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  1. With the death of Stienman, I have the Streets of Fire OST album running on my phone as I bus to the constructiom site.
  2. Ahhh, Diane Lane. What a stunner.
  3. RIP indeed. I'd also look at "Streets of Fire", an under rated but cult movie yhat has his finger prints all over it.
  4. I think he sold the name and became a hermit somewhere in the Yukon.
  5. Sitting in an Atyrau cafe ( Latte Rosa ) listening to an old Russian playing random tunes on a piano. Hot chocolate with marshmallows... very mellow.
  6. A band called Crystal Method - current track is called 'Murder'. I found them when they did the sound track for the TV series 'Banshee'.
  7. BD where are you amigo? we're hoping you're kicking its ass, but we could do with a half time score report.
  8. Badger has, to my knowledge, never actually shaved a badger, he did slathere one in 'Veet' and then tried to peal it. AS I recall it took 5 hours stay in the ER, a week of bed rest and 3 months of counselling to get over what happened. But, back at the topic. RIP to The Man Who Would Be King.
  9. Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells 1, 2 and 3, they're just going round and round...
  10. Bailed out of Kazakhstan in March as the country went into lockdown. But I couldn't get home to Thailand as they'd already closed the borders. So the last 4 months have been spent with my sister and her family in England...


    I no longer see any humour in the situation.

  11. daeth tribble recently refused a job as the PR officer for the Botswana Board of Tourism and refuses to discuss why.
  12. Agreed, I'm old so 'classic' rockn'roll is my thing, but this is pretty good stuff.
  13. And L.Marcus knows of what he speaks. He used to dabble in experimental exoplanetology, but only on weekends during the baseball season
  14. L.Marcus showed Donald Trump how to 'tweet'.
  15. My Little Pony Smurfette (Sorry, my reality is broken... NURSE! More medication please!)
  16. I'd try the railway share first... the're government backed and that must be a good thing
  17. Doing up an old house? That ranges in difficulty from "lunch time sandwich run" through to "National News Breaking Event as Federal and State law enforcement agencies surround headquarters of satanic cultists." I wish you the best with it.
  18. First time I saw that nowhere man, that nobody, I knew he was somebody.
  19. Sound track from 'Banshee'. All these months and that opening just will not leave me alone.
  20. It's a little known fact but L.Marcus spent 3 years as Scrappy-Doo's stunt stand in.
  21. Not really, but then I personally believe that the kidney is over rated, don't you?
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