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  1. Check it in a couple of minutes. I forgot the time limitations in the chart; going upstream to edit them now.
  2. This is something that trips up a lot of new players, I have noticed, and frankly, deserves to be repeated. And this is something that trips up a lot of GMs, new or otherwise, and _also_ deserves to be repeated. That second one seems to be a bigger issue since the advent of "reach into your pocket and talk to a thousand strangers." Things like this board-- wonderful tools that they are-- have serious consequences as well. Once we start talking about "well the book says" and then we get into discussion where we all agree "well, yes; that is what the bo
  3. Be fair, here: The current M&M book is larger than ever before. The current Champions book is three hundred pages (well, 298 or so), and doesn't even have _rules_. To use the current Champions book one needs at a minimum a total of seven-hundred seventy-ish pages of the actual rules book (though, again: being fair-- some time later an abbreviated rules book of only one-hundred thirty-six pages or so). Ron isn't the only one making it harder to get into Champions. I think Silver Age Sentinels finally died off, but I could be wrong (apparently, when I pi
  4. T Graham Brown's "I tell it Like it Used to Be;" strangely wishing it was Razzy Bailey on the mike.
  5. Hmmm.... have to keep that handy for Urban Fantasy HERO: "That's right! Bring your scaly ass 'round here again, and we will straight-up curb-stomp it!"
  6. You forgot: Devlin isn't going anywhere, so let's re-use the character models!
  7. Chris has, as he is known to do, given you some really solid advice on how to interpret that particular rule. Frankly, his advice is probably better than my "ignore the heck out of that rule because that's what's confusing you." What he said-- just assume that the character began decelerating during his previous movement-- is pretty much how it works out in play anyway. Here is the other option: Everything is precisely mapped. The Player has Slick moving at X meters per Phase. The Player wants Slick to stop at a certain hex. So now the Player must hold up the gam
  8. Sorry, Chris. I wanted to Like that, but apparently I have overreacted again today...
  9. Moi?! 🤯 Perish the thought!
  10. I probably should have added this: By and large, I ignore the decel rules for runners. I do _not_ ignore them ror "Flight, only when touching a surface." After all, thats nit the running mechanic (though it is very similar). Primarily, I sont mind giving that little edge to the guy who bought the full-priced version of the power, and thw source material (or at least the flash TV show and thr Lego Flash cartoon my kids downloaded) supports the ideas that super-runners stop on a dime and take off like humming birds.
  11. Cant recall 6e,but if it is the same as 5e, isnt there something in the power description that covers that very thing?
  12. Ah; yes. I see what youre asking now. My appologies for misunderstanding. You are inquiring, I believe,about decellrating; correct? If so, then there are rules for deceleration and acelleration. It is assumed that you will drop to velocity zero before you turn off your running, or at leasr to velocity 12m, which is non-super running speed. You can, of course, opt to turn off a power while moving at speed, but you will enter the movement type equivalent of freefall. Not Terri le if you are flying or swimming, but pretty rough on the face if you are running.
  13. You've seen Battlefield Earth, right?
  14. Up front: I am _not_ calling you wrong; I want you especially, and everyone else who might still be following along (we're almost at page 3, when it just becomes a philosophy discussion-- and where I try to bow out, because by page 4, it's a shouting match ) to understand that you are _not_ wrong when you say : 3 separate groups: bending light, being transparent, or simply being unnoticed. You're not wrong. I want to raise the point, however, that the absolute ultimate in-game mechanical effect of "invisibility" (which I am sorely tempt
  15. One of the APGs has some thoughts on negative characteristics. You might want to take a look there for some ideas.
  16. Thanks, Hugh; that's very kind on many fronts.
  17. I really wanted to give a laugh reaction to that, but apparently, I have over-reacted today, so.. Maybe later?
  18. Yeah.... That.... That's one of those moments where clean, plain, simple language still manages to pile up into lawyerspeak: that is to say, the inclusion of something that would seem completely unnecessary, which leads to complicating something that should be extremely simple. So, what that says: The character may not stop Running until he stops running. The character may not stop Flight until he stops flying. The character may not stop Swimming until he stops swimming. More simply: you can't turn off a Power and still be using it.
  19. Okay,Hugh: I am sure you picked up on it, but within your first quote you managed to capture a typo: It should read "my problem is _NOT_ that someone didn't like it. The word "not" appears to _not_ be in the original line. Well, that's gonna skew everything else..... I'm-a- gonna run up-thread and fix that.....
  20. As a stand-alone one-thin-book complete game, too.
  21. Dude, it's going to take a long, long time to forgive you for that...... Second: No; cloacas. Dragons have cloacas. Just like elves.
  22. To be honest, I only just now looked to see that it's filled in under your little green H avatar. And I think I've been to the profiles of maybe four people the entire time I've been on this board. It's just not something that has ever struck me as necessary; what can I say? I'm sorry; I'm going to need you to repeat that. I seem to have something incredulous stuck in my eye..... It's not the matter of "I don't like what you are doing." That doesn't bother me in the least. Frankly, I have never-- and I mean _never_ done a
  23. Thats a neat thought, Sir. If you run with it on the inviso base, that could (if you actually want high EGO and EGO Defense to work against the build, you can tack in a custom Limitation that says so. Spence: In regards to the whole "the power is called this, so it must be used for this" thing: We have added new powers, removed old powers, mangkedoowers to dold them into other powers. Qe have broken the connevtions between characteristics, we have mad CV directly purchaseable, we have replace a characteristic with a die roll and renamed things for thin rea
  24. It woukd certainly work, but then youve opened up to the problems of ECV /EGO. Mentalists with very high scores here woukd be immune, as woukd any one with EGO Defense. Sure; that makes sense, of course, but going that route doesn't alow for those concepts where a character has this one simple shtick that is, for whatever reason, God-like in its effectiveness, working against everyone more or less the same way regardless of power level. Hugh: It was a long time ago. The board was much more active (back aroubd the time I snagged my quote from Ghost Angel). We
  25. Why? Like I said, I used to get mistaken for my,brother, and we didn't real look the same. We were both tall, blonde, and broad-shouldered, and that was _it_. I guarantee you I made _zero_ effort to diaguuse myself as him. How much did we look alike? Well, four of my siblings were adopted, and he was one of them, so.. No... We didnt look alike. My weekend job: one of tje guys I work with is three inches taller than i am, easily six inches broader (he's built like a draft horse) wears glasses (I don't) and has a full head of black hair (I shave my head). He wears
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