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  1. Did you mean to give him a total of 140 Str when in Washington DC? The GAC writeup gives him a base of 50 Str with 80 in Washington DC and a 65 in oh, let's say Albany, for example.
  2. Re: Wait - you punch WHAT?!? (or what would the damage from an atomic bomb be?) So, I take it you don't ever intend to have nukes involved in your game at all?
  3. Re: Most Oscure Reference You've Ever Worked Into a Game I try to limit myself to primarily the superhero genre when making my weirdo references. Occasionally a movie or so might work it's way in. Probably my most obscure superhero reference was from the movie Robot Ninja and I can't recommend avoiding this movie enough. Essentially, there's this comic book artist who freaks out after seeing a horrific act of gang violence and decides to have his buddy the amateur inventor build him a costume based on his character, the Robot Ninja. End result: artist wearing nightsight-granting mask
  4. Re: Songs that inspire(d) you to make a Champions Character That's because Gainax was responsible for the Daicon IV opening as well.
  5. Re: X-Men: The Next Generation campaign on Hero Central
  6. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... A random reference to it having drawn me back, I just located and reread a 15in1 book of the first 14 Oz books and the Little Wizard Stories. Man, I forgot how much I liked Oz. Sure, the comic collector in me is bitching about inconsistencies in background elements but overall I still enjoy them. One of these days, I need to see about trakcing down copies of the other 26 books in the "Famous Forty" and reading all of them as well. Now, if I could just locate copies that weren't going to cost me more than 20 buck
  7. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Virus Alert -Weird Al Yankovic I love this song...
  8. Re: Complicate the Person Above It took three years of planning and observation, a crack squad of SAS commandos, a hyperdimensionally intelligent white mouse and a well-placed banana peel but Death Tribble's hideous empire of vat-grown boy bands finally was stopped. The aural damage caused was but a fraction of what would have been had he remained unchecked.
  9. Re: WWYCD: The Nightmare on Hero Street Hmm, sounds interesting... for some of my guys. Doremo -ki-adept & martial artist, he's got some ghost-killing moves and is quite familiar with the whole people lunge and try to cut you part of hand to hand combat. Assuming he's not caught unaware by some dream-manipulation ability he can't fathom, he's all over this guy like Jason Vs Freddy. Thunderbolt- weather-manipulating brick with decades of experience and a large VPP of occult rituals and mystic artifacts. "A dream-demon, huh? I thought we sealed the last of you in the outer re
  10. Re: Complicate the Person Above Bazza once calculated and invented a popular dance designed to make the wrong people become couples. He did this despite not being a divorce lawyer. It's the principal of the thing with him.
  11. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? I finally watched Transformers yesterday. Better than I expected, but we already know they're giant alien shapeshifting robots. Been seein' those for a couple decades now. The audience is already in on the secret, so put more robocentric scenes in, you dipsticks! I could care less about nameless hacker dorks #01-08. Get on with Starscream and Megatron vs Prime and Ironhide. Oh, and the ending was absolutely and likely unintentionally hilarious to me. Not the fight ending, but the 'pose and dramatic speech by Prime' ending.
  12. Re: [CHAR]Professor Powerful I like it, it's got charm. Wouldn't be difficult to drop a guy like this into a game.
  13. Re: WWCYD: Lethal Force is Authorized Hmm, no brainers for most of my guys here. Doremo: He doesn't have a CvK anyway, just the traditional 0pt Reluctant. He'd have already gone with the nastiest/most effective chi techniques his curently 90 pt multipower can bring to bear. Time for the Vacuum Blades, Fleshcutting techniques and those sword-based ones he usually shies away from. No one kills or enslaves his planet while he's still breathing. Gallant: He's a PRIMUS agent. He's already going to be using whatever the most damaging moves a fast hi-move brick has. Thunderbolt: H
  14. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Schoolboy by Mustard Plug
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