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  1. Re: Curious of Other Opins I'd beat him with my rulebook. Sunday No seriously, an unusual sense (which this is, obviously ) cannot cover multiple targets unless these is a cohesive theme (detect traps) I would never allow him to have detect objects, danger, abilities. There's no theme there, it would have to be done with 3 senses. (the choice he made however, is a different story) Don't use unusual detects to detect danger, use danger sense. His 3rd choice you just veto on principle. Discriminatory sense abilities? That's when you smack him with the rulebook. An just so he learns that the GM's will is law and cannot be thwarted, after he buys his battery of unusual detects to never be blinded, you hit him with a flash vs unusual detects and THEN you thump him with the rulebook. Hope that helps. Sunday
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