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  1. Had a great time at the convention.
  2. I will be going. Hope others will as well.
  3. Rune

    DunDraCon 2019

    Hi, DunDracon 43 will be held in San Ramon, CA from February 15 through February 18, 2019. Hero System is typically well represented at this convention. Who is going?
  4. Re: Order of the Stick Even with "ultimate arcane power," V. will still have to be ready for a second anti-magic shell.
  5. Re: Order of the Stick The appearance of the illusionary Belkar was great. Elan's development as a character continues.
  6. Re: Order of the Stick Of course V. isn't giving up. He is used to telling the laws of physics to roll over. Apparently, the GM wasn't giving eps for V.'s interparty skirmishing.
  7. Re: Order of the Stick With Elan as his bodyguard, Hinjo has a powerful incentive to have Roy raised.
  8. Re: Order of the Stick I liked the explanation of the different treatment between Roy and his Dad. This is such a good comic.
  9. Re: Help me flesh out: Chimera How about 360 degree vision to represent that the heads are always looking around? Knockback Resistance is a good thing for a brick to have.
  10. Re: My Player Betrayed Humanity. Now What? I agree with Jhamin that you should very nicely find out why this player apparently isn't having a good time with the campaign. It seems to me that this level of disruption might not be limited to this particular character, so a replacement character might not solve the underlying problem. As for the character, it seems like getting booted off the team is the likely minimal consequence of his actions. After some significant act of penance and time, I suppose the character might be allowed to return, but that may not be a practical. If people want to play hardball, the character might be charged with conspiracy to overthrow the United States government by assisting a hostile foreign power.
  11. At a certain point level, the GM can scale the world so that the heroes can do the sorts of things that are appropriate for the campaign. If the campaign is using a 14d6 max and the GM wants players who throw 12d6 to be able to one shot a battle tank, then 12 BODY (when delivered by a metahuman) will do the job because that is the way the world works. As for Marvel Comic's Sentinels, their strength has varied over the years. Some are one shot wonders. Others took a bit more pounding. Some writers have treated Sentinels as heavily armed, mobile one shot agents. Individually, Wolverine or Cyclops can mow it down. It was the Sentinels' numbers and powerful weapons that made them so dangerous.
  12. It would probably depend upon the special effect. If the special effect was that you summoned (from the beyond/ether) the same creature every time, it wouldn't have "really" died on contact. It just got sent back to wherever it came. As an aside, I'm not sure why the Nega-Beam was bought with Summoning other than to get the cost breaks.
  13. With a proper shuffling of the characters, there is room for both COIL and VIPER. As has been mentioned, VIPER is Champion's version of Hydra, a world spanning organization determined to rule the world. I've always thought of COIL as being the product of a single person's vision: King Cobra. Everything is "snake-themed" in COIL. Although Viper in 4th Ed. had some snake-themed characters, they were not truly snake-centric. With regard to VOICE, I never liked the "ruthless killer" theme of the group.
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