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  1. On 1/18/2019 at 2:07 PM, sentry0 said:

    I love the setting and was curious if there's anyone else on these boards who do too?


    Steve did and amazing job with the book and I think it deserves more supplements.  Although the base book is very detailed in terms of races, geography, theology, etc, I think there's tons of room to expand on.  The setting has such good bones that it feels criminal to not expand on it.


    Also, an update to 6th edition would be fantastic although strictly not necessary.


    Late to the party but... absolutely.
    Just (today) uploaded a Ambrethel world map in colour that might interest folk.

  2. Quite some time ago I shared a number of the original maps from the Turakian Age book. Due to RL and other issues I was unable to continue working on them.

    I am now back to the Turakian Age and have, today, uploaded a colour version of the world map of Ambrethel. I myself have printed this on a decent home printer as a A3 poster and it looks good. It is 1600x1200.


    I am not the creator of these, but the creator was kind enough to pass on to me the various images/files he had a number of years back so I could use/share them on the HERO forums.  I hope to have more converted in time.

    [Download links for others: Black & White World Map - other map files]

  3. How easy would it be to take the 6E stuff back to 5E?


    Also, would you mind posting a teaser page or two of the PDF (in downloads) - I'd like to see how the cybernetics are being built. 


    Another thought, perhaps posting a character or two in the downloads (for HD) could be a way to showcase the sort of overall stereotypical characters you'd expect for the genre book.

  4. We just play characters with whatever EP they have earnt. Some characters have more EPs than others - but so have people in life - we even discussed this again more specifically. We all agreed that we don't mind either way, we trust the GM to keep things as 'in-line' as they feel necessary.


    The lower point characters typically get higher EP rewards per scenario and _can_ catch-up. 


    There are all sorts of other 'natural' ways that total character points can differ and/or be controlled without necessarily having to use gaming-fudge.



    Something similar to the initial topic that we discussed recently was to give players a point 'pool' and require 3 characters to be built from this with max and min spends. This was primarily for a Champions game and was seen that it could allow for more flexibility on character concepts. Playing sessions would be put together (by the GM and players (at least in part)) to require different characters, or to be chronologically parallel or other to get a rotation or characters. Every player would 'buy in' to this idea and accept that there would be character point differences.

  5. @dmj that is what I first thought of.


    @JmOz, I have a few comments which you can take or leave;

    • Regarding the 'costume' - doesn't he need an 'instant change' or whatever it is in 6th?
    • I haven't seen much of 6th to date, you have the genre as low-powered but he totals 325pts <- is that low powered now?
    • I assume that the HUD & Jet Pack are part of the costume? Does he always go around in his costume? Does this mean that all sessions he will be 'powered up'?
      • presumably the campaign is heavily agent/mission based?
    • I notice he doesn't have Psychological.
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