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  1. Yeah.... That.... That's one of those moments where clean, plain, simple language still manages to pile up into lawyerspeak: that is to say, the inclusion of something that would seem completely unnecessary, which leads to complicating something that should be extremely simple. So, what that says: The character may not stop Running until he stops running. The character may not stop Flight until he stops flying. The character may not stop Swimming until he stops swimming. More simply: you can't turn off a Power and still be using it.
  2. Okay,Hugh: I am sure you picked up on it, but within your first quote you managed to capture a typo: It should read "my problem is _NOT_ that someone didn't like it. The word "not" appears to _not_ be in the original line. Well, that's gonna skew everything else..... I'm-a- gonna run up-thread and fix that.....
  3. As a stand-alone one-thin-book complete game, too.
  4. Dude, it's going to take a long, long time to forgive you for that...... Second: No; cloacas. Dragons have cloacas. Just like elves.
  5. To be honest, I only just now looked to see that it's filled in under your little green H avatar. And I think I've been to the profiles of maybe four people the entire time I've been on this board. It's just not something that has ever struck me as necessary; what can I say? I'm sorry; I'm going to need you to repeat that. I seem to have something incredulous stuck in my eye..... It's not the matter of "I don't like what you are doing." That doesn't bother me in the least. Frankly, I have never-- and I mean _never_ done a
  6. Thats a neat thought, Sir. If you run with it on the inviso base, that could (if you actually want high EGO and EGO Defense to work against the build, you can tack in a custom Limitation that says so. Spence: In regards to the whole "the power is called this, so it must be used for this" thing: We have added new powers, removed old powers, mangkedoowers to dold them into other powers. Qe have broken the connevtions between characteristics, we have mad CV directly purchaseable, we have replace a characteristic with a die roll and renamed things for thin rea
  7. It woukd certainly work, but then youve opened up to the problems of ECV /EGO. Mentalists with very high scores here woukd be immune, as woukd any one with EGO Defense. Sure; that makes sense, of course, but going that route doesn't alow for those concepts where a character has this one simple shtick that is, for whatever reason, God-like in its effectiveness, working against everyone more or less the same way regardless of power level. Hugh: It was a long time ago. The board was much more active (back aroubd the time I snagged my quote from Ghost Angel). We
  8. Why? Like I said, I used to get mistaken for my,brother, and we didn't real look the same. We were both tall, blonde, and broad-shouldered, and that was _it_. I guarantee you I made _zero_ effort to diaguuse myself as him. How much did we look alike? Well, four of my siblings were adopted, and he was one of them, so.. No... We didnt look alike. My weekend job: one of tje guys I work with is three inches taller than i am, easily six inches broader (he's built like a draft horse) wears glasses (I don't) and has a full head of black hair (I shave my head). He wears
  9. And I would need to roll Disguise Skill to shave successfully.
  10. Martin Power: "Oh, good. 😕 It's going to be one of _those_ days again...." then largely ignore it until something threatening actually happens. The Good Guy: "Wha-- aw, _CRAP_! Aw crap aw crap aw crap--! NO! NooOOOooOOO! It can't be! It can't be! I've worked so hard- so stupidly hard! And for what? Just to find out I'm an evil twin?! I didn't know! I swear; I did NOT know! How? How could I know? No one expects to become an evil twin! Why would you even-- THE GUNS! [stares at the guns in his hands as if he has never seen them before. Glances at reflection in stor
  11. With every bit of respect I am capable of offering: Oh, no.... I'm not getting suckered into that one again! To explain: some time ago, I participated in a discussion on the same topic and was shouted down as being "too stingy" and "too liberal," and my favorite, "wrong" because if it's the mental command "ignore me!" then it should be mind control, period, and all else was wrong, wrong, wrong. (you may have noticed that I _never_ post builds, _ever_. It's the history of Bash Behavior from way back when that guarantees I never will.) I don'
  12. Being as how we don't use called shots at all these days, I'm going to go with "too distracting from the reason you're actually playing the game."
  13. Just like the new verbiage for "Combat Luck," I will _never be a fan of turning a hit into a miss, even if its just SFX for failing to penetrate armor. I will see if i can find them (doubt it; we havent used hit locations since the group got big enough that it really slowed the game down. Anyway, we used to have a couple of custom hit charts for profile, chest high walls, ahootong down, and shooting up. Same locations; different probabilities. Heres something i posted _years_ ago regarding alternate rules for called shots: 1) After calling the desired hit
  14. Youre just the guy im looking for, then. We played a little top secret way back when, right up until James Bond came out (just a better game, we thought). What was the difference between Top Secret and Tip Secret SI? I didnt even know SI existed until a few months ago (eBay spam).
  15. I find HERO has that exact same problem at the Heroic level. look through the older editions with lists of weapons- DI and JI are good sources. The old 3g3 was absolutely depressing...
  16. Wierd. Sandwiches work the same exavt way.....
  17. No one thinks that. Its much, much better.
  18. I dont know if hes rich or not, but this is my all time favorite board people idol: (You know I do this with love and humor, right? I have always enjoyed that you embrace your typos. )
  19. Well I didnt want to say "and some credulity-bending modifiers, especially for autofire, and seven billion extra words." Someone might have taken that as insulting as opposed to humourous hyperbole.
  20. And even at that, what's the difference between 4e and 5e? Some rules clarifications and a couple of powers?
  21. Thanks, Chris. I had forgotten that completely! The conversion notes, I mean.
  22. Its trapped behind some sort of wall.
  23. You might want to get with the guy asking about the New Millennium conversions. Lots of similarites there.
  24. If i remember correctly (at work, so I cant check), at least the first printing of New Millennium (the one with a longer and more colorful comic-style intro) had the characters dual- statted for 4e. That might help you.
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