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  1. Well said, sentry0. Personally, if invited to a table of Hero System, I wouldn’t mind which edition I would be playing at all as long as I’m playing it.
  2. Sorry, Duke The Wal Martian comment got me good.🤣
  3. I read too fast and ended up skipping your comment, consequently repeating what you stated, Zephro. I apologize.
  4. Chris, you might want to check “Piercing” in the Advanced Player’s Guide 1, page 113😉.
  5. I did, Duke. I just had to complete my virtual Fantasy Hero collection. Believe it or not, before Jason started offering PDF versions of the Valdorian Age, Terran Empire, Spacers Toolkit..., I had bought a quality scanner just to do that; scan my old books to minimize my library and have them in a more convenient (to me) format. Now here’s the irony, I love the Hero System so much that even after I scanned couple of my books I still bought their PDF versions being sold here.
  6. Supercool, Zslane. I did not know that. Now, more out of my own curiosity (and lack of knowledge), do the 1st and 2nd editions covers differ in any form?
  7. Here, Duke: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?568793-Champions-Character-sheets-(-1st-2nd-edition)
  8. Not to forget, if I’m not mistaken, that Steven has mentioned something about working on an APG III.
  9. This looks absolutely phenomenal! As soon as it launches, I’ll pledge.
  10. Wow! I just downloaded the file, Doc Democracy. Incredibly made and the simplistic, yet beautiful, layout makes it look like a totally different game. Congratulations. Very well done .
  11. Thank you very much for bringing this title to PDF format.
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