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  1. My thought is that magic items shouldn't be paid for with Character Points. As the GM you are "running" the world, if the players come across any magical items after a fight or find hidden away in a tomb, it is because the GM (you) decided to put it there. And unless you are handing out tons and tons of CP, way above the standard rule suggestions (average 3 per session), the players would never be able to pay for magical items with CP. Just going by the few examples in Fantasy Hero 6th, most magical items (not counting potions) cost around 30 CP and some go up to 60. So by the g
  2. I say yes, but then I only usually GM fantasy games. if successful attacks don’t inhibit gestures and incantations then they are not much of a limitation as the only thing that would stop the spell would be restraining the caster. And since restraining a characters arms would also stop weapon or hand to hand attacks and those don’t (Usually) get limitations for being restrainable it wouldn’t be balanced if that was the only thing that stopped casters (with gestures and Incantations limitation).
  3. Definitely difficult to do. -Armor Piercing weapons are almost a must. -Certain spells might be effective. -Unique Magical weapons that deal extra damage to dragons or ignore someone or all of their armor. -Weapons or attacks that ignore rPD/rED, for example weapons/attacks with NND or the like. I’m sure people will chime in with other options, but those are what come to mind off the top of my head.
  4. The Equipment Book has listing for "Mini-Missile Launcher" which is described as tracking the target around objects, etc... it is built with Indirect and No Range Modifiers, and an optional build adds Extra Time (1 Segment) to represent the time it takes for the missile to located and reach the target. And other option adds Limited Range (400m) to represent the missile running out of fuel before reaching the target. To build what you want I would maybe add Continuing Charges (1 Turn) and Requires An (Attack) Roll every Phase to the build to represent that if it doesn'
  5. It doesn't mean necessarily mean that the players are playing with different rules, there are advantages that allow for adding an increasing number of tasks(duration), so it could be that the "Bad Guys" just have more powerful spells. Or, more likely, the creatures/minions they created weren't done via the Summoning power but rather by other power builds/rules in the system (like Followers, etc...) or via Narrative/non-rules means. Nothing prevents a character good or bad from somehow "befriending" an NPC or animal or monster and having it be loyal to them or stick around an area or work for t
  6. I think the key to this might be to detail out the ritual, not just saying 12 cultists are going to form a circle at "x" time and "y" location and 20 minutes later "bad thing" happens. I'd make it so that the ritual is a major spell that maybe has a -X (I'll use 20 in this example) to the roll to succeed and the Lead Cultist has the ritual spell at a 13- base chance for success. Then make a list of a bunch of things the cultists need to do before the ritual in order to give +'s to the ritual roll in order for the Cult leader to succeed. So bunch of the cultists are out and about f
  7. With 30% of the city destroyed and presumably 30+% of the population killed then that is a massive amount of dead bodies laying around. The smell alone would be sickening after a few days, and diseases would run rampant possibly also contaminating the cities water supply, Just staying alive and healthy would be a challenge. All the dead would start attracting scavenging wild animals and monsters. Maybe a flood of Ghouls descend upon the ruined parts of the city to feed on the dead and set up their own powerbase there/there own kingdom is it were. The ruined 30% of the city becomes a "dungeon"
  8. Happy to help! If the character does want to have a permanent Skeleton or Vampire assistant/guard or what not they should build them as a follower (and remember you can double the number of followers you have for +5 points, just like equipment)
  9. Well, it does depend on why the Character summoned them at that time, in the first place. Remember, even Slavishly Devoted Followers only have so many Tasks they can/will preform ( 1 per Ego of the caster) before leaving or maybe falling apart in the skeletons case, or turning to dust in the vampire's. So, for example, if the Necromancer has an Ego of 20 then each summoned being can/will preform 20 tasks before leaving. As per the rules, if the Necromancer had them just hanging around "on guard duty" then each day without combat counts as a Task. So if no
  10. Would also depend on who he is interacting with. Being a big, powerful troll might be a good thing when trying to Charm a lady Troll or have a Conversation with another troll or a goblin or Orc or a dragon. So I say keep it as is, and take a complication or other "limitation" so that it is not as effective with those skills vs Humans and other "delicate" species.
  11. No problem! I love things like this. Some additional ideas: -Lots of extra limbs (+18 for a 10 man squad) to represent all the team members can be holding items -somehow work charges into the build. 9 charges which only recover at HQ (one for each extra member of the unit) it is these charges that are lost when a unit member dies, until you are back down at the single, base, trooper. Each charge might give certain bonuses representing the extra people on the team. All of them are activated at first, but as you lose them you lose the bonus abilities/stats/sk
  12. Hmmm... Interesting. I think what you would need to do is first create one guardsman. That way you have a base point/stat/damage/defense/skills, etc... A single guardsman would obviously be built on quite a few less character points then a normal PC. For example, if it is a 275pt campaign then a single guardsman might only be a 120pt character or something. Then with that single guardsman made, I would start to add points and abilities to him/her to simulate being a full unit. I can't remember what the rules are for characters combining their STR to lift things but it
  13. I agree with the above. Just build the powers as normal with the SFX of "Water/Ice" and a limitation that there must be a large enough source of water close by. And then for attacks maybe they have Indirect applied to them so the direction of the attack is from the water source (so if there is a river behind the opponent and the PC uses a Blast (water) attack on the opponent it would hit the opponent from behind (the source of the water).
  14. A roll of 18 does mean an automatic miss, but that does not mean that the character couldn't (in some high powered situation) have a 23- or 27- or even higher chance to succeed. We see this on some of the official NPC's in the game (usually on skill rolls, but that doesn't mean it could also be for attack rolls). so if the house rules were that the character gets a critical hit by making the roll by 10 or more, and if their chance to succeed was 30- then any roll made (3-17) would be a critical success, except for a natural 18, which would mean an automatic failure. If their chance to succeed
  15. For halflings I've general considered it as more then just "size" bonus, but rather a natural/special ability. Logically being smaller would only, maybe, make someone harder to notice visually and even then only if they are not moving. Eye's have evolved to notice motion much more then size, shape, etc... Just like you can easily notice a tiny fly moving by, or a bird swooping by even dozens of meters away. it is the motion that captures our attention, not the object itself. And we often do not notice someone who is motionless even if they are very close to us, the whole "Oh! I di
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