming sword (Fire). Am I able to do these variable special effects with the rules as written? And in the case of the silver dagger or a flaming sword does it double the body damage including strength if the villain has a x2 susceptibility?
  6. The way I read it though, if it was in AOE it would automatically work every every segment correct?
  7. I’m confused, does the damage act on every segment or based on the speed of the person throwing it? thermite pellets ii: RKA 1d6, Constant (+1⁄2); OAF (-1), 6 Continuing Charges lasting 1 Turn each (-1⁄4), Range Based On STR (-1⁄4)
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