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  1. Fantasy HERO was, I think, my third favorite: Traveller was my favorite, followed closely by a mixture of 3e Star HERO and the Champions rules (not actual Champions, just some of the rules).


    I don't know if you do paper sheets or anything like that, but if you do, here:




    Knock yourself out.   :D


  2. Hiya, Chris!


    I'd'a done this "follow" thing sooner, but straight-up never noticed it was something I could instigate through the profile options.  I like to read your stuff: it's well-thought out and contains a high level of excellence.   :)




    1. Chris Goodwin

      Chris Goodwin

      Thank you, and likewise! 👍

  3. Thanks for the "Like," Amigo.


    It's astounding how much flak I caught over having that particular opinion.   :lol:



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