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  1. Thanks, LL. You're the best.
  2. Years ago, Steve Long said he was posting an errata to fill in the missing numbers on the Millennium City map. Does anyone have that errata or know where it is posted? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, LL. I thought I remembered the real-life Lawyer inside Steve coming out in some book with some detail on that subject. I never would have thought to look in Stronghold.
  4. Champions Universe 5E and 6E talk briefly about this. It says the legal "guarantees of due process and equal protection do not apply to sentient aliens, extradimensional entities, artificial intelligences, and the undead, because they are not 'persons' under the law" (CU6E p. 51).
  5. There are a couple that have been used with Hero Designer. Attached if they help. HeroDesigner.ico HD6icon.ico
  6. Thanks C-Note! Much appreciated.
  7. I am starting a new campaign in the published Terran Empire setting. The TE book describes Imperial symbol as "a stylized globe of Earth surmounted by a golden eagle" (TE 172). In that book, I could not find any graphic rendering of the symbol but there is a great one on the title page of the Worlds of Empire book (WOE 2). Unfortunately, that symbol is just black and white. I was wondering if anyone official or any fan had a color rendering of the TE symbol. My graphic arts skills are so limited that I could slowly trace out the greys and replace them with yellow-goldish colors in Paint or so
  8. Steve, I am sure I am missing something, but I cannot find any guidance on using Auotfire in a Hit Locations game. In short, do you roll a different Hit Location for each shot that hits the target or just one location for all shots? Thanks.
  9. Steve, I have always built Hero characters assuming a CSL with a weapon group was enough to remove the -3 unknown weapon penalty; however, I cannot find anything in the rules saying such so maybe I was wrong. For example, if Shooty McShooter has a +5 with Pistols CSL but does not have a corresponding WF, does he fight at +5 or +2 since he still has the -3 penalty? It's generally moot since most characters buy WF: Common Melee or Common Missile, but this really affects the use of less common weapons. Thanks.
  10. There are numerous references to Tuala Morn, as one would expect. It really is an extension of that world. Some of the spells in the Acquitaine Magic system are detailed in TM and not reproduced here. Other than TM, the Acquitaine PDF is a 6E document -- referring to Hero System Bestiary and Hero System Grimoire.
  11. Steve, this question has come up recently in a Fantasy Hero campaign. On 6E1 193, you describe how Dispel can be used as a Held action to Dispel an incoming attack. Does this extend to a Dispel "attack?" For example, I have an item with an active Darkness Power. If I can perceive that my opponent is casting a Dispel Darkness spell, can I use a Held Action to active my Dispel Magic spell and thus maintain the Darkness? And secondly, can this "Dispel a Dispel" power be activated by a Trigger so that it activates automatically with no Held Action necessary on my part? Thanks.
  12. Steve, can the Focus limitation be applied to a VPP twice as both a VPP-only modifier and a common modifier to effect each slot? For example, a Cleric cannot change his Magic VPP without assembling his holy candles (IIF, Arrangement; -1/2). Once the VPP is configured, the slots themselves do not use the candles as a focus but they do they other spell components (OIF, Expendable; -1). In this case can the total -1 1/2 count towards reducing the VPP control cost, but only the -1 OIF apply to each slot? Thanks.
  13. Re: A view of the Earth Many Bothan spies died to bring us this screen shot.
  14. In Hero 6E, how would you buy an Attack that just knocks back opponents? I can envision a Jedi attack where they knock back several opponents with just a wave of their hand. The attack doesn't do any damage (directly) but those affected are knocked back and/or knocked down. I see two options. 1) Blast or RKA. Perhaps bought with Double Knockback advantage and a "Does Knockback Only, No Damage" limitation. I was thinking about -1 or -1 1/2 limitation sounds reasonable. What do you think the limitation is worth? 2) Telekinesis. Perhaps it's better simulated with a TK Attack. The probl
  15. A player asked me recently about the idea of a character with some Mental Defense but the limitation that any damage or effect exceeding the Mental Defense gets to do full effect. In other words, you have 20 Mental Defense. So a 20 STUN Ego Attack does nothing to you. But a 21 STUN Ego Attack does the full 21 points of damage. I considered giving this a -1/2 limitation, since that's what Transform uses for All Or Nothing transforms. What do you guys think (1) about allowing such a limited defensive power, and (2) the appropriate level of limitation modifier? Does the appropriate limitatio
  16. Re: THE HERO SYSTEM EQUIPMENT GUIDE -- What Would *You* Like To See? I support organization idea #1. I think it would be easy to find an item. I might not know whether you consider it modern or fantasy, but I would certainly know I'm looking far a weapon. Plus, I think this has the advantage of showing off the universality of the Hero System. You can see different items from different genres side-by-side (or, at least, near each other).
  17. Re: Combat Record Sheet The Fifth Edition Resource Kit includes a Combat Record Sheet and is available as a PDF purchase in the online store. I do not believe there is any Sixth Edition version but it should work for the most part. ECV is now OMCV and DMCV but the rest should be the same.
  18. Re: Champions 6th Edition, page 262: Ice Block; Whats does the, plus +3 ED, mean? The "3f+3" cost is used because the Ice Block power is a variable slot in the multipower that costs 3 points, hence "3f". The +3 ED power is not a slot in the multipower. If you choose Ice Block as one of your five attack powers, you get the Entangle power plus 3 ED. The Entangle is a 3 point slot and the +3 is a 3 point power (or just characteristic cost) on its own. Same for the Ice Gauntlets below that. You get a "2f" HTH attack power slot plus 3 STR and 1 CON outside the multipower.
  19. Re: Hero System Books Have Way to many Typos I asked Steve this question while working on data entry for one of the recent books. Here is his quote: "Just like in 5E where Damage Resistance had to have any Advantages that were on the base Defenses made Resistant, the same applies to Resistant in 6E." This means you have to apply an Advantage (Hardened or Impenetrable) to a Naked Advantage (Resistant). This is not unprecedented. For example, a vampire or werewolf might have 7 Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) for up to 30 Active Points of STR (15 Active Points); Only At Night (-1)
  20. Re: Suggestions for a Newbie Hey Todd, welcome to the herogames.com forums -- the home of the best and friendliest rabid fanboy community. I too played MSH, DC Heroes, and Villains and Vigilantes back in junior high and high school. Eventually, I wised up and fell in love with Hero System as the best universal system around. One of the nice aspects of Hero is that there have been small, incremental changes from 4th edition to 5th and then to 6th. So the 6th Edition version of the Champions super team is not directly compatible with the 4th or 5th edition versions, but they are simil
  21. How would you build a power to track a teleporter? By this, I mean an ability to allow a character to follow the "path" a teleporting character took during his teleportation or know where the character ended his movement. I can think of two basic options: Detect or Tracking. I could build a Detect Teleporter Enhanced Senses power. I would think anyone teleporting would count as "A Class of Things" so that's 5 points for INT-based PER roll. The player could then add Sense, Range, Increased Arc of Perception, etc. as appropriate. The second option would be some form of the Tracking ski
  22. Re: Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth Am I missing something or this one of the older books not yet converted to a PDF download? I purchased the book and liked it a lot but having a PDF copy to read when away from home would be great. If I just missed it in the online store, my apologies. Thanks.
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