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  1. And I would need to roll Disguise Skill to shave successfully.
  2. Martin Power: "Oh, good. 😕 It's going to be one of _those_ days again...." then largely ignore it until something threatening actually happens. The Good Guy: "Wha-- aw, _CRAP_! Aw crap aw crap aw crap--! NO! NooOOOooOOO! It can't be! It can't be! I've worked so hard- so stupidly hard! And for what? Just to find out I'm an evil twin?! I didn't know! I swear; I did NOT know! How? How could I know? No one expects to become an evil twin! Why would you even-- THE GUNS! [stares at the guns in his hands as if he has never seen them before. Glances at reflection in stor
  3. With every bit of respect I am capable of offering: Oh, no.... I'm not getting suckered into that one again! To explain: some time ago, I participated in a discussion on the same topic and was shouted down as being "too stingy" and "too liberal," and my favorite, "wrong" because if it's the mental command "ignore me!" then it should be mind control, period, and all else was wrong, wrong, wrong. (you may have noticed that I _never_ post builds, _ever_. It's the history of Bash Behavior from way back when that guarantees I never will.) I don'
  4. Being as how we don't use called shots at all these days, I'm going to go with "too distracting from the reason you're actually playing the game."
  5. Just like the new verbiage for "Combat Luck," I will _never be a fan of turning a hit into a miss, even if its just SFX for failing to penetrate armor. I will see if i can find them (doubt it; we havent used hit locations since the group got big enough that it really slowed the game down. Anyway, we used to have a couple of custom hit charts for profile, chest high walls, ahootong down, and shooting up. Same locations; different probabilities. Heres something i posted _years_ ago regarding alternate rules for called shots: 1) After calling the desired hit
  6. Youre just the guy im looking for, then. We played a little top secret way back when, right up until James Bond came out (just a better game, we thought). What was the difference between Top Secret and Tip Secret SI? I didnt even know SI existed until a few months ago (eBay spam).
  7. I find HERO has that exact same problem at the Heroic level. look through the older editions with lists of weapons- DI and JI are good sources. The old 3g3 was absolutely depressing...
  8. Wierd. Sandwiches work the same exavt way.....
  9. No one thinks that. Its much, much better.
  10. I dont know if hes rich or not, but this is my all time favorite board people idol: (You know I do this with love and humor, right? I have always enjoyed that you embrace your typos. )
  11. Well I didnt want to say "and some credulity-bending modifiers, especially for autofire, and seven billion extra words." Someone might have taken that as insulting as opposed to humourous hyperbole.
  12. And even at that, what's the difference between 4e and 5e? Some rules clarifications and a couple of powers?
  13. Thanks, Chris. I had forgotten that completely! The conversion notes, I mean.
  14. Its trapped behind some sort of wall.
  15. You might want to get with the guy asking about the New Millennium conversions. Lots of similarites there.
  16. If i remember correctly (at work, so I cant check), at least the first printing of New Millennium (the one with a longer and more colorful comic-style intro) had the characters dual- statted for 4e. That might help you.
  17. Sure. I agree: he is taking some effort to look like someone. It still doesn't mean he's trying to fool someone. I offer you thousands of examples with two examples: Halloween. Cosplay. I see (well, not this year, obviously) dozens of superheroes, monsters, movie characters, pop-culture characters, presidents, actors, etc--- I have absolutely no doubt who they are dressed up as. I'm also pretty sure Barak Obama is more than four feet tall, Captain America has a full set of teeth, the Joker _probably_ isn't a
  18. Great. Trying to go to bed, and now I'm hungry.... Thanks, and they are. You can't go wrong with horseradish, no matter what continent it's from. I have no idea why people make that stuff. It's been around for generations, and is the only form of green bean recipe that is completely inedible. I'm sixty (and tend to assume that's probably right in the groove for most of the people here, even if it's not HA! ), and in all those years, I have had to endure one or two every single
  19. Agreed. But I feel the "not trying to fool anyone" comment answers those questions: 1) If you are at all familiar with the person he's pretending to be, then he is recognizably not the same person. 2) Doesn't really matter in regards to answering the question. 3) Also doesn't really matter. 4) If he's trying to get by any security, then he's trying to fool someone. I could be way off base, but given the "not trying to fool anyone," I get the feeling it's more along the lines of "Why is Steve dolled up to look like A
  20. Never cook it inside the bird! Gently loosen the skin from the bird. Stuff between the skin and the bird. Try apple chunks, a bit of applesauce, raisins, and-- if you must-- toast cubes. Your reward is nice, crispy glazed skin, and your "stuffing" will be a bit less "wet bread" and more something flavorful. Don't blame you. Cooked oysters seems... wrong.... If it's got horseradish, send it this way! (of course, I'm the same guy that makes deviled eggs with was
  21. I am so gkad to learn I am not the only one who thought " well _yeah_-!" Only luck led me to finish reading it before commenting. Heh heh heh.... Guess where I live! yep. And we _bake it_, too..... though to be fair, anything beats wet bread. How did that even happen?!
  22. For what its worth, that part right there makes me agree with N-B. If he were actually trying to fool someone, I might rule differently.
  23. Sweet! Can you put an actual adventure in it this time? Maybe something featuring an escape, perhaps from Stronghold. yeah, I'm way older now (arent we all?), but that has bugged the scrap out of my inner pedant for decades now.....
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