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  1. And the fairly expected comeback for Ohio. Ah, well. It'll be interesting to see whether Penn or Wisconsin gets to go to Pasadena. Also, Oklahoma, with defense? Interesting concept.
  2. 14-0 Wisconsin over Ohio? I know it's only the 2nd quarter, but still, who expected Ohio to be that far down at any point in this game?
  3. Yeah, top 4 does seem pretty set. If Georgia does manage an upset, I'm going to guess LSU is out, unless it's a super-close game. No, I'm just waiting to see how badly Ohio beats Wisconsin this weekend. Well, I suppose there does exist a chance of a Wisconsin upset, but it seems awful remote. Then again, Wisconsin beating Minnesota on the strength of their passing game is also not a sentence I thought I would ever see, so...
  4. novi

    Champions 2050

    Part of the problem with future history, as well as alternate history, is that there isn't just one destination. You really have to work backwards, defining some part of where you want to be, and how things work in around that. Also, you have to bear in mind that the Champions Universe functions, at least somewhat, along narrative lines. Being a comic book/superhero setting means some things that really shouldn't work in the real world, do. Not just superpowers and super-tech, but a criminal syndicate like VIPER being able to operate underground in the US. Where I'm going with this right now is that on a certain level, superheroes exist because there are supervillains to be stopped. If the age of superheroes is coming to an end, it should also correspond to the age of supervillains ending. If you want to go that way, there just aren't as many new supervillains popping up. Supercrime is trending down. The heroes might ponder whether their kind of extraordinary response is really needed anymore. And if they do reverse the mana decline, new waves of villains pop up. Nice job breaking it, heroes. As far as humanity's presence in space, it's not too optimistic for that many space colonies in a century. Especially with the head start that various supertech gives them. Asteroid mining is practically inevitable if we can avoid civilization collapsing, there is only so much of various elements economically accessible on Earth's surface
  5. In a change of pace, Minnesota and Wisconsin are both pretty good teams heading into rivalry week, playing for Big Ten West champs. And the odds are looking pretty even on this game, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. Especially since the rivalry is currently tied up (60-60-8). Of course, the winner gets to lose to Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game. Let's not kid ourselves on sure things.
  6. What I was trying to get at is that while Molnya would be a great asset to Putin and of similar background/mindset, I can just as easily see that tipping the paranoia scales against Molnya. Putin might consider him too competent to stay subordinate to him; Molnya's contingency and long-range plans for life after Putin could be considered disloyalty to a sufficiently paranoid mind. Hard to say which way is more likely, or makes for a better story.
  7. Ugh, amazing how time flies. And yes, that was definitely something I had in mind. Which means I'll have to watch some episodes of the old GI Joe, since I never did as a kid.
  8. But does Cap outrank an ordnance technician at a full sprint?
  9. I probably should have guessed Classic Enemies, but wasn't sure which editions had roster changes. ----------------------------- Not going to bother with Soviet supers in my game, at least for a while. My players want to keep low key to start, touring the Midwest as a struggling, young band. So no international intrigue, for now. --------------------------- While not on topic, I will grant that does sound about right for Putin. Hmm, I wonder how Molyna* fits into modern Russia. Seems like he'd either be part of that black-ops superteam, or managed to get on Putin's bad side and is working to undercut the Russian government. *From Champions Worldwide. I kinda liked the character, for whatever reason.
  10. I was actually wondering where to find the original Terror, Inc, not the zombie version. Also, in which book would I find Charger and Plasmoid? The original versions? *snerk* Okay, that's a good one.
  11. Been a bit distracted the last few weeks. Anyway, I never actually said which edition, but it will be 6th. And I'm strongly considering lowering the power level - 10 DCs average attack, probably 350 points total. Where would I find the write-up of that earlier version of the Ultimates? Or, perhaps, would somebody be willing to post 6th ed versions of Charger and Plasmoid somewhere? Oh yeah, and Professor Muerte. I recall the name, but don't think I've seen the original write-up. Which old book is he hiding in? I think my players might enjoy him.
  12. re: Lord Liaden: Yeah, I kinda knew that when I was posting it, but I couldn't figure how to properly communicate otherwise. *sigh* But to be fair, I am kinda looking for both angles. Which actual old-school characters I should look into, as well as which newer characters to use. I probably will have to pick up Road Kill. As for the Ultimates, I'm not familiar with that older line-up. How does it compare to the newer versions?
  13. Um, Work-Energy Theorem? It's been... a while since I had a physics class, so I did a quick Wikipedia visit to make sure I had my formulas correct. And while I was all set to work out the acceleration, I then noticed the page mentioning that work is also equal to delta-Kinetic energy. Seemed like a much more straightforward and accurate approach.
  14. Assuming standard physics word problem rules and constant forces, and not showing my work because I don't want to type in that many equations. And assuming I remember how significant digits work: 1. 6.563 x 10^6 J 2. 8.576 x 10^3 N 3. 6.43 x 10^5 W Yes, I got an A in AP Physics. Why do you ask?
  15. I should probably clarify that other than the BBB, my collection is all 5th and 6th Ed. I'm not sure I've heard of any of BoloOfEarth's suggestions.
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