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  1. The supplement books are available in the online store Shoot me a PM for some real fun!
  2. Oops! I may have unintentionally given bad information: I _do_ have the gene that makes cilantro taste like soap. I have never eaten souse meat because of I get within smelling distance of it, my eyes burn and I have to wretch. And I don't eat eggplant. Not because of any allergy or adverse reaction, mind you; it just sucks.
  3. Of course. But it's more than that, since I've heard both of these expressions all my life. I was born and raised in Circle, Alaska. All my neighbors said "bed clothes" and "night clothes," used as quoted above. Like everyone else, I learned the phrases from my parents, who were both transplants from Somerset County, Maine. I got a job as a young man that took me out of Alaska, and I worked my my down to the southern US. For what it's worth, I've never lived anywhere that people didnt know what those terms referenced. I ended
  4. Heh heh heh.... Have you seen what they've done to the Bronco? Here's a hint: They built it on that new Ranger. My last Ranger was a '74, back when it was simply a trim package for a full-sized Ford Truck (just like Explorer and Expedition, actually).
  5. Dude, it's not like we're doing it on you or anything....
  6. I am fortunate in that department: No known food allergies; no digestive issues, and I cannot for the life of my understand who started the myth that Taco Bell causes digestive upset, or why. I mean-- it had to be like Ultimate Caucasian Man: Oh my God! Ooohh! So Spicy! Woah; is that _real_ lettuce? Oh my God! Did you put real tomatoes in this? You monster!" Whoever it was, I see a PEG tube in his future.....
  7. Both of those words mean exactly what you have them quoted as meaning. Until this very discussion, I had no idea that "bedclothes" wasn't a widely-used term. It's as common as sunshine around these parts.
  8. Smaller. they get smaller from year to year. Not just measurably, but _visibly_. Fortunately for bicyclists, there's a considerable amount of "narrower" involved in that. When I bought the Leviathan, I had been driving a truck that had three full "butt sculpts" in the bench seats. The Leviathan has two, and a half-one between them. The last time I went truck shopping (I try to replace my truck every twenty years, wether it needs it or not ), a "full-sized" truck had exactly two butt sculpts and just barely enough room to fold an arm rest between them.
  9. Two things: This is from the link you provided: Which suggests some precedent for riding to the right. _However_, law or not, knowing that you're sharing a lane with engine-powered multi-ton vehicles traveling at speeds which very few human-powered machines can sustain, I would think more cyclists would want to at least pick a track and stay there as opposed to dance around like an eel on a hot skillet. Or... well, you know: not wear your ninja suit when riding two hours before sunrise precisely on top of the dotted white line.
  10. We have more miles of paved road than any other nation, and quite possibly the least amount of bike lanes. It's maddening, particularly if you understand that a bicycle _is_ a legitimate vehicle (and by and large, as a nation, we don't. We have a similar problem with viewing motorcycles as "toys.") But if the bikes could stay to the side and obey actual traffic laws, we can make it work. This, of course, goes back to the fact that for the most part, even the people riding them don't think of them as vehicles.
  11. For those who don't subscribe, the BOH went up today with the Adventurers Club and a lot of other material! I don't know what it looks like yet: I only did the scanning; clean-up was left to other volunteers. Still, it's the cheapest way there is to read the old stuff!
  12. I don't mind the races. It's the commuters riding dead center of the lane at 5:00 a. M. Without so much as a reflector, who constantly switch between pedestrian rules and road rules, all the while maintaining a self-righteousness that defies the fragility of their situation. One of the many blessings of cooler weather is the thinning of the hazard they represent to themselves and everyone else.
  13. I don't know if it helps or hinders the "actionable" part in this case, UT they have that burger in the US, too. They call it "The Big King." it is easily twice the mass of the Big Mac, but both sandwiches _do_ taste like fresh-baked thin-slices weasel anus drenched in a corn-syrup sauce, so.....
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