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  1. Well, I was aort,or hoping for another whale, but I guess some artist's prank will have to do.
  2. Ah; I see. Forgive me. I misunderstood what you were saying there. :oops: So moving onward, then: Just what sort of a speedster do you see your character being? Flash? Quicksilver? Kid / God Flash? Perhaps the Freight Train / Rocketeer route: he's fast. Period. He's not Flash-fast, but he's undeniably uncatchable by the rest of them. And there's not much else. Design the character's personality first, if you're stuck for finding his niche. This will quite often tip you off on just what sort of power
  3. Sure. What I gave you was what I thought you were asking for: what I peesonally find to be the "speedster essentials." That is to say, those things which speedsters in my games tend to have universally. After that, it's designing your unique character. For example, I dont find Desolid to be universal, as Quicksikver soesnt have it, Cap rqin Marvel (the real one) doesnt have it, Superman doesnt have it (yet), etc. Frankly. The liat od things I see presented as "common to speedster" can be boiled down to "how I make the Flash," but there is absolutely nothi
  4. EDIT: That should read "there is nothing in having a personality that commands attention that means you can't hide that, or that you can't physically hide." Sorry about that.
  5. There is nothing in having a personality that demands attention or draws you to him that says he stands out. It seems counter-intuitive, but being bold and unflappable is not the same thing as being painted bright orange. This quite probably why the french went with "that certain something; I don't know what" instead of sticking a word on it. The takeaway is that it is _not_ Charisma.
  6. A bit late to the party, and probably with a different take on speedsters, but it is something I've built a lot of (eighteen years of playing the same brick and you just don't want to ever play a brick again.....). Building lots of Speedsters doesn't make me any expert, but it's given me a sort of "package" that I put into them. Before you decide how you're going to move-- your movement power, your range, your SPD-- before you decide any of that, get a handful of Skill levels for use with that power. High speed and combat is an incredibly defensive mixture for you _and_ for your
  7. I can say, with complete honesty, that I have never even heard of the Queens Gambit.
  8. Funny. I jumped down here to say that when I built this power for a Villain (it was a side effect / Limitation / sfx of his teleport power: he couldn't just poof away; he had to change places with someone), I named him Castle for that very same reason.
  9. Well I'm disappointed. I thought it was jalapeno.....
  10. While I agree with Vlad-- we've pretty well done this subject in-- What you are suggesting is pretty much what I had said: _everything_ is beneficial-- even Disadvantages-- in very limited, very specific, case-by-case situations. This is but one of the many reasons that a GM is needed to play this game and have fun with it.
  11. Precisely. You'd want to consider making it sticky on the target, though, or risk them walking too far and getting their memory back.
  12. I had a dispatcher (for some reason, we call them "Logistics specialists" now. Don't get me wrong! It's _totally_ appropriate, at least for certain values of "special" ) back in my trucking days that I would _love_ to send that do. Fortunately, he's dead now. Alas, it wasn't from choking on raw stupid.
  13. Thanks, Spence. I hate it when a joke or gag goes unnoticed. I want to be up-front, though: I wasn't actually denigrating 6e. While it's completely true that I don't play it either, I also don't play 5e ("R"ed or not) or 4e, so it's not like I'm bashing 6e particularly. I even understand the arguments in favor of doing away with it (I can save two points and buy MOAR DAMAGE! RAARRR!". Okay-- that's another joke, but it's about players more than any edition ). I _understand_ them. I don't _agree_ with them. Removing COM was a pet peeve that just bugs me, but like I said: I
  14. Try "No Conscious Control." That should get you to 2.
  15. Even if I had left on Forcefulness, (sorry; didn't realize I had cut it until I saw it here in the reply box), there is nothing in that description that implies this person can't be a "normal schlub," or even look like a normal schlub. I think for a lot of us old farts, having spent our formative RPG years in D&D, we learned to equate Charisma with appearance. Charisma is so much more than that. Willem Defoe has lots of charisma; there's just something magnetic about him. He's also as unattractive as the flight deck on a buzzard's butt. Honestly, drop that char
  16. Mental T-form would work. Since theres not really any sort of mechanic that directly affects memory or any way to change a build (count the body of your T-form and build something different, but you dont buy memory, and INT is more than just memory, etc) I would suggest PSLs to be applied against any INT- based skill (I dont remember how to do that) or any INT roll to recall something. Depending on the power levels in your game, a T-form that gives "requires an INT roll beforw you do _anything_" combine with either INT drain or INT PSLs would nicely do the
  17. On a more serious note, the mutant scanner one is going to vary way too widely for us to buuld objectively. Its going to depend, more than most things do, on how your campaign is set up: How common are mutant scanners? How do they work? How are they used-- are they all-pervasive or reserved for law enforcement? Even then, is it as common as a breathalyzer or somerhing uncommon enough that its only brought out on special occasions? What are the ramifications of being a mutant? Legally? Politically? Socially? This one isnt like "only in moonlight" or "1
  18. Don't be a mutant. There. You got that one for free.
  19. I cant see the coast from my house, either. But we do dig a lot of wells. The water juat bubbles right out of the earth- eight though the earth walls- long before you hit any aquifer. You can tell how much rain has fallen in the last five years by how much flow there is. We could do it in New Mexico by the artesian wells, till they got squandered, and to an extent, even back on the mountains back home (I am orginally from Circle, Alaska). It never occurred to me watching all the projections of the seas rising that science hadn't taken that into account,
  20. Wait a minute... Thats news? Has the majority of the world bee off of wells long enough to forget that dirt is permeable?
  21. Are you using HERO Designer? If you're not, the easiest solution is to step back an edition or two and reinstate "Transfer."
  22. Is there an expurgated, CLOWN- free version? I'd pay extra.....
  23. You remember the title,of this thread, right?
  24. Ha! Thanks, but that's not actually how I meant "that's out now." I have intentionally avoided posting builds and my actual house rukes _for years_ for reasons that, in another thread, I have been being convinced arent valid anymore (well, I can think of two reasons that still exist, but they are in and out as the mood strikes them). "That," in 'that's out now" refers to posting my own house rules; not frustration with the topic. (That _particular_ 'that' is still bottled up nice and safe, deep inside next to the heart attacks, hair loss, and shortness of
  25. No argument on the rigidity of the rules: the inability to increase your END-- that alone kills off more exotic ideas. But again, to be fair: the author stated pretty early on that he was re-crafting the rules to create the sorts of games he enjoyed playing in his past. If we assume that he nailed this goal (and presumably he wouldn't have released it if he hadn't gotten it where he wanted it yet), then we can also assume that he played _a lot_ of tactical, evade, hide, recoup, and shoot from cover with the element of surprise sort of..... superheroes?.... I'm with yo
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