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  1. Well said, sentry0. Personally, if invited to a table of Hero System, I wouldn’t mind which edition I would be playing at all as long as I’m playing it.
  2. Sorry, Duke The Wal Martian comment got me good.🤣
  3. I read too fast and ended up skipping your comment, consequently repeating what you stated, Zephro. I apologize.
  4. Chris, you might want to check “Piercing” in the Advanced Player’s Guide 1, page 113😉.
  5. Supercool, Zslane. I did not know that. Now, more out of my own curiosity (and lack of knowledge), do the 1st and 2nd editions covers differ in any form?
  6. Here, Duke: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?568793-Champions-Character-sheets-(-1st-2nd-edition)
  7. This looks absolutely phenomenal! As soon as it launches, I’ll pledge.
  8. Wow! I just downloaded the file, Doc Democracy. Incredibly made and the simplistic, yet beautiful, layout makes it look like a totally different game. Congratulations. Very well done .
  9. Thank you very much for bringing this title to PDF format.
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