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  1. Bailed out of Kazakhstan in March as the country went into lockdown. But I couldn't get home to Thailand as they'd already closed the borders. So the last 4 months have been spent with my sister and her family in England...


    I no longer see any humour in the situation.

  2. daeth tribble recently refused a job as the PR officer for the Botswana Board of Tourism and refuses to discuss why.
  3. And L.Marcus knows of what he speaks. He used to dabble in experimental exoplanetology, but only on weekends during the baseball season
  4. L.Marcus showed Donald Trump how to 'tweet'.
  5. First time I saw that nowhere man, that nobody, I knew he was somebody.
  6. Sound track from 'Banshee'. All these months and that opening just will not leave me alone.
  7. It's a little known fact but L.Marcus spent 3 years as Scrappy-Doo's stunt stand in.
  8. Not really, but then I personally believe that the kidney is over rated, don't you?
  9. June 15th - Waterloo! Busy throwing screwed up post-it notes at the only Frenchman in the office. He knows better than to retaliate, but I can sense the simmering rage... The Kazakhs don't understand it which, as I'm still sitting on the banks of the Caspian Sea, surrounded by other Brits, is leading to some odd conversations.
  10. From my 13 year old daughter during an introductory game - She's playing a Supergirl-lite character vs a bunch of agent level thugs. "But Papa, they're being silly. Why don't we just sing them a song and become friends?" Next stop, Napoleonic figure gaming... Maybe I'll have more luck.
  11. Bazza can often be found in DVD rental stores drawing moustaches on Gillian Andersons face. He keeps muttering about a 'date that went wrong'.
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