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  1. Hero 6th Ed, vol.1 pg. 381. Normal Gestures are done with one hand, Complex Gestures require both hands.
  2. Not the only one. Well, I think they are fine as an optional rule, like Hit Locations, to maybe be used in Heroic Games but not in most Super Hero settings.
  3. I would think because that if it is unbalancing to the game then it shouldn't be available/allowed no matter what the cost of it is. So just making it more expensive via NCM doesn't solve the issue, it just makes it less attractive to some players, but not all of them. Just like most GM's wouldn't allow someone to buy 8 levels of Combat Luck for 48 pts, giving them 24 rPD and rED right out of char gen.
  4. I agree. Templates in Affinity would be fantastic.
  5. Not full maps, but some of the best sketches I could find of Hedeby (Haithabu) one of the largest known viking towns. All pulled from here: https://haithabu.de/en/history
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/reel/playlist/secret-worlds?vpid=p08b8d1n&ocid=ww.social.link.email
  7. Yeah, I've never bothered to stat out ships or anything in my games. Never seemed to be any point to it. If ship to ship combat happens I make it up on the spot based on character rolls and actions and what makes dramatic sense and is fun. For example one way I've tried it and worked pretty well was in a sci-fi game where the players were the crew of one ship and were fighting another ship. The players all had different roles on board, and same with the NPC's on the other starship. So I just made it that each turn they made Opposing Skill Rolls vs their counterparts on the other ship. Tactics vs tactic for the Captains, system operations vs system operations for engineers, Navigation vs navigation for the navigators, combat piloting vs combat piloting for the pilots, etc... and then added up the total of combined successes for each side, per turn. First side to reach 15 successes above the other side won the battle (there were a couple of more rules, like if one side lost all the rolls in one turn then they were all at -1 for their rolls the next turn, or they could try and make complementary skills rolls based on Luck or Invention skill or something similar to represent coming up with a great "idea" at the last moment like in Star Trek, etc...) . This was so much more fun and involving for all the players, then having one person roll OCV combat checks and damage and so on and working out range and speed and DCV and on and on. It was a team based effort with everyone rooting on the other players. It also added some fun detail to the battle because if one turn the Pilot made a super roll and trounced the opposing pilot it meant that the ship had made a great maneuver and gotten behind the other ship or something, same if the Engineer readily beat the other engineer it meant he/she was able to "boost the power to the guns" for one turn or something like that. But then, I've played with the same core group of friends (more or less) for the last 15 years and we are all on the same page for how much detail we want or like in our games. Obviously different groups and individuals will feel differently about it.
  8. I once ran a Weird West campaign where I built a bunch of pre-made powers and abilities the players could buy. One of them was called "Back in Black". It was basically a "get out of death" power. Resurrection Healing with triggers and a bunch of limitations, etc... to make it cheap. It was a one use ability (once used it was gone for good; one charge never recovers) but could be re-bought with xp. But one of the limitations was a side-effect where whenever a player came back from the dead using this ability they gained a new complication that altered their character in some dark/sinister way. Some examples were: Will now only dress in black clothing, can only speak in a whisper, the killing wound never fully heals (no loss of BODY, but always seeping/bleeding, needs to always be bandaged), crows are always circling nearby, etc... (there were a bunch more, but i can't remember them right now). So basically the Players could come back from death (if they bought the ability each time), but each time they did they would become darker, and darker and more ominous as their complications kept adding up.
  9. Didn't want to Edit the last post, so doing another one. Sorry for two posts in a row. One of the things I remember form the movies is that they always say stuff like "It's not the car, it's the driver" and you put any of the lead characters behind the wheel of any car and they can make it do amazing things. So maybe focus on that, not only stuff in my last post, maybe also have stuff like Aid (increase movement, only for car they are driving), Resistant Protection (only for the car they are driving), etc... I mean by the time they got to the 4th or 5th movie they are basically super heroes so nothing wrong (and it is probably right and fitting for the genre) to allow them to build powers to simulate so much of what they do in the movies.
  10. Although it unfortunately never got released for 6th Ed, the Ultimate Vehicle for 5th edition has a lot of extra vehicle combat stuff that might be helpful to make the combat driving more interesting and would be easily adaptable to 6th ed. But as to your question, I think since vehicle combat, driving and stunts are going to be such a major part of the game you should use Hero to create what you want to see/experience. Maybe create some new skills like: Vehicle Stunts, Fast Driving, Fast Turns, Vehicle Jumps, Off Road, Chasing (both to follow someone and lose someone following them), Etc... And the players have to buy all these skills and they can by levels in each of them to start and as they progress. This will allow some of them to specialize in different aspects of driving and use them to their advantage. And make things different and challenging in situations. Maybe keep Combat Driving as the "control skill" (so no one can have any of the sub-skills higher then their Combat Driving skill) and they roll Combat Driving either only in situations where no other skill might apply or as a complementary skill roll to the other rolls in special situations. And then maybe modify some of the other skills to be driving related. For example, allow the Teamwork Skill to be used in driving to coordinate special stunts (two cars towing a giant safe down a city street and working together to use it to take out the cars chasing them, or one car spinning and facing the other teammates car coming up behind them, and using their car as a ramp so the teammates car can use the "ramp car" to make a jump, or when a passenger has to jump from one car to the other) You can make some Talents like: Damaged Driver (gives penalty skill levels when driving a damaged car), or modify Deadly Blow so that it makes the car do extra damage when ramming another vehicle. Some powers might be: Hood Holding (Clinging, but only for staying atop a moving vehicle), Drive Thru (Tunneling but only for driving car car through a wall or building without taking damage), Slow Down (Drain vehicle movement but only by hitting the other car first), Smoke Screen (Darkness, but only by spinning the wheels of the car and burning the rubber). This is all off the top of my head, but you get the idea. There could/can be tons of great ways to build up and make a game like this really fun and cool, including adding in maneuvers and driving martial Arts like dmjalund suggests.
  11. In general I wouldn't apply penalties to the DEX roll, as that is what I think a DEX roll should be for, reacting quickly to a dangerous situation. The only times I would impose a penalty to the roll is if they were other factors in play, for example they were doing something else while walking the bridge (like looking at a map or involved in a deep or heated conversation) or other penalties like over encumbered, carrying someone, injured, etc...
  12. A cool thing to try and do with this would to also incorporate some of the Hero "kingdom" rules from The Ultimate Base, but obviously tailored for mythic/god proportions and religions and followers, etc... and going up against other Gods, not just one on one, but utilizing the kingdom rules to convert followers and expand their followers.
  13. Another option would be to build the computer as a Follower (the rule book even lists an intelligent computer as a possible follower). Once you sell back all the starting points for some many of its stats, plus the complications of not having a physical body, etc... by putting 20 character points in to building it would give you a 100pt follower or more (heck, your current build is over 60 character points, and doesn't do everything you need) so if you spent 50 points on it you'd have a 250pt follower and still save 10+ character points on the build.
  14. The computer can only keep running programs it is already running them at the time the character goes to sleep or is knocked out. As per the rules, only AI computers (with an Ego score) can automatically start running programs and operate on their own independent of someone controlling them. And in this case, if the character is knocked out or asleep the computer has no sense of it's own and would be blind/deaf and dumb to the outside world so it wouldn't be able to "raise an alert" as it A) can't act on its own since it is not an AI, and B ) has no way of knowing what is going on in the outside world.
  15. As it is currently built, it has no access to the outside world, except for your character's mind/senses, so it would never be able to use System Operations, Security Systems, or Computer Programming except as maybe feeding your character information on how to perform those skills, but even then that would generally only be as a complementary skill roll to the roll the character would have to make himself. Also, the emergency radio scanning program has nothing connected to it (the computer isn't built with a radio sense) so unless the character has that sense then the computer can't make use of that program, and I guess it might be a GM call, but if the computer is making use (radio scanning) of the character's sense that does that, then the character is going to be hearing all of that all the time as he is the one with the sense and the computer is just "overriding it" to scan the frequencies. Same with Comm Filtering. The computer doesn't have that sense to use/filter, so it must be overriding the Charatcer's natural sense for that. So you probably want to give it High Range Radio Sense. As for Mind Control (Computer Class Minds) as per the Cybermancy powers that were built/used in all the official Characters and Powers book, the computers controlled do not need to have Ego or be an AI to be controlled. People with those powers are shown to be able to take over/control all types of computers and machines.
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