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  1. To be fair, by that logic, only football and basketball at a fraction of the universities should be allowed to continue. No other sport pays for itself. Is that what you want? No, seriously, what is your stance here? I want to argue, but I don't want to put words in your mouth here.
  2. Depends where in the country you are. The Big 10 saves rivalry week for the last week of the season. That really depends on how you define "need". Is it essential to their mission of educating people? No. But that way lies the argument that there should be no college sports at all. And ignores the reality that the majority of college football players don't receive a scholarship. These guys want to play the sport they love. And in that sense, having the school organize a play area, equipment, and staff so that students don't have to makes sense. But this is where the issue gets muddled by talking about Alabama in the same breath as Ripon (D.III, enrollment 807). They both are and aren't playing the same sport.
  3. Ditto. There is much schadenfreude to be had in an Ohio State loss.
  4. Oddly enough, this is the only cupcake Wisconsin will get this year. In addition to only playing 3 non-conference games this year, they've been working on improving the strength of their schedule. So their other two ncg's this year are Notre Dame and Army. Admittedly, the game against Illinois is also a freebie, but it's not a cupcake. They're a real Big 10 team! Though, to be fair, these cupcake games do have a purpose beyond free wins. Each one represents a sizable payday for the athletics department of the smaller schools. For example, Eastern Michigan is getting $1.4 million for this game, against a budget of about $16 million for their entire athletics department of 17 sports. I understand that their are similar, if smaller numbers, involved when Division II schools play FCS teams. Which is just another example of the awful governance of the NCAA. We shouldn't need such ridiculous workarounds to support the smaller schools.
  5. Once had a player play Fromage, master of cheese magic. Based on a very silly GURPS article. http://www.sjgames.com/pyramid/sample.html?id=510
  6. I have no idea where it's from either. But it is old. The similar image posted below was downloaded in 2005 or earlier. And it wasn't from the original source, either. Sadly, it's not much bigger than the other pic. Then again, at that point, most people were still on dial-up internet, and I'm pretty sure that most people only had 1024x768 screens at the time. Wow, I feel old now.
  7. As a Badger, I'm generally of the opinion that the Buckeyes can go die in a fire. OTOH, Alabama? I guess I can root for Ohio. The lesser of two evils, I guess. @55holes they may be, but they are my @55holes. Making me look all tsundere here...
  8. .500 sounds better than a 3-3 team playing a 4-4 team. I know it's a strange year, but there was a time when making a bowl game meant something.
  9. Well, regardless of how they do in the Duke's Mayo bowl tomorrow (and isn't that a lovely match-up between two .500 teams), I'm just happy that Wisconsin got to play Minnesota this year. Keeps the series as the most played AND longest continuous rivalry in FBS football. Maybe the Badgers can't beat Ohio State on the field, but this is one thing we can beat them at.
  10. Honestly, a Plastic Man movie has been 'in development' for over 20 years - The Wachowski sisters wrote a script in the 1990s. Until they actually talking casting or shooting, the movie doesn't really exist. The hiring does suggest that Warner has decided that female-led or fun superhero movies are a better bet than Snyder-style flicks. Or that somebody wants to give the lady mentioned a paycheck. As said, there are some interesting things that could be done, and some really dumb things. If it ever actually gets made, I'll give it a chance.
  11. https://www.gocomics.com/doonesbury/1985/01/27
  12. novi

    More space news!

    OMG! Whoever wrote this article is a mouth-breathing moron. The astronomers are just using a particular color for a laser guide star. They're only shooting it into the upper atmosphere to watch how light scatters up there. This is barely even a story aside from the pretty pictures. That author should be fired, preferably out of a cannon.
  13. So, Wisconsin has cancelled two games now due to COVID, compared to zero in the rest of the Big Ten. Did they get unlucky, do something wrong, or are the only team willing to tell the truth? Well, it's probably a mix of those three, but I'm curious what the exact mix is.
  14. novi

    More space news!

    https://phys.org/news/2020-10-supergiant-star-betelgeuse-smaller-closer.html And now for an orange gas-bag that's not threatening us with an apocalypse, scientists have narrowed down the exact size and distance to Betelgeuse. Namely, only 500 or so light-years away, which is still plenty far to be safe from its supernova. And only about a billion kilometers in diameter, not a billion miles. Also, since it's one of the few stars big enough to see as an actual disk, as opposed to a point, they can make measurements (astroseismology and star spots) to figure out what's going on inside the star. And those measurements push back the date of the supernova - they suggest that the core is still in a helium-burning stage. That's at least thousands of years from a supernova, and could be closer to a million. OTOH, other measurements suggest it has been a red supergiant for a while, which is why they keep saying a supernova in about 100,000 years, as it splits the difference. So no boom today, or tomorrow.
  15. That could be another option. Just need a good hook for why they've all teamed up. And stay teamed up; that's always a problem with villains.
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