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  1. Another ability for your list might be: Ride Like Hell: +Xm Running Usable by other (only the Horse the character is riding). Player can spur his/her horse to run faster then normal in and out of combat. Perfect for catching up to bad guys or reaching the bank in time to stop the robbery. A spin off of this would be to also increase the horse you are riding's Leap, allowing it to jump further and higher (over wider ravines, washed out bridges, etc...)
  2. For sure, but this is a role-playing game, and Hero in particular, so any two 350pt characters should be roughly equal in power. So a 350pt Brick/Martial Artist (Mutt) would probably be able to but up a good fight against a 350pt Energy Blaster (Magier). If Mutts are kept "weaker" by the storyline/rules, then you probably aren't going to get many players choosing to play one of them.
  3. I don't have any thoughts really rule-wise, but my only general thought (and maybe this is just because of how it is described) but "most powerful", "weakest", etc... are, I feel, tough going for a game where everyone starts with the same number of character points. Does it mean that if a player chose to be a Magiers they would start with more character points then a Mutt would? If not, then a Mutt wouldn't be "weakest" they would just sink their points into physical abilities and powers and still be equal in power to the Magiers who put all their points into flashy "spells" but are stuck with human-level characteristics (10-20 max).
  4. Apart from Duels which everyone has already mentioned, off the top of my head other talents or special abilities might include: -A desert survival ability (beyond the survival skill). Like Life Support: High Heat (Desert Only) or something, as often in westerns the desert doesn't seem to effect main characters, but there is always lots of cattle skulls, etc... around showing how bad the desert should be. -Clinging (Horseback only) to represent standing on, hanging off the side, and all the other amazing feats on horseback that some westerns have. -Mind Control or Telepathy (Single horse only) to represent the bond and silent (or almost silent) commands a protag can give or have with their horse. -Accurate Leaping only for on or off of horseback (so getting on to or off of your horse from/to a moving train or wagon or other horse) Apart from abilities/talents I'd also pull the advanced survival rules from Post-Apocalypse Hero for desert other western environments and use those. That's all I can think of right now.
  5. That is ambitious! Well as for the "glue", the most obvious one that comes to mind is the Elder Worms. They are already present in all of the settings, even in times of "low magic" where they are dormant and it is more about the cultists trying to waken them (say during Pulp, Alien Wars, Terran Empire settings). So that is probably your best bet. In each era the PC's are somehow involved in containing or stopping the rise/return of the Elder Worms until the "final battle" in Galactic Champions where they are unleashed, but the heroes of that time are powerful enough to stop them. If possible I would add a Post Apocalyptic arc to it, maybe an alternate future where the Elder Worms return early and "win", conquering and destroying most of the Earth. Tie this in with the present day Champions arc and have the players either transported to this dark future, or be given a "very detailed vision of" of that fate. Ie) a mystic sends the PC's minds into the Post-Apoc future and they inhabit the bodies of people there, have a full story arc in that setting, then coming back to their real bodies in the present and having to stop it from ever happening (This would allow the players to play in the post-apoc world without having the advantage of their superpowers to make things too easy for them and not fitting into the atmosphere/mood of the genre). If this makes the over-all campaign too big, then I would drop the Alien War part of it for the Post-Apoc. Alien War has the least to do with the Elder Worm storyline as the PC are mainly military and sent on missions and under strict orders, plus it takes place over 70+ years. Unless you maybe make the Xenovores Elder Worm minions or created by Elder Worm worshipers or something. Another idea would be to save the character sheets of all the players during all the settings/arcs, and then maybe during the final Galactic Champions arc/battle a rip in space/time opens and all the past characters come through to help out in the final battle. Players would get to play all of their past characters all at once. Even the Pulp ones, etc... because even they might be able to help out like how Hawkeye and Black Widow are able to help out in battles involving Thor, Captain Marvel, etc... Sure, maybe in this final battle most of them will die quickly, but they will die heroes helping out in the final battle to end all battles.
  6. The 6th Edition Hero Skills book (anf the 5th edition) have all the rules and time charts and modifiers for building weapons and armor under the Weaponsmith and Armorsmith skills. The 6th Ed Fantasy Hero book has advanced rules for building fantasy weapons and armor starting on page 207. As for non-weapons & Armor crafting, the Skill book under the Mechanics skill has rules and charts for building and repairing mechanical devices, which could be adapted to crafting other items and such with just a bit of effort.
  7. Also check out the movie No Escape Surprisingly good. near future Sci-fi where especially violent or problematic prisoners are sent to a remote island where they are dumped off and left to fend for themselves. Two rival societies have evolved and are at war with each other. Military prisoner Ray Liotta is dropped off and becomes a wild card between both warring factions, but his only goal is to find away to escape. Now as to your write-up, how were you planning to use it in your campaign? Are the players sent there and have to escape? Are they hired to rescue someone from there? Does their ship accidently crash on the planet and they have to survive until the government sends a ship to rescue them? If you are looking to make it a bit more "logical" as to why there would be a prison where they dump criminals to live and die there and never leave, rather then just killing them and saving the time/money, No Escape also has something you can borrow from it for that end. Make the setting have no death penalty and that the Prison system in your setting is run by private corporations (like is already happening in the USA). The government pays the corporations to guard and look after the prisoners and put them to work. On the corporations side of things, if the prisoner works and isn't causing trouble they stay in normal prisons, but if they are too much of a problem and causing issues, then they get the "job" of colonizing a new planet. So on paper it looks like the corporation is doing everything by the book if the government ever checks, but in reality they are just dumping off the prisoners on this prison world to get rid of them. The only thing is is that they can never let anyone escape, because if someone did and reported what the corporation is doing to the government then the corporation would be in big trouble. Now if this is a major part/setting of your campaign, then maybe the corporation could have a secondary motive, like maybe there is something hidden on that planet (ancient alien artifact/secret/etc...) or a vicious native lifeform that they want the prisoners to eventually find/kill off, etc... so sometime in the future they can colonize the planet easier and better (and start using a different planet for dumping the criminals on). Basically the prisoners are the first colonists on the planet, like how the worst prisoners were used/shipped to Australia back in the day, so anything they do to survive and make it even a bit better (clear cutting forests, building towns/huts, discovering the best living places, etc...) all is free labor for the corporation's future use of the planet.
  8. The problem I think with comparing say a Champions buy and play adventure and a D&D one, is that characters in D&D are pretty much “set”. This is because of classes and levels. A level 5 fighter in any D&D campaign is going to be close to in powers and abilities to any other 5th level fighter in hundreds of other D&D campaigns. Because the character creation rules are set in stone. That is not the case in Champions and Hero in general. In Champions a 350pt hero in one campaign can be wildly different from any other 350 pt hero in every other Champions campaign. One could fly and pass through walls, another can control minds, another could shoot and control fire, and on and on. And then hen there are all the stop sign powers that any particular gm may or may not allow. It it is very hard to make a buy and play champions adventure when the writer has no idea which of hundreds if not thousands of different abilities any particular group of heroes might have. In comics the writers control who the hero’s fight. Daredevil doesn’t fight Galactus, Flash almost always fights other speedsters, silver surfer doesn’t fight street thugs. But in a for sale adventure the writer had no idea what type of heroes will be playing in it, so that makes it hard and hardly ever makes it something that any gm can just pick up and play unlike D&D adventures.
  9. Hi all, any help or thoughts would be welcome. First, in Hero Designer there is the Martial Arts maneuver Flying Tackle. Does anyone know where the write up for this is? I can't find it in 6th ed Vol 2 or in the 6th ed. Martial Arts book (it is also not listed in the index for either). Also, since there is a Flying Tackle, is there a normal Tackle that anyone can do (a basic combat maneuver)? I couldn't find anything for that either. Second, does anyone know if there are rules for Dogpiling on a character, like they do in Football? I would assume that it would have to take place after a Target is Tackled, or already Prone. Then the other Characters would jump on him/her. My thinking that to Escape from under a dogpile the GM would add the weights of all the Characters on top of the Target together, and then that would be the "combined STR" of the dogpile that the Target character would have to roll against? But then that is only using brute STR to escape, like maybe those times in comics when a bunch of characters pile on the Hulk and he stands up sending them all flying, but in say football or some movies where this happens, the Target Character finds a way to wiggle out from under the pile, often without the attackers noticing, and then running away. This might be like using Contortionist skill to escape? Third, how would you calculate damage done to the target by all the other characters jumping on to him/her? This happens in football a lot, and doesn't often seem to do any damage to the person on the bottom (but sometimes it does), but then football players are big, strong and wearing armor. What would happen (how much damage) to a normal person, not wearing armor? Any thoughts or suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  10. Ugh. Well I hope they figure out cold fusion reactors and propulsion systems soon, because it would be awesome to get to Mars in 2 days.
  11. But then I have a question, if these numbers are correct, why don't we do space travel this way currently? Is the technology not there currently to keep a passenger alive/cargo intact at that acceleration or is it a matter of carrying enough fuel?
  12. Ah! So it was my poor math skills
  13. Am I reading this travel time chart wrong, or do those numbers seem way, way off? According to that chart going to Mars from Earth (on average 225 million KM away) would only take less the 88.7hours at 1G. That is obviously wrong, as we send probes to Mars at more then 1G and it takes months to get there. Heck, Mars at its closest to Earth is only 55 million KM away, and so by that chart it would take less then two days to get there. I mean a simple reverse math check shows that if a ship could go 255,000,000 km in 88.7 hours, that means the ship would be going 2.87million km/hour!!!! (255,000,000km/88.7hrs= 2,874,859 km/hour) The moon is 384,000Km from Earth, lets round up to 400,000KM which is on the chart. According to that it would only take 211 minutes to get to the Moon at 1G. That's only 3 hours and 31 minutes. Avengers: Endgame has a longer runtime then a trip to the moon according to this chart. So either that chart is wrong or my math skills are seriously off.
  14. Assuming that all life on the planet originated there, then they would have all evolved to have those seasons and temperatures be their "normal". So while maybe at 3 AU out a human from Earth would find it chilly in mid-summer, a human from that planet might find it hot because they evolved under those temperature conditions. If you brought one of those humans to Earth they would find it super (possibly deadly hot in mid-summer) but find our worst winters "not that bad", because they evolved on the planet that was cooler then our. But since all life on that planet evolved there, then is it all balanced and becomes just "fluff"/background/point of interest and not needing to be statted out. As for less sunlight, well their eyes would have evolved to be effective with that amount of light. So to us it might seem like they have a form of nightvision, but since every creature on that planet evolved under those conditions it is normal to them, and would only make a difference if they travelled to another planet (like Earth), where our nights wouldn't bother them as much, but our days would be blindingly bright to them. But assuming the Characters won't be planet hopping to Earth, then it doesn't matter if they would consider 50F to be hot and 100F to be deadly, because their temperature scale would be based on their planet/world, not ours.
  15. Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere or sometime before, but I did a search or two and couldn't find anything. So surprisingly enough, over the years of playing 6th edition none of the Players in my campaigns have ever Shoved an NPC. But now it has come up and I have been reading up on it and have a couple of questions, and might have found a discrepancy in how Shoves are resolved, or at least maybe an error in an expansion on the rules/example. In the write up on Shove in 6E2 79, it says the target gets Shoved back 1m for every 5 STR of the Shover (on a successful attack), it then goes on to say the person being Shoved can resist using their Strength as per resisting Knockback as per 6E2 117. In that section is says that if the person being Shoved declares (s)he is resisting it (before the Shove attack) and it is a 1/2 Phase action (and their DCV drops to 1/2), and they take 2m off of the Shove for every 5 STR they have. Question 1) Can you Abort to resist Shove? If they do, is their DCV 1/2 when the Shover makes his/her Attack roll? Continuing on, as an example combat resolution, a 40 STR character Shoving (on a successful attack) a resisting NPC with 20 STR, the NPC would not be pushed back as they would resist the full effect (40 STR = a 8m Shove, 20 STR resisting = -8m vs Shove). No dice roll needed (except for the attack roll). If that is correct, then all good so far. But while reading Shove (and Root) the books directed me to look at the APG pg 170 for additional rules. My concern is in the Example in this section. In the Example it: A) has the Shover (and target(s)) rolling BODY dice based on STR to determine how far they might be Shoved, which isn't part of the main Shove rules in 6E2 79. Is this just an error or should Shove be resolved by BODY dice rolls? B ) the targets do not seem to be Aborting to resist the Shove, nor declaring they are resisting it. Is this just to keep the example shorter? Or if using BODY dice rolls, you do not need to declare or spend 1/2 action to resist? C) The Shover in the example has 40 STR and the combined lifting STR of the bad guys is 20 STR, under the 6E2 79, rules wouldn't they cancel out? 40 STR = 8m Shove, 20 STR = -8m vs Shove? Because how I read that example (minus the BODY dice roll, and the fact that the thugs don't declare they are resisting/have already attacked that Phase) that all three thugs should have been Shoved back 8m by Cheng Fei (under the 6E2 79 rules) Or am I just completely off the mark here and missing something obvious? Thanks!
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