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  1. And it looks like he was married, too!
  2. Exactly. The "chip" is a computer in your brain (or whatever). There are already rules for computers.
  3. I sat on this until I couldn't take it. Originally, I sat on it for the sake of Tribble, Sean, and any other Brits that might be on the board. But I can't take it anymore. There is a European Royal who is now, sadly, single. Which means that there is a chance for Ancestory.com to show it's value as a dating site.
  4. If you are just shopping random opinions on why it's illegal, I'll toss out this one: Yes; my gut says that Clairsentience should, by default, tell you exactly where your target is, not just let you look at him. After all, you had to search around with your Clairsentience to find him, right? Stands to reason that if you know exactly where he is, then you know exactly where he is. _However_, I also accept that it doesn't actually have to work that way. You may just have a psychic link to a person that lets you see him and his surroundings all the time-- or at least wh
  5. The most infamous, surely. But my favorite was the Indiana Jones game,where they tried to trademark the word Nazi.
  6. He's married, but she should go for Steve Harvey. Their outfits match too damned many times for them to not be a couple.
  7. The Youth Group concluded the long-stalled (thanks, Corona!) Halloween special mini-run. At some point, the meticulous mind of the detective character grabs a jug of Delish-S softdrink (a long-running joke in my games, celebrating a particularly heinous concoction that even Truck's Tacos-- home of the chocolate-covered mayonnaise ball-- refuses to carry). Mycroft [grabbing a jug from a player about to throw it an approaching zombie]: No; I am checking the label. I have _got_ to know what's in this stuff, and who makes it! GM: You check the label, and notice that the
  8. Funnt this got bumped tonight. After months of hiatus, just ten minutes ago, we xoncluded the Halloween adventure. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
  9. Ditto, but given what it is referencing, I felt it best not to mention that...
  10. I have three, actually. The first one is _not_ from a published adventure-- or any adventure at all, actually. It's from those simple little comic strips in the Champions II supplement-- the ones with Foxbat and Leroy trying to get the body of Mechanon. The ballon in front of the security camera, and the hanging up a jacket on the Mechanon "coatrack" both just kill me, even now-- what? almost forty years later? My first GM dumping lots of VIPER-related stuff at us, then us finally getting a look at VIPER agents with those realistically-sized-but-incredibly-goofy helm
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