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    Terran Empire Seal

    Thanks C-Note! Much appreciated.
  2. I am starting a new campaign in the published Terran Empire setting. The TE book describes Imperial symbol as "a stylized globe of Earth surmounted by a golden eagle" (TE 172). In that book, I could not find any graphic rendering of the symbol but there is a great one on the title page of the Worlds of Empire book (WOE 2). Unfortunately, that symbol is just black and white. I was wondering if anyone official or any fan had a color rendering of the TE symbol. My graphic arts skills are so limited that I could slowly trace out the greys and replace them with yellow-goldish colors in Paint or something, but I was hoping someone had done so already since the source books are 10+ years old. If you have it or you have skillz to make a color version, thank you very much!
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