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  1. Thanks, LL. I thought I remembered the real-life Lawyer inside Steve coming out in some book with some detail on that subject. I never would have thought to look in Stronghold.
  2. Champions Universe 5E and 6E talk briefly about this. It says the legal "guarantees of due process and equal protection do not apply to sentient aliens, extradimensional entities, artificial intelligences, and the undead, because they are not 'persons' under the law" (CU6E p. 51).
  3. Rigel


    Re: Firefly The best weekly shows on the Sci-Fi Channel are STARGATE SG-1 (which did begin on Showtime) and THE DEAD ZONE (which premeries on USA and repeats on SciFi). I have very much enjoyed their DUNE mini-serieses and I have high hopes that the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series (starting in January) will be as good as the mini-series was.
  4. To add to that thought, Digital HERO #9 has some leftover bits from the TE book that ended up on the cutting room floor. There are some very good suggestions in there for TE campaigns and how to GM them.
  5. If a character buys the Teleportation power with the Increased Mass adder and Safe Blind Teleport advantage, does the safety benefit apply to things teleported with him (both objects and/or teammates)? If not, how does a GM determine which objects (or people) appear inside walls and obstacles? As always, many thanks!
  6. Isn't that what powers Doc Brown's future DeLorean in Back to the Future?
  7. Rigel


    It's great to hear from some other folks who enjoyed Firefly. I was very sad when it got cancelled last year. There are rumblings that Joss Whedon is now trying to turn the story into a feature film, kinda the exact opposite he did with Buffy. It is funny that you enjoyed Firefly but didn't enjoy the Western aspects to it. If you listen to Joss's commentary on the DVDs, he believes the Western influence goes to the core of Firefly. It's not just wearing boots and saying ain't. Either way, I really enjoyed the show too and there have been other threads on here before about what
  8. Rigel

    Super Names

    In my current superhero game, we have a guy with Ice Elemental powers (named Kelvin) and we were trying to come up with a name for this living scarecrow guy with plant powers. Unfortunately, someone suggested he was made of barley and grain. The led to the dyanmic duo of .... (wait for it) Kelvin and Hops At this point, we all groaned and left the room.
  9. I can see what you mean what about Ace. I liked her from episode one (Dragonfire I think it was), but I can see why some might not. For me, McCoy was a great doctor -- arrogant, mysterious, playful, impatient.
  10. Re: Whovians Unite! I built is as an Entangle with no range. The only effect that Jon Pertwee seemed to use over and over was his ability to freeze someone instantly.
  11. Re: If you were a Who I actually played a TimeLord in a cosmic-level, multiverse-spanning campaign once. His name was Lord Zoranujastubin, though most people referred to him as Lord Zed ("zed" being the English/Canadian pronunciation of the letter Z). I played him very much like Jon Pertwee's Doctor -- friendly with those who understood and cooperated with what he was doing and no time or patience for those fools who wouldn't listen to reason. I guess I also tried to bring some of the arrogance and mystery from Sylvester McCoy. If I can find one of the old Lord Zoran cha
  12. Rigel

    Babylon 5 Hero

    Yeah, what Aroooo said. I imagine that JMS (and his company) still own the scripts and their rights. To the best of my knowledge, they were made available online to fans through bookface.com before it went under. One script ("Value Judgments") was written by Fiona Avery and features the return of Bester.
  13. Rigel

    Babylon 5 Hero

    Aroooo, have you read the three "lost" Crusade scripts? The "End of the Line" script (which would have been the first season finale) has a few interesting spoilers about the Techno-Mages. I imagine the Techno-Mages trilogy of books reveals the same "secret" (though I have not read them). I, too, would be interested in seeing a Techno-Mage writeup.
  14. Why would anyone be ashamed to admit they have (or had) a crush on Peri?? She has to be the companion I would most openly admit to having a crush on.
  15. First DoctorWell, when they're right, they're right. It may not be too flattering, but it's not too inaccurate. You are the First Doctor: Irascible, brusque, and occasionally condescending and rude. You do not suffer fools gladly, nor do you harbor any false modesty about your capabilities. You have a sharp tongue, though you're first-class company when you're in a good mood. Which Incarnation of the Doctor Are You? brought to you by Quizilla
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