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  1. Depends. If you buy it as an RKA instead of an HKA that won't be an issue. If buy it as an HKA you need to have the stretching.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone! For the record this will be on an RKA (with penetrating- so even the lowest level attacks won't be totally worthless), but the effectiveness will be significantly diminished. Though I was figuring the base APs (50) before factoring in the Penetrating advantage. I already have a charge recovery mechanism set up, but it's not as simple as changing clips.
  3. Sounds like the SHAZAM! effect with power armor instead of a transformation by magical lightning.
  4. Analyze Anything might be a little abusive, but it depends on what the other players are doing and what the GM is allowing. I made a character with a lesser version of this ability by creating a modifier like Scholar/Linguist/etc, but applying it only to Analyze rolls.
  5. I don't see a problem with the concept. Though I wouldn't let it be perceived by characters without the appropriate sense. This is an effective weapon against Spider-Man or someone else with Danger Sense, but against the vast majority of characters, Images to Danger Sense it just a waste of points.
  6. Another option would be that the various articles have a built in DRAIN against EGO & PRE, only vs persuation, with a side effect of being addictive. Definitely cursed items. ?
  7. Greetings all, I'd like to pick you brains on pricing a disad. I'm looking for some input on a power disadvantage. I have in mind a power that loses effectiveness the more it is used. Not Burnout as long as you have charges it still works, but charges that are less effective as they are used. Each use drops the effectiveness of the power by 10 active points. The idea is simple. I can use a custom power disad. I'm trying to figure out how to price it properly. Should it be costed similarly to Burnout, or should the disad be worth more? After 5 uses the player would be out of charges, but charges 4 and 5 are not going to be nearly as effective. And a blanket disad worth -X/Y is a whole lot easier than tiering each individual charge. Any input is welcome. ?
  8. Sidume

    DC Heroes

    Keep in mind, these are probably conversions from the Mayfair DC Heroes system, which has been out of print for 20+ years. A lot of stories have happened since then. When that first came out Grayson had just transitioned to Nightwing.
  9. I had a whole team of these. Beware the menace of - the Herd! The Herd was a group of ladies with mostly mediocre super powers, (though the did have one brick who was pretty tough). The dressed up like cows that were auditioning for a Chik-Filet commercial. Mad Cow - the tough one, classic brick/tank with damage reduction. About as smart as a cow. Rage Issues. Cow Patty - threw exploding stinkbombs (exploding flashes to sights and smells, with a small NND blast) Holy Cow - A martial artist who could attack while desolid. You shoot/punch her and a hole forms, the attack goes through. Then she hits you. Cow Gummy - She came from Germany ? . A fighter with some stretching and contortionist abilities. There were one or two more, depending on the size of the group they were fighting, The prided themselves on robbing Dairy Queens and being "non-lethal cereal killers" when they burned down a Kellogg's facility. They would milk the puns for all they were worth.
  10. It all depends on the GM and the game setting. I tend to go heavy on skills. But my GM's are pretty good at working with me in the rule that if a player spends points on it, it should be come up at some point. Case in point - our supers party encountered a group of giant mutated frogs that were kicking (licking?) our butts. Since frogs are rarely apex predators, they have to worry about what eats them. So with successful rolls in SS: Ecology and Mimicry (and a little luck), I bought the whole team a phase of free actions as the frogs were worried about the predator they "heard" but couldn't see, instead of trying to eat us.
  11. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Radioio.com
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