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  1. *Chuckles* Thanks! That's quite a compliment. I had to stop this week though, due to the birth of my first child, Allison Paige. But I shall now resume my normal routine of drawing until my hands fall off.
  2. Me too. I love looking at the art when I get my books! Since this is Storn's thread, I'll have to say that there were a few really great pieces by him as well. I love the fantasy styling on them, such as the messager at the woman's door. Great trim around the door and on the clothes. Pretty cool.
  3. Heh. Ego-stroking is one things that keeps a lot of us artists happy doing what we do! I enjoy seeing your character designs Storn. Keep up the good work. I've been wanting to share some of my characters too, but my life has been super busy now that I have a baby on the way. In three weeks actually! YIKES! Back to work!
  4. Everyone DOES realize that I started this thread as a joke right? I have no problem whatsoever with cleavage. I think there should be MORE in the world.
  5. *chuckles* Aren't we all? You know, I've been trying to work more breasts into my assignments too.
  6. Could put a splash blurb on the cover... "Now with 100% more BOOBS!"
  7. I mean seriously, how many heaving breasts do you need to draw? Why do you have to figure out every possible way to show some cleavage? Are you like 14 or something? Damn. Oh, and page 21 of Spacer's Toolkit... does that lady's grandma REALLY want to see her humongous melons? (even though I do.) Come on already, lay off the fun-bags! Heh. Anyway, welcome to the Hero All-Star Artists Squadron. I really dig your stuff. And your egregious mammaries.
  8. I think someone may be sued by Bitmap Bros for trademark viloation. http://www.bitmap-brothers.co.uk/downloads/images/speedball/index.htm Cool pic.
  9. Wait a second. What the heck have you been doing with your barber???
  10. OK, I'm just gonna flat out ask it now that my curiosity is peeked. Monolith are you male or female?
  11. The way you use the phrase "Storn fanboys", you make it sound like it's a bad thing to like Storn's art. You do happen to be in a thread called "Storn's Art & Characters thread", which happens to be frequented by Storn fanboys. I don't know why you have to have such a severe attitude about the whole thing.
  12. Nice job on the cardboard minis Dynamo. They look real good. And of course, great work Storn.
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