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  1. Read "Inaccessible" again: you _can_ remove inaccessible foci; you just can't simply snatch it away with a grab.
  2. More stuff was created. Some of the adventures have things in them, and all the genre books have new rules, skills, and periodically talents-- Horror HERO even launches into a massive justification for additional thematically-appropriate Characteristics (ala Sanity-- C'Thulu, anyone?), but let's face it: a lot of us had already been doing that for years by then. Most famously were the HERO System Almanacs 1 and 2-- 1 moreso than 2, which were the then-modern equivalent to Champions II and Champions III: Here's some new stuff we thought you might like to toss into your games. Lig
  3. Was that on purpose? because it was FLIPPIN' HILARIOUS, and I'd rep you if I had any left.
  4. What?! When the Hell did _that_ happen?!
  5. You are correct with the copyright, but Hero Games was using the term "HERO System" as early as 2e to advertise "Espionage!" (punctuation still mandatory) and the failed-to-materialize "Privateer" games. There are instances of it in adds in the Adventurers Club, Space Gamer, and Dragon. When I have time, I intend to do a logo rip from one of the adds, as it's the best-looking "HERO System" logo, in my opinion, and I thought it might look nice on character sheets. I can't find any proof of it, but I think Privateer may have been finally quashed forever during the I.C.E. Age, wh
  6. As it turned out, it wasn't even the complete 4e rules. The genre books that followed did the same thing that all the HERO adventures and supplements had done before-- they added new "core rules" and options-- Skills, Talents, etc: the very thing that 4e was supposed to solve in the first place by pulling everything from all that had gone before. One of the things 5e did was-- well, just what 4e did: pulled all that scattered stuff and put it into one place. I haven't read enough 5e stuff to know, but I _am_ a bit curious: did any of the supplemental material for
  7. As a GM, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for that. There is no reason to not accept that. I routinely use and allow the use of extra HA even with bare-knuckled attacks just to show that someone is "better at using his STR" to throw a punch. I'm good so far. Why not? No; it's a serious question: I'm not following the logic here. In fact, to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious, I grabbed the brass cuspidor my wife thinks is a decorative flower pot for her violets, removed
  8. We got a 5e revamp of Dark Champions (and Dark Champions: the Animated Series). We got Dark Champions in 4e (there's a rather scathing review of it in Dungeon Magazine #197 because of the gun porn / murder hero angle; I can't say I disagree with it). seriously, though: the edition thing--- it's all in my sig line (the cataloguing thing). Click the link; you want page 2 of the spreadsheet; pages 1 and 3 are just workspaces to keep the other space clear. It's all sorted by "HERO System" Edition, alphabetical within the editions. It's a work in progress, so cut me so
  9. Don't get me wrong-- I totally get what you're saying. I ask only that you hear out a very short reply to one thought: They are weaknesses of the genre. Hi; Duke Oliver. I don't believe we've met. I'm the guy who doesn't know much about superheroes because he didn't read a lot of comics. For the record, it was things like are being used as examples throughout this thread that kept me constantly turned off to comics, even as a kid: Darksied, Thanos, Mechanon--- all the "Godlike and beyond" villains, being stymied and e
  10. Yes: Mark Zuckerberg, famous for being "stone faced," or almost incapable of facial expression. I don't think he's ever been diagnosed (and it's really nothing more than a communicative "disconnect," and a fairly minor one), but certainly he has the symptoms. On the plus side, the tend to age _way_ better than the rest of us: It's like built-in botox.
  11. I'm not here to bust your chops, Sir. I am here to deliver amusing information, but in order to do that, I have to point out that both of those are actually _third_ edition games. Danger, International really got no support: there was "Here There be Tigers," an adventure published in 1986 claiming to support both Danger International and its predecessor: Espionage! (the exclamation point, apparently, is mandatory), which, like the majority of HERO games support material, introduced new "core rule" things like Skills in addition to a couple of bestiary contenders. Interestingly, E
  12. Whatever helps them get into the game, Amigo.
  13. Sorry, Hugh; I'm on a phone, making complex quoting and such a non-starter, but I would like to take a moment to ask you and the audience in general where and in what edition a "heroic action" is defined. Barring that, I have the same request for an official from-the-book example of something defined as heroic and one defined as non-heroic. Without that, I am going to default to analysis of the English language, where heroic is an adjective meaning "pertaining to heroes or heroism," which renders a result of "actions taken by a hero" or "actions performed for the pur
  14. Well, it's the way a number of my "bless item" spells are built, and almost all the superhero "healer" types my players have are built with UAA on Regen, so I'm going to have to say "yeah; I'm okay with it.".
  15. I'm with Doc. Depending on if they can operate where you are not, I would consider buying my powers Indirect and calling the rest SFX. If they can operate where you can't perceive them, then Mind Scan (for targeting outside your normal perception) or even clairsentience, and powers with Indirect; call your ephemeral selves SFX. Consider "restrainable" or a custom limitation similar to it for your mind scan / clairsentience to represent your clones vanishing when touched.
  16. Given this, you may want to choose Reduction or even Negation in addition to your MD.
  17. Man, I am not laughing at you; seriously. When I read where you quoted me, I noticed a typo-- what I would call "a really bad one" in my original post. Then you repeated it in your post, and I just fell apart. I think I've been awake too long, but before I turn in (or attempt to absorb any of this while unable to give it the attention it deserves, I am going to go correct my typo: it should read "dickering with" not .... what it actually reads. I've really got to stop posting from a touch screen, but for the majority of my day, that's what I have ac
  18. But a much larger audience thinks Dr Phil is competent. That's where the real danger lies.
  19. When did throwing someone become against the rules?
  20. Okay, got the ceiling repaired (I really, really detest working over my head with things that make lots of dust, and being allergic to polyester, I can't tell you what a joy fiberglass insulation is to deal with. Ugh), I'm working on something else but wanted to take a quick break to check in. In the words of the immortal James Brown, "Hyuh we go nah!" Thanks. I had forgotten that. Admittedly, it was intentional: I did a _lot_ to forget that game..... I have no idea what that is. I mean, I am
  21. I've got to bow out of this, at least for a bit, as I've got some things I've got to get done today, but the examples you put up? HERO System. You built that character the way you wanted that character. Play it. No one told you the only sword-slinging bruiser available to you was a lawful good anything. Your decision. Suck it up, or change your mind and make a different character. I'm good either way. To quote paraphrase Hugh: You get what you pay for. I don't see Action Point Die Modifiers anywhere in the 400 pages of things you can buy. So you
  22. ?? In a 600pt game? I wouldn't think so myself, but I'm not the GM. besides: how else are you supposed to be a poltergeist? Played it a couple of times; hated the color-coded and vague stat system. But as you point out: the Hero Points or Karma were built into the game; the "System" (such as TSR was ever really capable of, anyway) was built with them in mind. Trying to wedge them into something that wasn't built around them is pretty much just adding a saving throw. Saves exist because they were necessary, since D&D otherwise was "oh neat! Poison and
  23. Thanks, Chris! So I was _right_! It _was_ funny!
  24. Good morning, GB(i). I've gotta level with ya: the entire structure of that tells me it was probably hilarious, and I would love a good laugh before I get back into the attic and finish my tinkering. I would help though, if you would do a favor for a social-media-unsavvy barbarian and explain what "IRC" means. Thanks, Dude!
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