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  1. Don't think of it as losing SAN. Think of it as gaining insight into the true nature of the Cosmos.
  2. Favorite scene from the first movie: The Graboid bursts through the survivalist's cellar wall just as he runs out of bullets. He's toast! Then the camera pans back to reveal nearly every projectile weapon known to man hanging on the far wall. Wifie hands him an assault rifle and he blows the critter away!
  3. --- I've seen the first two episodes out on VHS at Hollywood Video but I've never seen the rest of that wonderful series in any format.
  4. Thanks again, KawangaKid. Darna can battle crime in my neighborhood ANYTIME!
  5. I guess this means we can now also discuss the exploits of Plainclothes Richard Tracy by employing his nickname.
  6. Last time I checked, Bushido was still available from a Fantasy Games Unlimited web site. They've got old copies stored in a warehouse somewhere. I ran across a used copy of Bushido at my local game store. The game mechanics are horrible old-school algebra exercises to be ignored. However, the book captured the samurai mindset, social structure, and culture wonderfully. The whole character-improvement/experience points system was based on the accumulation of personal honor and status -- "face." A character could actually lose experience levels by messing up or otherwise experiencing an embarrassing situation. Although I hated the mechanics, they did a good job of hammering "Honor is everything" into the players' heads. Also, ninjas are depicted as the gangsters they actually were in Japanese society. They may have a fancy move here or there but they're considered lower than pond scum by society.
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