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  1. Re: Seeimgly Strange Characters to Model Don't forget that the Revenant from "Peer Review" is a now a regularly appearing character in the PS238 comic. He's training/mentoring tyler Marlocke.
  2. Re: [Character] Battlestone It's funny that "You Should Be Dead" by Cut Throats 9 just popped up on my Winamp when I saw this post. Anyway, I never bothered to stat Battlestone out but the temptation to use the Automaton Rules for him seems like a fun idea. after all, as one of the Project: Born Again subjects, he's a rather lively and quick corpse. Does nicely in explaining those crazy little murderous escapades he's indulged in too. If you're interested, here's a DC Heroes writeup that seems pretty good. http://www.writeups.org/affiche_fiche.php?id=106 http://www.writeups
  3. Re: Exiled Champions Dang... Looks like invoking the spirit of Fuzion, even without directly naming it, killed this thread nicely. Well, fret not Champions: The New Millenium fans, we'll always have Cateran. 'Cause apparently she's immortal enough to outlive a rather unpopular game line.
  4. Re: Exiled Champions Y'know, there's still other worlds untapped there. Professor Jacob Manning was a young archeology professor at Bay City University when an old friend involved him in a series of encounters with a malevolent mystical organization known as the Brotherhood Arcane. During a desperate struggle at a magical ruin that would later be known as the Pit, they found themselves stranded in the Shadow Realm. As his old friend managed to return them home, Jacob felt some unseen force attempt to hold him there. Though he broke free, it's mark has been left upon him. Now his body
  5. Re: Thunderbird Questions That's a wise plan.
  6. Re: Thunderbird Questions That I recall, Warpath's flight ability happened when Warren Ellis was writing the book. There'd been this "6 months later" event involving the aftermath of the High Evolutionary deciding to suppress mutant powers and the X-men having to go stop him on his space station. Afterwards the X-men fought the Neo, which was a suddenly retconned-in race of immortal supermutants who had been decimated by the High Evolutionary's attempted cure. After a while no one talked about the Neo any more. Gen-X had a storyline jump where Synch died, among other events. X-For
  7. Re: Thunderbird Questions Hmm. Well, I just reread the few scant appearances John had in the early days. In Giant Size X-men #1, he catches and wrestles a bison/buffalo to the ground in one grab & toss. Later on Krakoa, he gets snared by one of the mutant plants and yanks it out of the ground in one swift move. The plant is the size of a medium tree, both in bulk and root system. After that he's just kinda there, storywise. #94 has him burned by a "low-intensity" laser in the Danger Room. He's hurt but it's just a scratch really. He's walking around on it like it's no probl
  8. Re: A tip OIF the hat: How to remove Crowns OK, lemme see if I got this then. Vigorously applied violence seems to be the recommended approach, preferably with a mystical hazmat team present. Sounds like a plan. I think we should get the drop on them one at a time, preferably using extremely heavy objects.
  9. Re: Crude Combined Marvel/DC timeline to use as backstory to a Supers campaign Apparently, the graphic novel Batman:Son of the Demon wavers in and out of continuity. In that one, Batman & Talia have a son, though she tricks him into thinking she miscarried and places the child up for adoption. apparently Denny O'Neil says that Zero Hour bumped it out of continuity. The kid is known variously as Ibn al Xu'ffasch, Damien Wayne & in one elseworld as Tarrant Wayne. This summer, Grant Morrison did a story arc using that graphic novel as the basis. Voila! Back in continuity it goe
  10. Re: My view of the CU You do realize this is gonna really freak the collective people of America out, right? I hate to say it but the most important thing about whatever suit-wearing monkey you just swore into office as POTUS is that he's sweating bullets that he's next on the kerblammo list unless they find out why Washington DC went boom. People aren't gonna be worried that his daughter trains lions or where his wife works, they're going to start screaming at him to make it all better. Large-scale death really rattles the average American. He/She tends to start yelling and thowing blame
  11. Re: Quiz/Brainstorm: What's your Special Ability?
  12. Re: Quiz/Brainstorm: What's your Special Ability? Hey, I'm all for it.
  13. Re: Quiz/Brainstorm: What's your Special Ability? Woah... I can tell exactly what any given walrus is feeling, at any given time, anywhere on the planet. Um, I have Walrus Awareness, huh? Alternately, Your Superhero Name is The Golden Torpedo Your Superpower is Cybernetics Your Weakness is Tummy Rubs Your Weapon is Your Poison Gel Your Mode of Transportation is Segway Um, I'm gonna stick to punching jaywalkers & litterbugs til I save up for that Radiation Accident.
  14. Re: Secret IDs: In or Out? Well, I've had Secret IDs, Public IDs & characters who just didn't sweat it one way or another. It tends to be a genre thing for me. There's a real tang of Iron Age to simply handwaving that the govt knows Spider-Man is Peter Parker as recent writers established. It kind of bugs me that SHIELD can be presented as alternately all-knowing and unable to find it's ass with both hands and a roadmap. He used to never get unmasked and in the last few years it's all too common. Bah. Doesn't fit right for him. No Secret ID pulls him away from his common-man appe
  15. Re: The sneaky liaison Hmm, well, I'd lose the cat burglar/Black Cat stuff. Why not make her one of the rarer major successes of the Psi-Division. She could have limited telepathic powers, some precognition and a strong dose of psychometry, leading to her tending to use more formal late 19th-early 20th century language and having a fondness for it's fashions, literature and music. If she's to wear gloves outside of her SHIELD uniform, she could wear them to cut down on psychic impressions After all, these personal affectations she uses would certainly have been remarked on in he
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