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  1. Are you doing okay, NuSoard?

  2. I thought it was an experimental Russian pilots suit meant to be able to handle high g-force maneuvers and tough enough not to shred due to friction.
  3. Ant Man is not a side character. He is supposed to be a core member of The Avengers. I would add Wasp to that as well. The Guardians of the Galaxy didnt come in till Phase 2. In Phase 2 they needed to jntroduce the wider Marvel Universe that exists beyond the earth and the GotG was an absolutely brilliant way of doing that. When it comes to DC, Green Lantern should be that vehicle. And Marvel is still not focusing on side characters aside from the GotG. Black Panther, Dr Strange and Capt Marvel are all core characters. They could do the Inhumans because Blackbolt becomes a major mover and shaker in the Marvel Universe (esp if they plan to introduce The Illuminati). They could do Namor as well. What Marvel is not doing is wasting time on doing a movie about The Wrecking Crew, or giving Elektra a stand alone film. They had set up the wider marvel univers within the galaxy. At the point where GotG came out (phase 2) the situation on earth had been pretty well established. Thus GotG informed audiences of the political situation in space and showed them exactly how powerful and how feared Thanos was. And it also gave us the necessary back story on the Infinity Gems, so now we can namr them within the other films without needing that exposition. Guardians handled that. It was time. They dont have to do that with the movies. They have 40+ years of history with most of these books. All they have to do is figure out what version of the characters they want to go with, which stories they want to tell and put it together so it all makes sense. When they started the movie franchise, the first few films might have been trial and error seeing what resonated with audiences. But they are well beyond that now and reaching deep into long established Marvel lore to advance the franchise itself. Likely somewhere in the middle of those extremes. We spend as many years as we need to. We need to establish the rules first. Make introductions. Let the audience become familiar with and get comfortable with the characters. Then you destroy their world and change everything. It will resonate with audiences a whole lot more that way. Just look at the box office of the Marvel franchise. They are quite obviously doing something right. I would have preferred that Antman been a founding member. And I would have liked to have seen Ultron introduced in an Avengers film and be helpful to the Avengers first, then betray them. It would have had much more impact then. Speaking of Vision. The fact that Jarvis became Vision was awesome. Jarvis was introduced in the original Iron Man and had been in every movie that featured him. Audiences knew and were comfortable with Jarvis. So when Vision spoke with Jarvis voice, the average movie goer feels as if they already know the character. There suddenly isnt this new character that needs history and background in a team movie where there is very little time to do that. I am acknowledging this approach. I would say this for any studio attempting a long running and wide reaching movie or tv franchise. Not just for comic book movies.
  4. I dont for a second buy Whedon just putting Thanos in the end of the film as a bonus for the fans. Why? Because the Emmissary spoke to Loki in the middle of the film mentioning "The one who put the scepter in your hands" meaning Thanos. Why would that line be in the film if Thanos was just an easter egg. It was a part of the plan, thats why. Whedon is full of crap.
  5. Hey, I'm just giving my opinion on what I think they need to do to get the feel right. Whether or not they actually even attempt the relationship dynamic is conpletely up in the air. (Personally I would love to see a creepy love triangle between Batman, Batgirl and Nightwing to show just how effed up their dynamic is, but I dont think they would go that far).
  6. Not for comic nerds. They know the situation. For general movie going audiences and especially kids growing up who arent so familiar with these characters yet. We need to establish Batman as the "dad" of the Bat family. Dick Greyson as the big brother and Batgirl as the sister, then the other Robins if they decide to include them. The bat family is so intricately woven together, the way in which you introduce them is of the utmost importance in establishing their extremely complex relationships.
  7. As I said earlier, they dont need multiple batman movies before doing some spin offs, but they need at least one and to introduce Batgirl in that movie. I feel that Suicide Squad would have been a lot more effective with audiences if we had seen Harley get taken down by Batman and locked up at the end of the first Batfilm with Joker vowing to break her out, with Suicide Squad building on that beginning. If Amanda Walher had been introduced as opposition to the concept of the Justice League within the Military Industrial Complex before showing audiences her big plan to use villains to do the governments dirty work. DC is missing so many great opportunities here by rushing, frankly is sad and dishearening to watch.
  8. I agree with that sentiment. X-men did it organically, even if they made a few missteps along the way. However with the DCEU, they are not doing it organically. They are forcing it big time. They dont wait to see how audiences react to the current movie to build on the natural ebb and flow of these things. They are rushing out their productions because they see their direct competition doing it, not taking into consideration the foundation their competition built over a decade and 5 films leading up to their team movie. Honestly though, I have less of a problem that they are jumping right into their team movie and more of a problem that they are talking about (and filming) secondary character projects before even establishing their primary core characters. Suicide squad was too early. And a Batgirl movie would be too early. They've barely talked about a Green Lantern movie and there's no sign of Martian Manhunter and yet they have already proposed Gotham City Sirens? Yeah, its obvious DC has no idea what the hell they want to do. No plan. And no genius visionary guiding them. All they know is that they want some of those superhero billions! Hurry up and put the movies out!
  9. I think you are right about some of that. Certainly its been something Marvel had been thinking about. But once it was clear it was working its obvious they put together a plan by the time Captain America released. Possibly even Thor. Kevin Feige has said in interviews that the plan they are following was put into place before they even began filming the 1st Avengers film. That he always intended for this to be the result. Even if it was just a fever dream in Feige's head. at least someone at Marvel had an idea of what the hell they were doing and where they wanted to go. DC cant say that yet. They cant get a Flash movie made. Its aleady gone through 3 directors. The script has been scrapped twice. Batfleck is in a similar state. Wonder Woman lost directors too. So far only Auquaman seems to be going smoothly because both Mamoa and director James Wan seem to be super into it.
  10. I wouldnt call it Marvel's approach. Marvel is doing things in a natural organic way. You introduce the characters. Then you expand the world setting. You establish the rules of the universe first. Then you raise the stakes. Shake things up. Break some established rules and when all seems lost, the heroes make a comeback. Overcome the odds against them. DC has barely established their world setting yet and already they've raised the stakes. The forces of Apokalyps is on their way and we havent been introduced to the Thamyscirans, the Atlanteans, the Speed Force, The Gods, Martians or the spectrum of emotional energy their powers. When the forces of Apokalyps arrive, our heroes are going to have to tap into these resources and audiences dont know what the f*** any of those things are yet. They needed to introduce the greater DC universe before bringing in Darkseid and his baddies. They could have started with the Mother Boxes in the first few films, sure. Those are your McGuffins. Maybe have the scene with Flash trying to contact Bruce. But they should have done the core JLA members solo movies prior to Justice League to introduce audiences to how the DC univers e works before throwing everything and the kitchen sink at audiences. Thats just how I feel about it. DC is just rushing, plain and simple. Yes they have writing issues and characterization issues. Absolutely. And its their haste to get movies out of the door that is the core issue here. They arent taking the time to get these individual movies right on any level. And they wont until they slow down and take stock of what they have and prioritize.
  11. Solo Batfleck film has been pushed back due to Affleck dropping out as director while he recovers from alcoholism. The script he and Terrio were working on has been scrapped, a new director has been brought in and they are starting from square one again. I would say at this juncture its a bit premature to be announcing bat spin offs before the parent film is even in production. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/the-batman-finds-a-director-after-ben-affleck-drop/1100-6448163/ https://www.google.com/amp/amp.livescience.com/58304-ben-affleck-alcohol-addiction-relapse.html https://www.google.com/amp/fansided.com/2017/03/15/rumor-batman-film-script-scrapped-again/amp/
  12. My thoughts on that are that The Hand is global. They recruit regardless of ethnicity or origin, as long as you have the skills to contribute to the cause. The Hand seems to want to get into K'un Lun. Or wipe it out. In either case The Hand would be very interested in recruiting insiders from K'un Lun like Madame Gao. And she has the tenacity and skills to be able to rise high enough to run her own coven.
  13. I disagree. I thought the Justice League trailer was stronger. I feel the Spiderman trailers have had tone issues.
  14. That was my problem with it....the lack of good Martial Choreography. That was the one thing they NEEDED to get right. And some of the dialogue was indeed weak, but I felt the same about Luke Cage and DD season 2. The basic story was solid, and Rand's inconsistent personality didnt bother me. His unstable emotional state is magnified by the torrent of chi flowing through his system from the Iron Fist. (Represented by the flashes he has when the camera shakes and he grabs his head) the whole reason he left K'un Lun was to figure out what happend with his parents and the uncertainty of it was preventing him from centering himself and balancing his chi. So his behavior deteriorating over the course of the show makes sense.
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