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  1. Are you doing okay, NuSoard?

  2. I have always been interested in writing up the mecha from Full Metal Panic called the Arm Slave These mecha are a bit smaller than your typical Gundam at around 10 meters (5") in height. The mecha action in the Full Metal Panic series is more on the realistic side of things (they use mostly conventional projectile weaponry with only a few of the mecha using rubber science equipment like beam weapons and force fields) I just might take a stab at writing these mecha up using The Ultimate Vehicle (5th ed) to see how they turn out. Need to google all the specs on these mecha and th
  3. Yeah, its frustrating. i've been looking for the threads discussing exalted to hero conversions and ended up having to look for them with the search engine, which takes a while..
  4. Ninja: A mixture of Assassin and Martial Artist. Their Professional Skill would assist them in evaluating the scene for the completion of a mission (in whatever form that took) and for general day to day operations of a Ninja training facility. The essential skills for a Ninja are of course Stealth, Concealment, Acrobatics, Climbing and Contortionist. Weapon Familiarity with both Common Melee, Common Missile and specific ninja martial arts weapons (Kusari-gama, Kama, Kyoketsushogi, Climbing claws etc) and at least 10pts with some form of Ninjitsu. Disguise, Conversation, Seduction, Mimicr
  5. I dont think evangelion would make that great of an rpg campaign. even with toning down the esotericism. shows like gundam, macross or voltron are much better rpg fodder than evangelion.
  6. I would agree. depending on how one would quantify "true faith" in their campaign setting, it might be best to write it up as a tangible power (luck or some such) However, in my gaming experience, true faith has been quite a bit more....ephemeral in nature. not having a really tangible effect at most times but could have an effect depending on the situation (a bonus to resist possession, or the ability to stave off the undead with a holy symbol) In some campaigns they would only require a perk for this. for example, buying the perk would then open up the ability to use your PRE as an a
  7. There absolutely is. It's called a "Perk". The GM charges whatever he thinks appropriate for the True Faith perk which then gives characters the ability to use a holy symbol to ward off certain undead or demonic creatures. Cleric/Priestly characters are assumed to have this Perk (or the GM could charge them) because I would assume that if a Cleric didn't have True Faith, then their deity wouldn't provide them with the power to cast priestly spells! (also, if a campaign setting requires the Perk "Annointed Priest" to be able to cast priestly/holy magic, then the True Faith Perk could be con
  8. 500kg isn't that bad. It's equivalent to a STR of 21-22, or a STR 15 Martial Artist using a Martial Strike (for 5D6N) However, that same 500kg strike focused in the right way (a Phoenix Eye punch or some such) could cause massive internal damage. If the Imperial Priest's 1000 Jin Fist was advantaged in some way, then Zhou Botong's block may also need to be advantaged to counter. The Vacant Fist could be Hardened to be able to block an Indirect attack. Or it could be Desolidification (like trying to hit air, takes all the strength from one's blows) Or could be done with Dispel (total
  9. Re: Wuxia abilities Yep. Apparently all 8 had an affinity for strong drink. Even the merchant's daughter. Should make for a fun Martial Arts style. Hopefully I can get to it sometime this week.
  10. Re: Wuxia abilities I'm thinking of completely detailing out the Tsui Pa Hsien (8 Drunken Immortals) Martial art for this campaign setting. I will likely post it in the "Other Genres" section though, so keep your eyes peeled for this post soon.
  11. Re: Wuxia abilities I'm hoping at some point to be able to run my 8 Immortals campaign (that's not the official tittle, haven't figured out an appropriately Wuxia-esque tittle for it yet. Maybe something like "Legend of the 8 Heavenly Immortals" or some such) in which the signature items of the legendary "8 Immortals" plays a significant role. Set during the Ming Dynasty (sometime in the 17th century, I believe all of the 8 immortals had ascended by then) the villainous eunuch who is the true power behind the throne is using his lieutenants (who are basically the Deadly Venoms) to gathe
  12. Re: The Chinese Eunuch and Assorted Chinese Cultural Notes Gotta love the eunuchs. The main villain in the Wuxia campaign I never got to run was going to be a eunuch.
  13. Re: Hypothetically and unofficially, what would you like to see in a Mecha Hero book?
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