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  1. *Chuckles* Thanks! That's quite a compliment. I had to stop this week though, due to the birth of my first child, Allison Paige. But I shall now resume my normal routine of drawing until my hands fall off.
  2. Me too. I love looking at the art when I get my books! Since this is Storn's thread, I'll have to say that there were a few really great pieces by him as well. I love the fantasy styling on them, such as the messager at the woman's door. Great trim around the door and on the clothes. Pretty cool.
  3. Heh. Ego-stroking is one things that keeps a lot of us artists happy doing what we do! I enjoy seeing your character designs Storn. Keep up the good work. I've been wanting to share some of my characters too, but my life has been super busy now that I have a baby on the way. In three weeks actually! YIKES! Back to work!
  4. Everyone DOES realize that I started this thread as a joke right? I have no problem whatsoever with cleavage. I think there should be MORE in the world.
  5. *chuckles* Aren't we all? You know, I've been trying to work more breasts into my assignments too.
  6. Could put a splash blurb on the cover... "Now with 100% more BOOBS!"
  7. I mean seriously, how many heaving breasts do you need to draw? Why do you have to figure out every possible way to show some cleavage? Are you like 14 or something? Damn. Oh, and page 21 of Spacer's Toolkit... does that lady's grandma REALLY want to see her humongous melons? (even though I do.) Come on already, lay off the fun-bags! Heh. Anyway, welcome to the Hero All-Star Artists Squadron. I really dig your stuff. And your egregious mammaries.
  8. I think someone may be sued by Bitmap Bros for trademark viloation. http://www.bitmap-brothers.co.uk/downloads/images/speedball/index.htm Cool pic.
  9. Wait a second. What the heck have you been doing with your barber???
  10. OK, I'm just gonna flat out ask it now that my curiosity is peeked. Monolith are you male or female?
  11. The way you use the phrase "Storn fanboys", you make it sound like it's a bad thing to like Storn's art. You do happen to be in a thread called "Storn's Art & Characters thread", which happens to be frequented by Storn fanboys. I don't know why you have to have such a severe attitude about the whole thing.
  12. Nice job on the cardboard minis Dynamo. They look real good. And of course, great work Storn.
  13. Here's a few that popped up when I was looking at the art in my copy of The Ultimate Vehicle. p44 "Quit grabbin' ma ass, ahm tryin' ta drive!" p7 "Here's the cash. Oh, and next time... park in the driveway like everyone else." p53 "I better hurry. If I'm late again, the rest of the Village People are gonna be pissed." p56 "Look octavius, while they were sleeping I drew a face on their ship with a sharpie. They STILL have noticed it!" p59 "Aircraft sold separately!" p60 "How many times do I have to tell you boys, shoot that thing OUTSIDE!" p74 "Jafar's magic carpet gave him the getaway he needed when her husdband pulled in the drive." p76 "Dammit Maverik, you overshot the carrier! It's back on page 59!" p 84 "News at 11:00 - Flying internal organ spotted over the grand canyon!" p 102 "Zorton enjoys his hobby, poking pinholes into planets and hollowing them out." p 115 "Dr. Eradicator puts together his first Radio Shack shortwave radio kit." p 142 "After Kid Rock went broke he turned to a life of car theft." p 149 "Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooi, ees hard to count wid onlay one hayund." p 151 (Thought balloon from woman in isle) "I finally made it into the Mile High Club. And I did it all by myself." p 160 "After a long day's shopping at the aqua-mall, Max forgets where he parked his boat." (pretty weak, I know) p 165 "I'm sorry, but we can't fit the body in there - not with all that crap in the trunk." p 173 "After a failed atempt on page 37, the maniac driver tried to hit Jim a second time." p 175 "Damn! She closed her blinds AGAIN." p 200 (Cuba Gooding Jr.) "This is a GAY cruise!!!" (Horatio Sans) "I'm swimming back to shore!!!!" p 213 "Dang it! I JUST washed bacon grease off my car! Hope they make you chuckle more than they make you groan. - Nato
  14. Ah, they moved him out to Florida, eh?
  15. Hey, pretty cool image there. The character has a nice light-hearted feel to him.
  16. Interesting technique. I had a teacher who worked in similar fashion using rabit skin glue. So after you've sealed in your pencils with the clear gesso, it looks as if you've applied the paint in a very liquid form, almost like watercolors? I'll have to give that a try.
  17. P.S. - I really enjoyed following your boot camp thread on RPGnet. You have a great talent for teaching and critiquing. It was a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll have time to get involved in the next one just for kicks.
  18. Hey Storn. I commented a bit on it on the other thread, but I really dig this picture. And the style used to make it. I know it's a sketch, but that's largely part of the charm. The textured pencil strokes on the pant legs and near the fit are my favorite. Just gives it a lot of character. As far as the character and the overall feel for the drawing, it honestly reminds me of Silvestri's X-Men run and those baddies the Reavers. I appreciate the color schem myself. It shows some excellent restraint, which is a sign of a seasoned artist in my opinion. Great art is all about firm decision making and you've chosen your palette wisely. OH, a question for you. I know you like to do your work in color most of the time, even if it's published in black and white. I was computer coloring in just grey before - but then I said "what's the point." I may as well use color. It doesn't take much more time, and it's just as easy to monitor contrast and value. My question is, do you tweak it for black and white publication after you finish the coloring? This is what I've been doing lately. I'll color it completely, but using more layers than I normally would. Then I convert it to greyscale. The separate layers make it much more convenient for me to alter the contrast between to shapes. Just wondering if this is perhaps a similar approach to what you use. Anyway, thanks for sharing with us. Always a blast to see artwork someone uses in their game. -Nato
  19. This is true, but just having a huge list of different disadvantage examples wpuld be helpful. For generating ideas and stuff.
  20. Wait, I think the real way to go would be to make a disadvantages pack for Hero Designer. And then just cram 100 truckloads of disads into it.
  21. You know what, it sounded silly at first - but I kind of agree. I don't think it will ever be a book itself, or even a large section of any one book. But there's no denying it, having a resource like this with just TONS of disadvantages would be extremely handy and help spark ideas for characters. I know sometimes it gets tough finding 150 points of disadvantages. After the first 75 points or so I find myself really straining my brain to think of new ideas for disadvantages.
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