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  1. Re: Please Write up our Luchadors He's just the smart one, where-as El Nato is the dumb brick. hehe
  2. Re: Please Write up our Luchadors I can't decide if they're graphic designers with wrestling jobs, or wrestlers with graphic design jobs. Either way they smash their competition.
  3. Hey guys. I saw the news about the Lucha Libre Hero book coming out soon and couldn't be more excited. My buddy and I have a brand we call Lethal Dos, built around the Lucha Libre theme. You might know might art from a bunch of Hero books. Well, it's been a few years since any of you may have seen my art. Here's a drawing of our two mascots, El Nato and Cerebro. My friend and I are both total geeks and would love to see our characters written up, we just don't have any time. Anybody care to write up our wrestlers? Thanks guys! Hero FTW. Nato www.lethaldos.com
  4. Re: My Champions RPG Lens on Squidoo Thanks Enforcer! It has been a while! Are you the same Enforcer from my old chat game? That was years ago!
  5. Re: My Champions RPG Lens on Squidoo Bubba, Squiddoo is a site that lets you easily create single page websites or articles (which Squidoo calls "lenses"). It has a system of modules that make it easy for non web-geeks add content. They also share ad revenue so there's an incentive to produce a quality article that people want to find. You should try it. Would probably be a really cool format for writing up characters. You can also opt to turn of ads and stuff. I've been recommending Squidoo to people for several months. Thanks for checking my lens out! Also working on a general Hero System reference. It's still not finished but you can see it in progress here. http://www.squidoo.com/hero_system_guide
  6. I created a lens on Squidoo for Champions and wanted to share it with you guys and/or get input on it. I'd love it to be a great intro page for people new to the system. Darren and staff, what kind of info can I share on the site? I think a turn-by-turn example section might be cool, maybe with some freebies. Peace out Champions fans! http://www.squidoo.com/champions_superhero_rpg
  7. Please forgive me if this is tacky, but I'm selling a few of my Hero books on ebay in order to make some extra Christmas cash. All my books are new, and fairly cheap. I've got a couple copies of Fantasy Hero, as well as a lot of other supplements. If there's something you need that isn't there, please e-mail me. I have a bunch. Here's a link to my auctions. If it doesn't work, search for items by seller and look for "nato-man" http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQcatrefZC5QQfromZR7QQnojsprZyQQnojsprZyQQpfidZ0QQsacategoryZQ2d1QQsassZnatoQ2dmanQQsatitleZQQsinceZ30QQsofindtypeZ15QQsofocusZbsQQsorecordsperpageZ50QQsorecordsperpageZ50QQsosortorderZ1QQsosortpropertyZ1 Thanks!
  8. Re: Seeking Online Resources for Danger International ( aka The Espionage World ) The AEG website has a lot of support materials for their espionage game Spycraft. On the site you can find a lot of free adventures that you could scour for ideas. The books they put out for the line too are also very useful, even if you don't play Spycraft. I'm admittedly biased since I'm a graphic designer at AEG, but when I've laid the books out I realized how much non-mechanic information is in them. Worth browsing next time you're at the game store. Make mine Hero.
  9. When I ran an online campaign, set in Chicago, I downloaded the HTML from Chicago Sun-Times website. Then I substituted my own headlines, stories and pictures into the template. It was super easy to publish that to my site and have a very realistic newpaper online. I don't have any saved anywhere, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there.
  10. As an employee of AEG, and a Hero Fan, I'm extremely interested in this! I haven't had a chance to get very into the setting, but if I can help in any way, please let me know. If there's information you need from a book you don't have, I have access.
  11. They do seem pretty interesting. They're also the first high-power good-guy team I can recall seeing written up. A nice change of pace.
  12. Re: First Blush Review of UNTIL:DOF Man, I can't wait for my copies! I'm jealous. That's Cara Mitten. You should check out her website. Some very nice color stuff on there. Just have to browse around a bit. Actually, here's a link straight to her gallery. http://yerf.com/mittcara/
  13. I'd like to get my hands on a copy of this book myself. If anyone has one who would like to trade it, I'd be willing to part with up to five of any of the new books. I have multiple copies of everything after The Ultimate Vehicle and would be willing to trade five different titles for Strike Force. I know it's probablly a pipe dream, but thought I'd make the offer. Oh, and I'll also give 100 million dollars to whoever breaks me out of jail.
  14. I have a few interior pieces in UNTIL. A snowmobile, a Shuttle, and some other stuff I can't remember at the moment. I'm happy to hear that the VIPER tank drawing had an impact on your group. I really dig drawing vehicles and tech stuff like that.
  15. That's definitely the idea we had in mind for this cover. Sort of a sequel to the VIPER cover. I'm glad you like!
  16. Thanks for the compliments guys. Very much appreciated! Nato
  17. Thanks bcholmes. I was really happy with how it turned out, and I'm glad you liked it!
  18. I have to agree, Allen can write. I can't wait to see more of his adventures. I'm definitely using this one. And thanks for the kind words on my artwork -- always appeciated.
  19. Re: I like it *chuckles* That's O.K. I HATE most of your posts. But for the life of me, I can't remember ever drawing a pirate ship.
  20. Dungeon Magazine usually has at least one modern map in the Ployhedron half of the mag every month. Sometimes two if you're lucky. The maps are very nice and in full color, although the have a square grid instead of hex if that matters to you. I usually scan mine, and use my Epson printer's scaling function to blow it up to battlematt size. Also, flip through some of the Shadowforce Archer sourcebooks. The latest release, "African Alliance" has tons of nice maps, all detailing different levels and sections of a base complex. The maps are almost as nice as the Dungeon mag ones, though not in color. Not real big maps, but you could still scan them at a high resolution and blow them up without much effort. Another option is to search for blueprints on Google and Google Image search. You'd be suprised at what kinds of cool stuff you can find. There's a few Modern Maps packs on RPGNow.com, but the quality isn't all that great. The Modern Maps X (or something like that) has a lot of maps in it. Another fun option is to buy or make a battlemap at 1" grid size, and then use cardboard models to make buildings and such. I heartily recommend any of the sets by Microtactix. Most of their new sets are now in color (with a b&w alternative usually) and are for sale in PDF form. Besides having very nice texture buildings, they pay attention to little details such as mailboxes and dumpsters and building signs. Check 'em out!
  21. Nice thorough review there Yamo! And thanks! You've just made my week! That was my first ever fantasy artwork and I look forward to doing more.
  22. Nato

    StarGate Hero?

    Thought I'd chime in here. I just started working at AEG in their graphic design department. So I'm a little biased. But I started reading their stuff, specifically Spaycraft. And tom my suprise, I love it. Didn't think I'd ever get into d20, but now I see that it's not a bad system, and their's quite a bit you can do with it. And the Spycraft rulebook adds some very interesting stuff to the mix. They also have some great source material. Being a map junkie, I was blown away to see a huge villain organization base mapped out in a book called "African Alliance". It also had great stuff about running deathtraps. Breaks them down into triggers, the trap, and weakness. Just those tables alone are enough to stimulate tons of ideas. Then they have some great stuff on running exciting car chases. All kinds of cool stuff. A lot of great ideas for using in your hero games. A lot of the feats are great for ideas on new power constructs and talents. Anyway, I've also looked at the new Stargate game and it's COOL! Harbound, full-color, and HUGE. It's nice. Also based on some of the new mechanics Spycraft introduced! Check it out!
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