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  1. Nice to see you're still alive! We'd started to murmur things.....
  2. Hunh. I thought I was the only person who did that.
  3. That's where I went for a year or two myself. It isnt that I have any animosity towards the new editions; it's just that I have no interest in them.
  4. For what it's worth, most of my "caps" are starting caps. Players are expected to meet and eventually exceed them (if they opt to deepen skills instead of broaden them) with XP: that's what it's for. No one hoards XP (at least, not so far as I know). Story arcs and campaigns are pre-determined and designed to resolve before the Player Characters become actual deities. I don't know if that's what you're looking for, but that's how I do it. I don't do "campaign caps" in general because the campaign is designed to escalate as the Players increase their abilities, and there is a definite conclusion in mind.
  5. Good. I _hate_ that they can infect sensible people, but the fact that stupid lunatic whackos are opting to put themselves in mortal peril sits well with me. There. I said it. I hate the resources they consume, but look forward to it being temporary.
  6. For what its worth, she died in 1968 at the ripe old age of 92.
  7. You could dig really deep and resurrect the characters Archie Comics bought and cant quite make catch on.
  8. Eh- I think a middle ground can be reached where Spirits / souls continue to use the BOD stat, but rename it to something more appropriate (as they don't actually have bodies to damage). After that, when designing an attack, as part of declailring SFX, the character building the power declares if this spell /weapon /special Kung Fu attacts BODY or Spirit. That's assuming the need for either type of attack is relatively similar in the campaign, of course. Beyond that, devise an appropriate DEF (recommending EGO Defense made into a characteristic and- again, assuming roughly similar applicability, ciwted to match current defenses. This would allow the option to purchase Killing Spirit Attacks that would apply to Resistant Spirit Defense, etc. Moreover, with 6e and the equal pricing across the biard and abokition of figureds, no one suffers any undue cost burden or "bonus" for not havibg to buy BODY, etc. They are buying it, but it's "Soul" now. They atent buying PD, but they are buying "Spirit Defense," etc. For my money-again, assuming a roughly equal in-game demand for "kills flesh" and "kills spirit"- this is just the simplest way to go: everything is already in the system; you just rename a couple of things for flavor. However, it should be noted that I am a complete idiot and may have misunderstood this from the get-go. (nite: you _may_ consider soubling the cost of Spirit Defense relative to PD/ED, as a Spirit will not need to buy either. If you are in the "all points are equal" camp, anyway.)
  9. There may be more recent rules about this; I don't know. But so far as I know, the most recent rules about these things are the supplemental rules in 4e's Horror HERO. Prior to that there is a brief discussion in AC and I _think_ in the 4e rules themselves (but I am not certain on that last one) specifying both the creation of things and characters completely lacking in certain characteristics, and that spirits one-hundred percent have no BODY score. It's essentially what the Automaton "Takes No STUN" thing grew out of. Of course, 5 and 6e, I have no idea-- that may not be around anymore.
  10. Problematically, Spirits, Souls, etc-- don't actually have a BODY score. I believe the OP is looking for a way to "kill" those things that mimics the traditional damage-dealing of the in-place damage v BODY system.
  11. Nah; she's older than that.
  12. I am the most anti-piracy person I know. But as more and more IP owners stop sharing amongst streaming services and start theie own streaming services at premium peices, all the while making it more and more difficult to watch the tiny handful of things you are actually interested in-- I went from being able to watch anything I wanted on pretty much any not-netflix service to having to subscribe to a couole of hubdred dollars worth of different services (which I am not doing; screw 'em) to watch _exactly_ what I used to watch through one service.... Well, I am still anti-piracy, but damned if I dont understand the motivation better and better every day.
  13. It's weird. Even when I was younger, I was a "big guy," but I've never been in the sort of shape that John Cena was at the height of his career. In spite of his clear advantages over my physically and financially, I still find myself feeling incredibly sorry for him. I first noticed this in that Transformers movie he was in, but the older he gets, the more he looks like my grandmother....
  14. Honestly, all you really need to do is to come up with a mechanic and Characteristic to "heal" this Spirit Characteristic (or EGO; whichever it is that suits you). From that point on, damaging and recovering is the same as Body and Recovery. You might also consider a DEF of some sort akin to PD and ED (I use MD in my games-- essentially turning the Power "EGO Defense" into a Characteristic). These are essentially campaign-specific rules / mechanics, and for what it's worth, I enjoy them immensely as part of "selling the feel" of the game at hand. Once you have that mechanic in place, simply declare "vs Body" or "vs EGO / Spirit" as part of the SFX of the power. Don't overlook the importance of having some sort of DEF Characteristic and some sort of Recovery Characteristic for this! If you don't, then you can bet that your Players will quickly figure out the huge leg-up they can get from this option. I still use an older edition, with Primary and Figured Characteristics, and creating these sorts of new Characteristics and mechanics is something that I rather enjoy (to the point of making EGO Defense and Presence Defense actual Base-Zero Characteristics), and ultimately, it's just a lot cleaner than creating Advantages, Limitations, etc to apply to a Power. Alternatively, you could use some sort of variation of Based on ECV-- with the damage going to EGO as opposed to BODY. Your call, of course.
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