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  1. I will be going. Hope others will as well.
  2. Hi, DunDracon 43 will be held in San Ramon, CA from February 15 through February 18, 2019. Hero System is typically well represented at this convention. Who is going?
  3. Rune

    DunDraCon 2018

    Yeah, it was another great convention. It went by really fast.
  4. DunDracon is at the San Ramon Marriott in California and goes from 2/16-2/19/18. Traditionally, the Hero Games community makes a strong showing at this role playing heavy convention. Who is going?
  5. The Wild Wild West's action sequences were particularly well choreographed. It was such a good series.
  6. Rune

    Cap on Luck?

    I think the cap on Luck is right. It avoids issues like +9d6 Luck on charges. There is the issue of getting GM approval, but sooner or later, the GM will say "yes." Given the power of 3 levels of success, you can get some very powerful effects at very random times.
  7. So how were the characters inside? Were the errors mentioned above so distracting that the ideas got buried?
  8. So how were the characters inside? Were the errors mentioned above so distracting that the ideas got buried?
  9. Re: Something fishy about this Do these characters have Eidetic Memories? That can be a nuisance some times when the Players don't bother to retain the most basic information because "their character would know it." Obviously, the lack of combat ability is a problem. Where did the rest of their points go?
  10. Re: Medusa of Psi in Practice Medusa needs careful handling. As CrosshairCollie noted, it is no fun having your character removed from play even if your teammates avenge you by knocking her out. I suppose that could be a Limitation on her Mental Paralysis. It rapidly decays when she loses consciousness, gets Stunned or is otherwise distracted.
  11. Re: Help me get a Campaign established Consider what kind of four color campaign that you are looking for. Is this an all mutants game like the X-Men or perhaps everyone has some kind of tie to the supernatural? If you want the campaign to be more like the Avengers with a wide mix of characters, that is a valid approach as well. Think about what your want to be the first big story arc (VIPER plot, Nazis trying to establish the Fifth Reich, angry aliens) and build from there. I find it helpful to give the players some basic information about the campaign world, so that they can keep t
  12. Re: A question for the old timers...
  13. Re: You. Make. The Call. I wouldn't allow it. That Force Wall is just about indestructible for a standard 75 point campaign. The potential highs are too high.
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