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  1. Re: Setting, really: Corporate Champions? What do PCs do? Please say “fight super crime” and not “sit in a boardroom and make decisions on how super humans are to be dispatched (“advertise kool-aid is also unacceptable, unless you get to break down walls and yell “Oh Yeah!”). It sounds like you have to pay to be a superhero, what with the property destruction. Clearly non-damaging heros (like telepaths) don’t have to sign up, unless you intend for there to be lots of legal fees. Why do mutants become superheroes? What motivates them? It cant’ be money, because it costs to be a hero, it can’t be doing what the system cant’ do (e.g. vigilante style), since they are still part of the system. What is the advantage to working for a corporation rather than say, the government? How exactly does super-law work?
  2. Re: Dr. Manhattan on 350 Points You forgot Physical Limitation: Cannot change the future and must preform predestined actions
  3. Re: Breakable vs. unbreakable Focus Yes, unbreakable foci are just better than breakable ones and cost the same. This is a problem but a very minor one. Usually the GM can handle it by either not allowing it, increasing the amount of time the focus is taken away or neutrilized, or making unbreakable an advantage.
  4. Re: Enchant I could also build it as Drain vs. DEF, only up to half (-1)
  5. Re: The Rule of F(X) I don't know how the enemies were built. I was a player. I suspect they had 3 speed and net 0 or -2 picks, but I'm not sure.
  6. Re: The Rule of F(X) I've played in games with the rule of F(X) and while I do not speak for Fireg0lem, I can speak of my own experiences. ?I do think that Fireg0lem should post the whole house rules and not just the F(X) in partiality, since
  7. Re: "Bloodied" in HERO So in my gaming group, we used the term "Bloodied" to mean 1/2 STUN or less (with the idea that if you knock someone out, you can kick them in the head and keep them down most of the time). This is because in the games we play, BODY damage does occure (and I've seen people knocked to 0 or less BODY), but the fight ends when one side runs out of concious people rather than people alive. So in HERO we think of STUN like D&D HP (when you run to 0 of it, you cannot participate until someone gets you back up).
  8. Re: Dive for Cover Depends on the campaign. I probably wouldn't allow it, but a more lenient GM might
  9. Re: Dive for Cover You can build your mega villains so they are harder to DFC dog pile. Most properly built (ie the ones that I was in, that worked well) single character vs a group of PCs encounters feature some of the following ... 1) Boss uses AoEs to hit multiple people a turn 2) Boss has higher Dex than PCs and holds actions to make them go (using optional rule that person with the highest dex gets to announce their held action last). 3) Boss Uses rapid fire, sweeps, multiple power attacks, auto fire etc to attack more than one person at a time. 4) One boss had a massive entangle that kept several PCs down for 1-2 phases while a single PC evasion-tanked it. 5) Higher speed, where if you DFC, then you are saved one round, and before the PC gets another action to recover, the boss will act. PCs can usually tell this one ahead of time, and know enough not to get DFC head stomped. Sometimes bosses don't use the options, but then they probably have other methods to avoid their target just DFCing every round. Another good one is a change environment to give penalties to DEX rolls (one boss with an Zamboni ray, and you never forget it)
  10. Re: Dive for Cover I've never really seen a problem with DFC, it's the ultimate in single target avoidance, as long as you can recover from prone before they stomp your head in. Against 2 people, it's far far less useful.
  11. Re: Help with a build: Binding a spirit If it's only a temporary binding, it could be a form of entangle
  12. Re: Firewalling Mental Attacks indirect IPE would make someone else seem like they were using the powers I think. Our group has a joke about using automatons as firewalls because they are immune to mental powers. So if you want to go that way, get mental powers Useable by Other, and then have a slavishly loyal automaton who will use the powers for you and be immune to repercussions
  13. Re: Judging The Strength of Challenges/Encounters? it's really a touch and go thing, make sure the speed isnt' too high, the armor and attacks are about right, and then just add some DR (to oversimplyfy alot)
  14. Re: Curious of Other Opins abilities is pretty general, so the information it gets should be pretty vauge. Like a fire elemental "well it probably has some fire abilities, and won't be harmed by fire or physical damage" maybe it's super obvious sense?
  15. Re: Curious of Other Opins let him do it until he wants to use it like find weakness, then let him run flat against the wall
  16. Re: Knockback and Bullets yep, i just read beam, it doesnt' mean no-knockback
  17. Re: Knockback and Bullets isn't that why bullets have the "beam" limitation (-1/4)?
  18. Re: Three or more Eyes :whip: who's the GM? you are! what are you going to do? take away my equipment?
  19. Re: Three or more Eyes i like it, then with no eyes you see in 1 dimension
  20. Re: Three or more Eyes right. The rules let the GM decide if it's worth points or not. In one game i'm helping run, we have to submit all our disads for value, and the GM tells us the value based on how likely they are to come up.
  21. Re: Three or more Eyes if you have 3 eyes but 50% of the population has 3rd eyes, then it's not distinctive, i agree with Fox1 that the GM has to rule on this one.
  22. Re: Three or more Eyes if the third eye was in the back of their head or something, you might buy them increased field of perception (like 240 or 360)
  23. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... the real problem was the guy with the magical cosmic VPP pool and the limitation of "total jackass" so he really wasn't all that concerned. 2d6 greatsword +2d6 flamind adder = 4d6 killing attack = bad news
  24. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... My GM did that! 24d6 mind control "kill everyone!" was a long long long night
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