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  1. Nerts. Serves me right for taking a short jaunt off-world. Thanks, I'll check out RPOL and see what's happening there. ?
  2. Apparently, I've been remarkably inattentive... for a longer stretch of time than I thought. I went to find HeroCentral to see what kind of campaigns were running and... it's gone. [insert_CharletonHeston-StatueOfLiberty_pic_here] I'm almost afraid to ask whether the site is gone entirely or just relocated...?
  3. Many, many years ago, I read a story (in Omni magazine, I think) where aliens had abducted a human, male for the purposes of study. It seems that humans had always been regarded as an extremely dangerous species and, under no circumstances, should they ever be approached. Alas, there was never any empirical evidence as to why this was the case, so they decided to find out. The research facility was an isolated space station, with only one way out. Only a single ship would visit at irregular intervals to re-supply the station. They placed him in an escape-proof prison – basically a glorified zoo-like enclosure with bars, a moat, automated weapons, etc. They made certain that the subject knew that it was escape proof, then they settled down to observe. They performed every test they could devise, literally took him apart and put him back together and could find no evidence to substantiate the "legend" of the dangerous human. To extend the amount of time they could observe the subject, made him functionally immortal (no aging, immune to disease, able to recover from nearly any injury). After a significant amount of time had passed (I don't recall that an actual amount of time was ever stated), the human escaped, overcoming every obstacle the researchers had set up and escaped in the stolen supply ship, presumably headed back to earth. As they watched the ship depart, the lead researcher poured a drink and toasted the end of their own race. In response to the quizzical looks, he replied, 'A single human, whom we've made nearly unkillable, has escaped from a prison that was escape-proof, in a ship containing navigational and technological knowledge far superior to anything his planet had achieved. How long do you think it will be until it returns with an invasion force?..."
  4. Excellent responses all 'round, thanks! The group I played with most often in college was apparently a morose and sullen bunch (at least in part -- they seemed pretty well adjusted ). Our character origins frequently included the loss of a loved one (or at least their maiming) through accident or intent. I don't know that it occurred to anyone to go the "being a hero for kicks" route. If it had, I've no doubt one or more of the players would have arranged for an in-game "accident" for that individual for having the audacity to be so annoyingly chipper.
  5. My curiosity escaped and is currently running rampant*... and is causing me to wonder: Has anyone here ever created characters without tragic origin stories? By tragic, I mean origins that did not involve personal tragedies such as loss of loved ones, imprisonment, last survivor of home planet, loss of personal fortune, near-death experience, etc. Almost every game I've ever played in, the characters seemed to have a tragic circumstance that spurred them to fight evil... — *Not to worry... I've set box traps baited with signs saying "do not look inside this box." I should have it back under control momentarily...
  6. I'm creating a shape shifting character (mostly imitates the appearance of others). As a character "bit" I'm setting it up so that each time the character changes shape, she leaves behind a feather. Would this be worthy of a disad? It has no immediate repercussions, but it does leave evidence that she was there and could (in theory) be enough to make it easier to track the character down (with the right equipment or powers -- e.g., location spells... or ultra tech DNA scanners... or bird dogs. ). Thoughts?
  7. For a character with a Variable Power Pool (a gadgeteer, to be precise): Would it be a limitation to require that any powers that normally use END be built to either use an END reserve or charges? I feel like it'd be a -1/4 limitation at best, but probably a -0...
  8. Re: The Clown Guild - The First Clan for the new MMO Mrs. Peel... The banana-themed espionage expert... wears a skin-tight, yellow body suit with something akin to a Chiquita logo for an insignia... does not react well to being called "Chiquita" and positively loathes Carmen Miranda references.
  9. Re: Odd Swords -- Real or Fantasy? There are a fair number of historical blades that could be mistaken for fantasy weapons, like the Dacian Falx. More of a polearm with a curved blade that was sharpened on the inside of the curve, rather than the outside. I remember reading somewhere that it was the inspiration for the elven blades used on the battlefield scenes in the LotR movies. I've always thought it would be cool to have a sword-length weapon that was half "hilt" (haft?) and half blade -- only perhaps a bit less curved. Seems like the Zulu used something like that, too; looked like a long-bladed spear with a shortened haft. No idea what it was called... or really if what I remember is accurate. Could just as easily be something implanted by Hollywood.
  10. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity"
  11. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat This had me chuckling for 5 minutes... Well done!
  12. Re: Not "Secret", not "Public", just "Identity" Hmmm... then all of this sort of begs the question: What would it be worth if you had No Identity? No one knows you... at all. There's no record of your birth... or death. You're not in any system... anywhere. ... and there's nothing you can do to make it otherwise.
  13. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat *with herculean effort, Delthrien breaks free of the transdimensional prison that held him—a transdimensional prison cunningly disguised as a wet paper bag at that* New Topic! What new and fascinating ways critics will pan the impending Watchmen film
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