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  1. A) Depends on the Poison, and Putting a power limitation on Sticky or the whole power that it doesn't do precisely that is a lot simpler and clearer than tearing up the advantage list.
  2. It doesn't need an area effect. It just needs to be triggered and sticky.
  3. Ask Joe Linehan about his All-Thrills Comics game. It is by far the best game in that era I've ever played.
  4. What this means is that if you're not following my Imperial Throne Process Thread, you should be. http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/90666-imperial-throne-process-thread/
  5. How is this a nightmare? I would watch the HELL out of this!
  6. Apparently there is a copy of my giant adventure/supplement, Imaginary Friends, available on Amazon for 12.99 Snap it up, and punch an evil rabbit in the face. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/1613187238/ref=sr_1_2_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1476731791&sr=8-2&keywords=Michael+Satran
  7. Heh. Or it could mean that they will finally introduce Shadow Lass when they need to wake him up.
  8. The 500 Concussions of Bartholomew Cubbins Dirk Gently's Big Fat Greek Wedding
  9. The Secret Master's sheet is complete. On to his extremely long and complicated background.
  10. It should be noted that the cost to reduce the END also doubles.
  11. It was the best one so far. But episode 2 of Flash really set a high bar. I love how they've kind of combined the look of both Dr. Alchemy and Mr. Element into a single character. He is fricking scary.
  12. It would not. Martial Arts is a skill.
  13. Agent Weapons Locker sheet complete. About 25 new weapons. Remaining are the Secret Master, The People's Dragon, and some vehicles.
  14. He learned the mystic arts and took on three soul-singing apprentices! Doctor Strange and the Sorcerer Supremes!
  15. That's how to calculate damage classes, not "advantages add directly to existing powers and abilities." Read Hand to Hand attack specifically. HA adds to martial maneuvers that do Normal damage, but not other forms of damage. Now, let's move to Power Modifiers. An independant advantage (Which is what Armor Piercing STR is) is not attached to a specific power. It does not figure through unless he buys it on Hand to Hand attack also. Advantages are MANDATORY. You can't use them partially. So unless the advantage affects everything, he only gets to use Armor Piercing on the points he paid armor piercing for.
  16. 6e2 is not valid with the use of champions complete.
  17. There's a huge flaw in this. Power Advantages don't add to martial arts dcs unless his STR and all his martial arts dcs are also bought with armor piercing. Any attack he purchased may already be armor piercing, but I suspect he did this with Hand to Hand Attack, which does not figure through. In other words, the character needs to pay bucket tons of additional points for this maneuver, plus he has to pay for armor piercing on the full value of his martial arts. All of this has to be bought naked. If you have damage caps, it is likely that this exceeds them. Armor Piercing in Champions Complete costs +1/4. His STR, his Martial Arts, and his Hand to Hand attack all require this advantage. Even if he purchases Rapid Attack, his chances of doing this with Passing Strike against a single target are not good, since he must "Pass" the character again every time he does this. This requires moving an additional six hexes. Even so, do not forget that a character may now "Guard" his hex against incoming attacks, allowing an attack on the target before this horror goes off. I recommend Martial Throw. The key point of all this, of course, is that he didn't pay nearly enough points to buy the effect he wants.
  18. On to the agent weapons locker sheet. This may take a few days, simply because staring at numbers for ages and building different weapons is a significant effort at a time when I'm kind of whipped. After this, People's Dragon, the Secret Master, and then it's on to the maps phase.
  19. Boogie Nights of the Leapus And, of course... King Arthur: Boogie Knights of the Leapus
  20. It's not "a few tweaks." Trust me. The ebb and flow of the math is very different.
  21. The agent sheet is done, and now it's background time for the agent sheet!
  22. Laser Phantom's background is finished. This only leaves the agents, the Secret Master, the People's Dragon, and two vehicles, and then all the sheets are done. The next step will be maps unless people are making suggestions at this stage.
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